Wednesday, September 01, 2004

British principles subject to financial gain

It's kinda funny when this happens and Israel indirectly benefits from the corruption that characterizes US and UK foreign policy where the Jews are concerned. This article by the BBC is a report on how the UK changes the rules on exporting (parts of) military equipment to controversial regions (such as Israel, obviously). If the US wants it badly enough, the UK will sell, regardless of what it SAID it would do. In this case, it's a part for an F-16 fighter/bomber sold to Israel by the US. So indirectly, Israel benefits. And the poor Arabs suffer even more.
Opponents believe there is a risk that the F16s fitted with the British-built "head-up" displays could be used against the Palestinians.

But speaking to BBC News Online, Mr Straw said the decision to change the rules had been taken many months ago and that Labour critics were wrong to say it had been rushed in order to satisfy US business demands.
<sarcasm>Of COURSE that was not the reason! The reason was that the UK ALWAYS jumps at the chance to help Israel out!</sarcasm>
And whereas the Conservatives are pragmatic and corrupt, and will let money override any other criterion, Labour is simply anti-Semitic, and will attempt to hurt Israel, even if it hurts them too:
Labour's Brian Iddon, secretary of the Commons all-party Palestine group, said: "I am very disappointed that we are aiding and abetting the Americans to attack the Palestinians."

Labour MP Alice Mahon warned: "It is outrageous, given what is happening in the Middle East."
At least Labour is consistent in its animosity towards the Jews.
But then again, the financial argument usually weighs against Israel. So practically speaking, as fas as Israel is concerned is the same difference.


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