Monday, August 30, 2004

More on the ongoing farce Gaza-Sderot-Kassam

As I reported here numerous times, the IDF is making a joke of the concept of security with regards to the inhabitants of Sderot, an Israeli town with the 1948 borders that is regularly bombed from within Gaza. Or it would be a joke, except that people are getting killed and injured because of the ineptnes of the IDF command.
This time it lasted two days. Following a series of mortar shells and Kassam rockets on Sderot and Gush Katif last week, the IDF instituted its familiar practice of placing checkpoints in strategic places in Gaza, thus effectively cutting off its three parts from each other - but removed them yesterday morning, only two days later. The week before, the IDF kept the measure in place for less than one day.

Defense Affairs Correspondent Haggai Huberman wrote a biting article in HaTzofeh newspaper last week, accusing Israeli policy makers (such as Defense Minister Mofaz) of falling for PA promises to maintain quiet. Referring to the Kassams that began falling last week, Huberman wrote,
"The people of Sderot had quiet for five whole days until it became clear, for the umpteenth time, the amount of confidence that we can place in Palestinian promises... When the dividing-up of Gaza was canceled, the IDF Spokesman explained that this was done after an 'evaluation of the situation' by the security establishment. I would dearly love to know what new facts were learned during that meeting that weren't known 24 hours before when it was decided to divide the area. The only change, it appears, was a Palestinian promise to stop the rockets...
Dividing Up Gaza: A Military Measure-Turned-Joke

This really sickens me. And I cannot figure out what is stopping the IDF from acting in an effective manner.


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