Wednesday, September 01, 2004

16 Jews die in Beersheva

And more than 90 are seriously injured. 16 human beings, blown to pieces by Muslim Psychopaths. A larger number of families maimed for ever.

Reason for
Arabs to celibrate.

I'm sure the IDF will be ordered to retaliate. I can only hope that at least some of the people they kill will be responsible. I will not gloat or rejoice over the deaths of even these Arabs, although the world will be a better place without them in it.

But it saddens me that no atrocity or series of atrocities is sufficient to force Israel onto a course of action that will stop this endless suffering, a suffering that is tragic and unnecessary. And because it is unnecessary, the Israeli government is criminally negligent. There IS a solution to this problem. But as long as we tolerate these murderers and their fans among us, the blood on both sides will not stop flowing.


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