Saturday, June 26, 2004

You reap what you sow. Yes, in Belgium too.

A Yeshiva student in Antwerp, Belgium was stabbed in the back and critically wounded. He is now in stable condition.
The attack was carried out by a group of 'North-African' Muslim youths.
Haaretz has a small article on the attack, but more information was found at the Belgian De Standaard Online (Dutch language)

I'll do some translating here.

"Four Jewish students were attacked by a group of North-African youths, armed with staves and knives. The four ran, but one was caught and stabbed in the back."

"The violent attack was cause for an emergency meeting between the Mayor, chief of police and District Attorney, who received a delegation from the Atnwerp Jewish community."

"Police admitted there was 'heightened tension' between the various communities."

Heightened tension. Sounds like a bi- or even multilateral thing. In fact, to quote Charles Johnson, it was probably the Buddhists that started it...

Jews. Leave Europe. This is my second call. It won't be my last.

Don't make him a life prisoner?

Haaretz can be regarded the Israeli equivalent of the BBC. And we all know what THAT means.
The following editorial argues in favour of releasing Arafat from his de facto prison in Ramallah. Why?

Because 'Israel should not be looking to stir up emotions that are already inflamed between itself and the Palestinian Authority.'

Because 'The statement (ed: That Arafat should stay there another 45 years) constitutes a blatant insult to the Palestinians' feelings'

Because 'What interest does Israel have in becoming an international punching bag, should the Palestinian leader die under the oppressive siege the IDF has imposed on him at the prime minister's order?'

Mind you, this is not Marwan Barghouti or Osama Bin Laden who wrote this. No, this is an Israeli. A Jew.

So is this for real? 'Stirring up emotions between itself and the PA'? Is this unbelievable or what?

'Israel BECOMING the international punching bag'? Someone please take this person to the Al Zarqawi Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

Jews like these are the absolute WORST enemy Israel has. They are a testament to the beauty of the country and state of Israel. Even sick and demented assholes like this one can just come out with crap like this and not only live, but get published.

But Israel does not need to proof its democratic and open nature in this way.

Read it if you have the stomach for it

Korea is angry.

Not so much about Kim Sun-il's head being sawed off (the BBC would call it a beheading), but because has been distributing the video of that brutal murder by Muslim psychopaths.

I don't know what to make of this. The Koreans were the bravest and most decorated soldiers in the Vietnam war. They are afraid of no one. But it appears as though they've caught something European, something French almost.

Korean Internet Users Launch Hacking Attacks on

Fact check: Who was it that killed Kim Sun-il? So who should you be angry with?
(The bearer of bad news, obviously)

I think this video SHOULD be shown on TV all over the globe, several times a day. Until it gets through people's thick heads who it is we are dealing with.

Friday, June 25, 2004

And while we're on the subject of the UN...

Go to "". Click on "Welcome" for English Language. Click on "Main Bodies".
What is the FIRST SUBJECT below "General Assembly" in the main panel?

It is this: "Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People"

So what is the subject foremost in the UN General Assembly's agenda? I'll give you a hint: It's not the rights and security of the Jewish people...

Let me just reiterate: There is no Palestinian people. The group of people calling themselves that these days are in no way different from the Jordanians, Egyptians, Syrians and Lebanese that surround Israel. And it is in those surrounding countries they belong.

There IS a Tibetan people (although the Chinese are working hard at changing that). But THEY have no such committee.

There IS a Kurdish people (although the Turks don't think so). But THEY have no such committee.

There are many ethnic groups, in Africa, Asia, in fact all over the globe that are worthy - at least much more worthy than the "Palestinians" - of their own "Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the People"

The UN is no longer just a travesty. It is certainly no longer just a joke (and it was never more than that). It is a perversion. It is diseased. It is corrupt.
It is as evil as Al Zarqawi or Bin Laden.

Another UN shocker

Haaretz has the following piece: UN human rights investigators denounce Israeli actions

What Haaretz doesn't tell you (but I'm pretty sure they're aware of it, sickening self-hating Jews that they are) is that the UN sends such commissions to Israel on almost a permanent annual basis. Very few other countries receive such honours.

