Thursday, August 21, 2003

Political Correctness

People say Palestinians need or deserve their own state. These people have bought into a lie. Palestinians already have a state. It's called Jordan. But even if they didn't, they forfeited any rights or claims long ago, and reaffirmed this last Tuesday. To hell with them.

It is no longer Politically Correct to say a 2-state solution is the right and just one. And it is no longer even acceptable to say so. Israel needs and deserves to live in peace and security. That need is all that counts, now that it has become clearer than ever that all the Arabs want is the destruction of Israel. A country of their own is not even an issue for them.

To hell with them.

It is time

It is time to get rid of the Arabs that live in Israel. It is time we put them where they belong, among the rest of the Arabs that seem to have nothing else on their minds than the destruction of Israel.
It's bad enough to have only neighbours that want to destroy you. But to tolerate in your midst millions of those same implacable enemies is madness. So the following should be put into effect immediately:
  • All Arabs in Israel (and that includes Yesha) are relocated / deported to a neighbouring country of their choosing. For many of them this will be a sort of homecoming anyway.
  • All lands that are now still under dispute are formally annexed. There must never be any doubt again that Israel claims these lands as its own, for all eternity.
  • Jeruzalem will be designated undivided capital of Israel. Diplomatic representation by other countries will only be recognized here.
  • All efforts to reach peace settlements with Arab countries and organizations will cease. They will only be resumed after a formal and unconditional recognition to exist as a sovereign Jewish state by those countries. An accord with an Arab country will be reached with that country alone, and will not depend on settlements with other countries or organizations.
  • Diplomatic relations with countries that support belligerent countries or organizations are suspended, diplomatic staff sent home.
Israel will feel the wrath of the world after having taken these measures. But one way or another, the world is only waiting for that occasion to occur anyway, much better to have it happen on your own terms.
Israel needs to rely on itself. It HAS very few or no friends, and should act accordingly. There is no point in compromise, in fact there IS no compromise. Compromise implies give-and-take, and Israel only gives. It might as well only take. Take what is rightfully theirs to start with.

And what is there to fear?

Direct military intervention
Nearly inconceivable, but "the world" (read: UN) might decide to try and intervene. Very few countries would dare this, and a total war would result. It would show the true face of the world. And the end result would not be different had Israel not taken these measures. It would only come about more swiftly and directly.

Severe economic sanctions
Israel could be strangled to the point where it would become weak enough for the Arabs to start another war. They might conceivably win. Again, the end result would not be different had Israel not taken these measures. It would only come about more swiftly and directly. And the world would have to take her mask off and show her true face.

Israel, step up. Your enemies will wither and die. And your friends will rally.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

On Muslim solidarity

In the war between militant Islam and the rest of the world, one thing is becoming horribly clear: In their quest to simply hurt, maim and kill infidels, Muslim terrorists feel that collateral damage that includes their very own people is not a factor whatsoever.
When these terrorists detonate a bomb somewhere they don't seem to mind at all if they kill fellow Muslims in the process. The act itself is obscene, the indifference to the suffering of even their own is even worse. But the most appalling side to this issue is the way the general population handles events and people like these.


They get killed by their own, and they don't fight, they don't protest, they don't say a word. Look at the horrific violence in Indonesia, Iraq, the Philippines, the many African countries. Either they all agree with it, or they are resigned to it being a way of life.

Some European countries refuse to designate Hamas as a terrorist organization because they have a social wing, and a humanitarian wing. The Arabs only need these organizations because normal daily life has become all but impossible because of the strict security imposed by Israel after so many Jews were murdered and maimed by Muslim terrorists. The motives of Hamas are therefore cynical and pragmatic: We end life as we know it for our fellow Arabs, thus forcing them to turn to us. And Hamas has plenty of money, the Saudi's (and until recently Iraq) make sure of that.

But the blame does not rest on Hamas alone. The Arabs in general are all too ready to turn to Hamas. There are plenty of examples where the stability and security of a nation was threatened by an insurrectionist group that acted against a neighbour, and the neighbours retaliation threatened the entire country. If the insurrection is not broadly supported, or even acted against, it will wither and die.

The Muslim terrorists that act this way have learned this lesson in Vietnam. The VC would occupy a village, mount strikes and actions from it, and a retaliation against the village was sure to follow, in Vietnam often out of all proportion. People who where until then neutral in the conflict, or even oblivious of it, were immediately traumatized, and - although many realized who caused all the misery - often became mortal enemies of the US.

Israel shows relative restraint in this conflict, no doubt aware of the effect a more forceful response might have. But the issue at heart is the obscene pragmatism that enables terrorist to sacrifice the wellfare and wellbeing of their own people, in order to create a larger base of support for their operations, and to make an enemy hated even more. The hatred and depravity needed for this is unfathomable. And it would be as incomprehensible to the "militants" themselves as well, if they had ANY love in their beings at all.

But they don't. They are hatred incarnate.