Wednesday, September 01, 2004

What killing Jews is all about

Repetitive but necessary: The conflict in the ME is NOT about the "occupation". It is NOT about sovereignty for the "Palestinians".

It is about the Jews. And the fact that they live. Among Arabs even.
The double bus bombing in Beersheva painfully hightlights this fact. Again.
The issue of the “right of return” to Beersheba is no theoretical notion for the Palestinian Arabs. The United Nations refugee camps in Gaza and the West Bank have shacks that are supposedly laid out in alleyways precisely according to the neighborhoods from whence the inhabitants say they came in 1948. This exemplifies the idee fixe of the Arabs in their unrelenting drive to make war on, and destroy, Israel.
And then there are those that hate the Jews as much or even more than the Arabs do (is that at all possible?), have a long and proud history to show for it and continue to do their bit to aid the Arabs in the neverending quest for a "Endlosung" (I use the German term 'cause they were the ones who coined it, and also 'cause it is pertinent here).
The German government’s involvement with the “right of return” issue is particularly specious, considering the fact that the it would never consider making an effort to encourage the right of their German nationals and their descendents to return to the Sudetenland, Silesia and East Prussia, from which eight million German nationals were expelled following World War II.

The Germans, however, have different standards for Palestinian refugees, people who have wallowed in the squalor of Palestinian Arab refugee camps for more than 55 years under the premise and promise of the “right of return” to non-existent homes that are now inhabited by Israeli shopping centers, industrial parks and a modern society.
And the US State department is as relentless:
In addition, the U.S. government’s encouragement of such “educational” programs which incite Palestinian Arabs to “reclaim” lands from 1948 would seem to fly in the face of new legislation passed by the U.S. Congress. According to an article in the August 2nd, 2004 issue of the Near East Report, the publication for AIPAC, Israel’s lobby in Congress, this year's foreign aid act contains key policy provisions to "place stricter auditing procedures that will force Palestinian non-governmental organizations to demonstrate that funds are in no way linked to terrorism before they qualify for U.S. aid."

However, officials of USAID in Jerusalem found a way to circumvent the legislated requirement of Palestinians to sign statements opposing incitement to terrorism by not requiring "contractors and sub-contractors" who receive USAID grants to sign the anti-terror waivers. As a result, those who receive money from USAID for educational programs in the Palestinian schools are "contractors and sub-contractors," and thus not the agencies themselves, according to the loophole.

So thanks to German and American foreign aid, Palestinian children learn that Beersheba is a town to be liberated by killing Israelis. This all explains why the evening news of the Voice of Palestine, the official radio program of the Palestinian Authority, described the Palestinian killers who yesterday blew up two Israeli buses as “heroic martyrs” rather than as murderers of 16 innocent people.
So really, it is business as usual, as it has been for decades, centuries, millennia even: The West kills Jews or aids those that kill them, so do the Arabs. And the Jews get pressured and cajoled to cooperate in their demise.
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