It would be good if the UN checked on such hateful nations as China, N-Korea, Syria, Iran, Birma, Saudi, Israel... Hmmm. What country doesn't belong in that list? I'll give you a hint: Women can drive there, and vote. And when you vote, it actually makes a difference.

You can run a newspaper like Haaretz and still make money and never have to worry about getting thrown in jail for the shit you write.

The UN is the problem. Not Israel.

You gotta love their guts.

I'm sure the Saudi's know they're being watched. I'm equally sure the US State department actually request statements of them for public consumption, statements of the following type.
Quote: 'senior religious scholars in Saudi Arabia have continually and unequivocally condemned terrorism. In our war against terrorism, these condemnations are a powerful weapon."In this statement, as well as in close to two dozen others by the Saudi embassy in Washington D.C. since the Riyadh bombings on March 12, 2003, the government of Saudi Arabia promoted the idea that the royal family and religious establishment have been espousing a message of tolerance.'

Sounds good eh?

However. What follows is NOT intended for the general audience (although like I said, they MUST be aware everyone who wants to will listen). A diatribe of seemingly unbelievable proportions (but they do it every Friday!)
Quote: '… Regarding a person who blows himself up, I know this issue is under disagreement among modern clerics and jurisprudents… There is nothing wrong with [martyrdom] if they cause great damage to the enemy. We can say that if it causes great damage to the enemy, this operation is a good thing. This is when we talk of Dar Al-Harb. But, if we speak of what happens in Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia … this is forbidden, brothers! This is the land of the Muslims. We must never do this in a Muslim country.'

Never in a Muslim country. But infidels? They aren't really human beings.

Read it all. At the Indispensable MEMRI


U.S. Bombs Al-Zarqawi Hideout

No Comment. Except: Where's your penknife now?

UPDATE: They Missed (But it was close!) Fallujah strike almost got al-Zarqawi

But there's something missing... Oh wait. It's the outcry against the "extra-judicial killings", or attempts thereat. Guess it doesn't count as such when the pilot's not a Jew.

More BBC 'lies'

UN court to issue Israel ruling heads the Beeb. And this time, there is not a single word in their entire article I take issue with.

No, this time it's the photograph. And the caption says: 'The barrier's planned route is 640km long'

Clearly implying the entire barrier is a 25-feet high wall.

I can think of a few BBC 'journalists' I wouldn't mind seeing kidnapped by Al Zarqawi and his buddies. Seeing them on video with a bright orange suit on. Well, you get the idea.

Turkey increasing belligerency against Israel

Since the election victory of an Islamic (Islamist?) party in formerly secular Turkey, Israeli-Turkish relations have rapidly gone downhill.

Witness the latest (seemingly unrelated) move: El Al suspends all Turkey flights

What's the problem? Turkey has unilaterally changed security arrangements covering the number of Israeli security staff permitted at Istanbul's Attaturk international airport. A move that serves no purpose but to limit Israel in its capacity to ensure maximum safety during landings and take-offs at Istanbul airport.

Israel feels compelled to halt flights, because it will not compromise on security. And the Turks know this.

It would not be worth noting, unless it wasn't obvious that a pattern is emerging here. Read this and this to see why I think so.

Muslims. They are wrong. And they know it. But they just can't help themselves. And neither can anyone else.

Get the Arabs out of Israel

I commented recently on an article at WND, where some poll results were published about Israeli awareness of the need to transfer Arabs out of Israel. Well, the need for such action is taking on ever greater proportions. Arutz 7 has the following article on the attempted kidnapping of Yeshiva students. The attempt failed, and the motive remains unknown. But the students were certainly not about to be invited to a party. Unless it was a Nick Berg style one.

Israel is Arab-infested. Arabs will be happier in their natural habitat, among their fellow throatcutters and honourkillers.

Transfer them to their original environment.

UPDATE: A full 63.7% believe in what is known as transfer

It used to be only 'fringe' elements in Israeli society that prefessed such points of view. This is what decades of Arab terrorism has achieved for them: Quote: '45.3% even favor eliminating Israeli-Arab rights to be elected to the Knesset and to participate in elections.' (Most people don't realize this, but Arabs in Israel have what they have nowhere else in the Middle-East: The right to vote, and serve in an actual, function parliament.

