Wednesday, September 01, 2004

BBC reports half the story

And of course it's the "bad" half.
Reports say Israeli forces were preparing to blow up the home of the second bomber.
Blowing up the homes of suidice bombers makes little sense to me, but I can understand the reasoning behind it.
But in this particular case, the IDF was about to demolish the house of the other Muslim Psychopath, when they noticed that if they did, the adjoining house was likely to collapse as well. So the "inhuman" IDF decided to let the house be.
IDF Retaliation Stopped in Mid-Demolition
The IDF began to respond to yesterday's double bus bombing in Be'er Sheva with a closure around Hevron and the destruction of the terrorists' homes - but then suddenly brought part of it to a sudden halt. After destroying the home of the first of yesterday's two murderous terrorists, the army turned its attention to the home of the second one - and decided not to tear it down. This, because it was too close to a neighbor's home, and the army engineers feared that demolishing the one would endanger the other.
And in this IsraelNationalNews article, they make humans out of the BBC's "16 killed". Men, women and children. Small children.
The names of 12 of the victims have been released for publication, all of them residents of Be'er Sheva:
Tamara Dibrashvilli, 70, grandmother of 14
Shoshana Amos, 64 - a well-known figure in Be'er Sheva who worked in the city's welfare department, mother of four.
Maria Sokolov, 58
Denise Hadad, 50 - mother of four who worked in an old-age home
Tatyana Korchenko, 49
Rosita Lehman, 45
Tekala Tiroyanta, 33
Emanuel Yosef, 28
Karine Malka, 23, to be laid to rest in the new Beer Sheva Cemetery at 17:30. Though she grew up in a non-religious family, she became observant several years ago. She worked in an absorption center for immigrants from Ethiopia. Survived by parents and an older brother and sister.
Aviel Atash, 4. His mother was seriously wounded. The only child of his parents.

The identification of the others, underway since yesterday evening in the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute, is a difficult process.
And why would identification be difficult, you may wonder? Try and imagine, just for once in your life, what 10-30 pounds of high explosives, laced with nails and other assorted metal bits will do to the human body when exploded at point blank. And then remind yourself that the Muslim Psychopath who did this had this devastating effect as his sole purpose. Well, that and his 72 virgins.


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