Wednesday, September 01, 2004

For those who didn't know it yet

Pat Buchanan is a Jew-hater. A particularly vicious one at that. However, that is no news at all, there are literally hundreds of millions of those. And most of them are even more impotent than Buchanan is, so in that respect there's not much to worry about.
But Don Feder uses Buchanan's most recent book (yes, the idiot writes books) to once again
sum up all that is wrong with people like Buchanan, and the way they think.
In Buchanan’s fantasy world, were it not for America’s outrageously pro-Israel foreign policy, Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar would be sending us anonymous love letters, the World Trade Center would still be standing, and the Moslem world would be singing “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” in unison, while Saddam Hussein (doing a passable imitation of Jimmy Cagney) tap-danced in the background.

Israel a la Pat is a homicidal, imperialist state – practicing apartheid, deliberately slaughtering civilians, occupying Palestinian land, and subjugating its peaceful inhabitants.
Buchanan is a rare sort though. He is one of those people who make sense (sometimes a lot) on all kinds of topics. Until the topic is Israel. Then they have trouble keeping the rabies-induced drooling from their chin, as they rant and rave. Which shows that there IS no rationale behind their venomous anti-Jewish attitude. And which also immediately disqualifies everything else they say or do (Well it should. I'm sad to say Buchanan is still taken seriously by some people and (Internet) Magazines that I respect, like WorldNetDaily. Sad but true).
Consider the following: “Sharon promised peace and security. Since his provocation on the Temple Mount in September of 2000, he has delivered war and hatred. Over 900 Israelis are dead. Some 3,300 Palestinians have died, including hundreds of children.”
Don Feder at FrontPageMag beautifully takes Buchanan and his new rag apart, perhaps not hard to do but it badly needed doing.
But the fact that Buchanan finds Sharon’s unilateral submission paltry and insufficient, and an insult to the noble Arafat and his heroic people, shows that Pat is either totally detached from reality or has an implacable, blinding hatred of the Jewish state that defies rational explanation. I think it’s a little of both. [I am convinced both are 100% true - Ed.]

Buchanan has constructed a worldview in which all of our troubles with Islam come down to a nation the size of Connecticut, devoid of resources.

I wonder if he ever asks himself why Moslems are killing Hindus in the Kashmir – because Sharon won’t share Jerusalem with Arafat? Or, why Moslems are murdering Christians in Indonesia, oppressing Christians in Egypt and committing genocide in the Sudan (a fact now even acknowledged by hard-core leftist Danny Glover)? Was the foregoing sparked by Sharon’s provocation on the Temple Mount?

Why is Saudi Arabia financing the building of militant mosques all over the United States, while signs in Riyadh proclaim “An Islamic World”? Perhaps the phenomenon is due to Israel’s security fence. Why are Kosovar Moslems burning down Orthodox churches, razing convents and slaughtering Serbs whenever they can lay their hands on them? Could this be a reaction to Neoconservative control of US foreign policy?
Good reading. Mandatory.


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