If only the Israeli Arabs would stand up and be counted among the Human Beings, instead of silently massing with the Psychopaths.

UN and Arabs draw one line

As I wrote earlier, the UN, in the shape of Jean Ziegler (who is a man) personally warns the Caterpillar corporation to stop selling bulldozers to Israel.

Well, the UN is in good (and I'm sure very welcome too) company. Syria obviously picked up on this great idea, (hard to tell who thought of it first) and has threatened Caterpillar with a complete Arab boycott unless.

It's getting harder and harder to distinguish between the United Leage and the Arab Nations - err - make that: United Nations and the Arab League.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

South-Korean divide through BBC glasses

Killing fuels S Korean divide head BBC.

Kim Sun-il's head was sawed off by Muslim psychopaths. Until then, there WAS no divide in S-Korea. There is now: Kim Sun-il's parents are now against S-Korean deployment in Iraq.

Or are they? The report doesn't actually say so, which (knowing the BBC) must mean they didn't actually say they are against it. What it does say is the parents are 'disatraught and bewildered, struggling to understand why their son was murdered'. This I can relate to. It is useless to try and understand however. There is no reason, unless you count psychopathic lust for slaughter as one.

The BBC goes on to quote one or two other Koreans, colleagues of Kim Sun-il.

So to the BBC, 48,598,175 million people in favour of and PERHAPS 3 against constitutes a divide.

At least the BBC has a firm grasp of the concept of "consistency".

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


What's in word? Well, A LOT!

I am getting sick of the media saying Kim Sun-il was 'beheaded' or Nick Berg was 'beheaded', or Paul Johnson was 'beheaded', or Daniel Pearl was 'beheaded'.

Technically it is true. It's true in the same way the separation barrier in Israel is part fence, part wall. (97%-3%). In other words, it's 'better' than an outright lie, it's a lie hidden in a tiny bit of truth.

Beheading (according to the Houghton Mifflin Company means 'To separate the head from; decapitate.'
Decapitation is not new. In fact, it was the execution method of choice for many countries that practiced capital punishment.
However, in cases where we speak of 'beheading' we always use it in the sense of using the French guillotine, or a violent but quick separation of the head from the body, as by a sword or axe stroke.

Never was 'beheading' used in the sense of 'sawing the head off a conscious lucid non-Muslim who is bound and held down, while using a knife that is probably dull and certainly shorter than the diameter of the neck being cut'.

This is what Muslims do to goats and sheep at certain Islamic festivities. It is what psychopathic Muslims do to non-Muslims. Another festivity perhaps?

Regardless, I hereby vote to rename this particular type of 'beheading' to 'sawing off the head'. It is more accurate, and much more honest.

Native Europeans are fleeing

Of course no self-respecting leftist newspaper would admit it, but the conclusion is inescapable:
'Net immigration into the Netherlands is down for the first time in 20 years' is the headline The Parool, Amsterdam's biggest daily. So you think fewer immigrants entered in 2003? Wrong. It is because more people left than came in, but all the people that left were native Dutch, whereas the immigrants were mostly, well, NOT.

The rats are leaving the ship. The ship must be sinking.

Always suspected rats are clever.

Central Bureau for Statistics (Dutch language)

The intimidating IAEA

Cox And Forkum on the toothless spineless nuclear watchdog that is IAEA.

Muslims taking the war a step further

But at least the Russians have no qualms killing vermin when the need arises.

Notice how the BBC fails to mention that the 'rebels' (sacre quotes mine of course) are Muslims, and their war is an integral part of the Islamic war against the rest of the world.

There is a world war going on. Much like the cold war, it doesn't seem to affect us in our daily lives all that much.
But if others hadn't fought that war, the other side would have won. This war is being fought in many different ways. Through terrorism, through oil, through demograpics, through conquest. Some of these methods are insidious, others are so brutal we cannot help but look away.

But if we refuse to fight, it will stare us in the face sooner than we think. And we will have three choices left then: Convert, become second class citizens, or die.

How appealing is that?

Religion of throat- and headcutting strikes again

So the psychopaths murdered another unarmed defenseless innocent man. Even the BBC starts referring to them as gangs.

