Saturday, September 04, 2004

WW4 is heating up

But it promises to get a lot hotter still.

Ralph Peters has a good day in his op-ed called
THE mass murder of children revolts the human psyche. Herod sending his henchmen to massacre the infants of Bethlehem haunts the Gospels. Nothing in our time was crueler than what the Germans did to children during the Holocaust. Slaughtering the innocents violates a universal human taboo.
Or a nearly universal one. Those Muslims who preach Jihad against the West decided years ago that killing Jewish or Christian children is not only acceptable, but pleasing to their god when done by "martyrs."
It needs to be said and heard: The largest part, and the worst part of the scum of the earth today is made up of believers in Islam.

Only those who speak out against these atrocities are not guilty. Those who keep their mouths shut are only less guilty than the Psychopaths themselves.

Islam enables its followers to regard the children of other faiths as prey. It teaches there is nothing wrong with murdering non-Muslims, even children.

I don't know what it will take to make the world see Islams followers for what they are: A cancer of the planet that needs to be dealt with. Or the patient will die. The cancer will too, then, but it will no longer matter.

Read the whole article.


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