And as I predicted, it is no longer frontpage news. They still get some coverage, and rightly so of course. The passing in such a brutal manner of Kim Sun-il deserves our attention.

I also predict that unless caught and exterminated like the cockroaches they so resemble, the psychopaths will not stop, even if NO ONE pays any attention at all anymore. The slaughter itself is reward enough for them.

And that raises the following question: Has there ever been any group, certainly any religion, so depraved, so degerate as these Arabs? I certainly can't think of any. And believe me, I've tried.
And how the world speaks out against the atrocity. Except of course the Muslim world. If you Muslims out there disagree with any of this, it sure isn't being heard!

Is there a problem with "Honour killings"?

The BBC has this report about the Muslim practice of 'honour killings' (and guess what: The Beeb uses scare quotes where a sane person also would!)

'Honour killings' occur when a female Muslim transgresses against the wishes of her father, brother(s) or in fact almost any other family member. The transgression (usually some form of contact with a non-Muslim, and certainly without formal permission from the father or acting guardian) is deemed to heap such shame and dishonour upon the family that murdering one's daughter is seen as the only honourable way out.

Of course this has much more to do with simple mysogyny and oppression of women. But the increase in 'honour killings' and the radical increase in the Muslim population in Europe are apparently unrelated to both the BBC and the authorities.

The shame takes on such epic proportions that there is (according to the BBC) a market for bountyhunters, tracking down transgressors who have fled. This involves even other women.

I used to know a Turkish girl who (so far) managed to escape this fate. But she's been fleeing her family for 8 years or more now, and she will never really feel safe. I wish you well, Aisha.

But let this be clear: If Europe is determined to become a Muslim continent, it should stop whining about a practice that will become mainstream within 30 or 40 years. Better get used to it.


Most Israeli's understand what needs to be done

WorldNetDaily has a poll result that indicates that a majority of Israeli Jews would like Arabs to leave Israel.

That gives me hope. It should be patently clear to all involved that if you don't like Israel (especially if you're an Arab), you shouldn't (want to) live there. And I have yet to hear of a single Arab that DOES think Israel is a good thing (In spite of the following quote: 'Arabs living in Israel have more rights than those living in any Arab country, including the right to vote and hold office, and Israel's Arabs have a higher per-capita income than Arabs in the rest of the Mideast.'.

So start with encouraging. See where that takes us. Transference is always an option for later on. Out with the haters, inciters and muderers. Let them practice their trade where it is more appreciated.

Anne Bayefsky is amazing

In a speech delivered at the UN conference on Confronting Anti-Semitism, Ms Bayefsky nails the UN to the wall. Kofi Annan, world leader in bigotry especially gets the shaft.

And every single word is true.

Some choice quotes: 'When Israel successfully targeted Hamas terrorist Abdel Aziz Rantissi with no civilian casualties, the secretary-general denounced Israel for an "extrajudicial" killing. But when faced with the 2004 report of the U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions detailing the murder of more than 3,000 Brazilian civilians shot at close range by police, Mr. Annan chose silence.'

Or this: 'As Israelis are demonized at the U.N., so Palestinians and their cause are deified. Every year the U.N. marks Nov. 29 as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People--the day the U.N. partitioned the British Palestine mandate and which Arabs often style as the onset of al nakba or the "catastrophe" of the creation of the state of Israel. In 2002, the anniversary of the vote that survivors of the concentration camps celebrated, was described by Secretary-General Annan as "a day of mourning and a day of grief."'

And this: 'Palestinians are lionized at the U.N. because they are the perceived antidote to what U.N. envoy Lakhdar Brahimi called the great poison of the Middle East--the existence and resilience of the Jewish state.'

Last for now: 'Listen, however, to the words of the secretary-general in response to two suicide bombings which took place in Jerusalem this year, killing 19 and wounding 110: "Once again, violence and terror have claimed innocent lives in the Middle East. Once again, I condemn those who resort to such methods." "The Secretary General condemns the suicide bombing Sunday in Jerusalem. The deliberate targeting of civilians is a heinous crime and cannot be justified by any cause." Refusing to name the perpetrators, Mr. Secretary-General, Teflon terrorism, is a green light to strike again.'

Not only does this 'world leader' refuse to name the perpetrators, he refuses even to name the VICTIMS!

Read it all. And thank you Anne Bayefsky.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Allah's Butchers

Ralph Peters at is being really un-PC. He is also dead-on in his analysis of Western (especially, but not exclusively Leftwing) attitudes towards Islam.

Quote: 'After centuries of self-destructive behavior, Arab civilization is unable to compete in a single field of human endeavor relevant to progress. Instead, Arab societies are racing backward into superstition, bigotry and a narcotic culture of blame. They have grown so impotent in every other regard—unable even to translate great wealth into minor power—that Arabs rich and poor, educated and illiterate, are enraptured by their rare “triumphs” over the West, from 9/11 to the barbaric murder of Westerners doing the work that Arabs themselves are too slothful or incompetent to do.'

It would be laughable, if it weren't so sad. And if the consequences of Islam's perversion didn't hurt so many others beside 'just' its followers.

Read it all.

BBC scare quotes defective again

Thai worker killed in Gaza attack heads BBC. First of all they omit saying who actually killed the Thai citizen, which naturally and correctly leads one to the conclusion it must have been Arab terrorists. Well, wrong, because even when a person murders another person, and the victim is unarmed and uninvolved, the BBC calls the murderes 'militants'.

Quote: 'Palestinian sources said a group of militants had fired submachine guns and anti-tank missiles toward greenhouses in the settlement.
They said Israeli troops returned fire, hitting two Palestinian workers who live nearby.'

When Arabs fire 'submachine guns and anti-tank missiles' at Israeli's, they are 'militants'. When the Israeli's return fire, the 'militants' magically become 'Palestinian workers who live nearby'.

I bet the man was deliberately murdered. Not only was he a replacement for Palestinian Arabs (who are no longer trusted), the humiliation (always an Arab favourite) was increased by the fact that ANYONE is more productive than an Arab.

Where will US troops go June 30th?

Vox Day at WorldNetDaily has some intriguing suspicions. In Unsettling signs, he combines a number of seemingly unrelated events, and offers the possibility of a war against Iran.

Quote: 'Such developments make the assertion of the anti-war Sydney Morning Herald appear less stratospheric, as it has claimed that a plan for an Iranian invasion was completed last May, involving attacks from Georgia and Azerbaijan as well as Iraq. Debka, an Internet news site which throughout the Iraqi war demonstrated itself to be rather more credible than the mainstream newspapers, noted on June 17 that Iran was building up its forces along a 350-km stretch of its border with Iraq.'

It is not all that unlikely. Iran's nuclear ambitions are a secret to no one. And it is clear that an Iran in possession of nuclear weapons would constitute a change in the balance of power in the region unacceptable to the US and her allies (Israel being foremost among them).

And now Iran has seized three small UK Navy patrol boats. Does Iran see what might be coming? Is it taking hostages again, in the hope of averting military confrontation? Did the boats constitute some kind of reconnaissance mission by the SAS or SBS, and were they caught because of some blunder?

It will be long before we find out. Unless another war breaks out in a few weeks.
I know I for one would not mind seeing another regime change. The Mad Mullahs are at least as dangerous as ol' Saddam ever was.

Another head about to roll

I am not trying to be glib here. But I AM convinced that a few more of these brutal decapitations will cause a full saturation effect. This time a Korean is about to die horrifically at the hands of the followers of the RopMA ©.

What joy the psychopaths must feel.

I would like see the opinion of a clinical psychologist on this issue. Really.
You'd call people who do things like this animals. But you'd be wrong. Only humans do this. But it's only humans who are seriously ill. So bring on the psych ward. Maybe they can come up with a better explanation than 'Allah demands it', or 'The infidels have got it coming'.

The Blessing and the Curse

Rachel Neuwirth sums it up well in this article at IsraelNationalNews.

World attitude towards the Jews.
Rewards for that attitude.
Jewish accomplishments (especially compared to Arab ones).
And where the world is going at present.

Quote: 'The world's 6.3 billion people have won a total of 844 Nobel prizes. The world's 1.3 billion Muslims have won eight of that total (including one for terrorist Yasser Arafat). The world's 14 million Jews have won 159 of the 844 Nobel prizes.

Jews, with 0.22% of the world's population, have won 18.8% of the prizes, or 85.4 times more than what their population would suggest.

Moslems with 20.6% of the world's population have won 0.95% of the prizes, or 21.7 times less than what their population would suggest.

Thus, it could be said, a Jew is 1,850 times more likely than a Moslem to win a Nobel Prize.'

Quote: '...much of the world continues to attack Israel and the Jewish People. And the final punishment, as prophesied in the Bible, is reserved for an end time when there will be a final settlement for all past sins. Both Christendom and Islam have done great harm to the Jewish people. Christian persecution has cost 7-10 million Jewish lives during the 2,000 years of the Diaspora, culminating with the Holocaust of another 6 million Jews inside Christian Europe, and with Vatican complicity. The Arab Muslims supported Hitler, opposed Jewish immigration, waged repeated wars against Israel, deny Israel its rightful territory, and now mount a global jihad to finish Hitler's goal of total extermination. And much of the world remains indifferent or even offers support to the Arabs.'

I don't believe in God. And I certainly don't pray. But were I so inclined, I'd pray with Rachel.

Read it all.

Shocking Syrian Censorship

2 years in jail for an e-mail? heads WND. The article deals with a Syrian who sent an e-mail to a dissident organization.

Apparently, one is not allowed to send just anything over the Internet in Syria. Well, DUH!

Is this naivete? There is hardly a more sinister regime on this planet than baby-Assad's. Treating countries like this hellhole as if this affair were an exceptional breach of conduct is in itself misleading, and at the very least plain dumb.

Woman after my heart

I don't always agree with Barbara Simpson, but I completely concur with her article at WND today.

Quote: 'The next time they threaten a hostage, execute 10 Muslim prisoners for every day of the threat. Or do as the Soviets did when faced with a similar situation – send the terrorists a prisoner's body part and a note to return the hostage immediately.'

Even if the psychopaths would not comply, following Barbara's advice would still have the advantage of getting rid of their captured buddies, at no extra charge.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

The root of the problem

All you ever need to remember, all you may never forget:
What It's Really About

It is one long, almost endless (but not nearly exhaustive) list spanning decades, of human beings, deliberately slaughtered by Muslim extremists. Most of the people named here aren't even Jews, and cannot be in anyway connected to the "conflict" between Jews and Arabs (I don't know if you can call such a one-sided war a conflict, but for lack of a better word).

As to the conclusion of this article: It's about Jihad. That may well be. But what does that mean? Truly? Can it really be as simple as a few Khomeini-wannabe's trying to conquer the world 'cause they REALLY believe it's what Allah wants? Reallu just a bunch of religious fanatic nutcases?

I almost hope so.

Time for Jews to leave France?

For the editors at WorldNetDaily, the expediency of Jews leaving France (or indeed most other W-European nations) is still a question. I don't think it's really debatable anymore.

The estimate of France's Muslim population run anywhere from 6 to 10 million. That mean that anywhere from 10 to 17% of its people are Muslim. And that is counting the ones with French nationality. There are many more illegally staying there.

Muslim families have three times as many childeren as do non-Muslim ones. If this demographic trend is not radically stopped and even reversed (and I don't see how), France WILL have a Muslim majority within 20-30 years. And a Muslim (Sharia) law to go with it. France will democratically disband itself as a democracy.

And we all know what happens to Jews living in Muslim countries.

France not only wants the Arabs to nuke Israel,

They would like to rewrite history as well, if it was up to them.

First a French member of the European Parliament stresses that the Arabs should have nuclear weapons.

Now Michel Rocard, a former French prime minister describes Israel's creation a mistake, and deems it a form of colonization.

Imagine the attitude of the French in 20 years, when the Muslims have taken over? But then again, it can't possibly get any worse. Can it?

The next hot thing for corporate outings?

Throwing stones at Israel is fun. Well, it must be as so many people of all types (like good old dead Edward Said) and ages engage in it.
Haaretz has this report on a number of American 'activists' (scare quotes mine of course) who go on a tour with Hezbollah terrorists (although Haaretz calls them 'officials'!). Mandatory part of the tour is.. you guessed it, throwing stones at Israel.

Quote: 'The 12 activists - including lawyers, legal advisors and movie directors - also met with Hezbollah official Sheikh Nabil Kawook in the southern port city of Tyre.'

Isn't that nice? lawyers and movie directors meeting with Nabil Kawook?

A 'commander' in an 'army' responsible for the murder of 241 US Marines and other US servicemen.

Nice going, assholes.

United States threatened by International Boycott

Syria preparing sanctions against United States heads CNN.

Quote: 'More than 130 members of the 250-seat legislature have prepared a draft of the "America Accountability Act" that would impose "strict sanctions" on American interests in Syria.'

First of all: There IS no legislature in Syria. There IS a bunch of clowns, who do what they're told, when they're told to do it, and how, by baby-Assad.
CNN knows this. So to present 'More than 130 members of the 250-seat legislature' as anything that holds significance is highly misleading.

Secondly: THERE IS NO TRADE WITH THE US! And there hasn't been any for I don't know HOW LONG!

I do hope CNN intends this atricle to be a joke. But what I find missing in this report is a big fat "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" at the bottom of the article.

UPDATE: Muhammad Habash ('a lawmaker with moderate Islamic affiliations who is one of the campaigners for the draft law') has this to say on the background of this 'legislation': '"We are not simple-minded to the degree that we imagine we can affect the great American economy," he said. "But we are able to maintain our dignity and slap the Americans so they know that if they continue with their arrogant policies, people everywhere around the globe will spit at them."'

"Not simple-minded to that degree". But the worst he says he can imagine happening to the US if they "continue with their arrogant policies" is for people everywhere to spit at them.

Well, at least you have your dignity. Good for you.

Grief grips engineer's hometown

More from the BBC. This report tells of the reactions of the people in the hometown of Paul Johnson, the American brutally murdered by Muslim terrorists (Although of course the BBC refers to them as 'militants'.

But one quote does strike me as sickening: 'Special agent Joseph Billy told reporters: "They... know that this act was done by extremists and does not represent the Saudi Arabia that Paul often spoke and wrote about... '

The perpetrators were Arabs. Saudi's most likely, but Arabs. 15 of the 19 Sept hijackers were Saudi's. A majority of Saudi's support Al Qaeda.
People are not allowed to vote, women not allowed to even drive in Saudi. Mutilations are part of the Saudi penal system.

They are barbarians. Don't tell me that the "this act" does not represent Saudi Arabia. I don't blame Paul johnson for working for the Arabs. But they were and still are vile, extremist oppressors, and deserve everything they're gonna get.

UPDATE: I am starting to feel less and less sorry for Paul Johnson, if not for his family. FOX has this report on how 'Johnson had worked in Saudi Arabia for more than a decade and over the week his friends and family had described him as devoted to the culture of his adopted land.'

"Devoted to the culture of his adopted land". Well, part of that culure includes decapitation. So I guess he didn't mind too much getting his head sawed off after all.

Saudi expats' shock at beheading

The BBC has a report from another foreign worker in the Leech Kingdom.
I can well understand her fears, and those of her colleagues. And I agree that leaving Saudi now would be playing into the hands of the psychopaths.

But is that a bad thing? Both the rulers and their enemies are our enemies. It was never a very moral thing to do, work for the leeches, although I'd have a hard time saying "No" to the money too.

Most striking of all in this report is the BBC's (inadvertent I'm sure) spot-on calling on the decapitations: 'Most Westerners in Riyadh felt Paul was doomed from the moment he was kidnapped. Because he was American, and his captors hated all Americans, he would be the victim of a beheading ritual drawn from the darkest times in human history.'

"a beheading ritual drawn from the darkest times in human history"

And that is exactly where Islam is right now, and trying to drag us there too. The darkest time is now.

BBC reintroduces the scare quote!

Saddam 'could face death penalty' is the Beeb's headline today.

Well what a shock! Saddam might actually be executed, after a fair trial of course.
Not only is the UK in general against the Death Penalty (although I do wonder what its people actually think), the BBC especially abhors doing justice to megalomaniacal psychopathic murderers killing misunderstood and misrepresented rulers.

Actually, I am against capital punishment too. But I'd be at a loss as to what to do to a human monster like Saddam.