Thursday, May 21, 2009

Charles Johnson is home again

Charles Johnson of LittleGreenFootballs was once a lefty. It took the deaths of 3000 people in the New York WTC in 2001 to bring him to his senses and smell the roses: The world is under attack from a fascist totalitarian ideology.
That was 8 years ago. Charles has been leaning more and more in the direction where he naturally resided once, the left. Half of all the space on his blog is dedicated to something very few people really care about, the evolution VS creationism debate. Charles can get all hysterical about it, and between the lines it easy to read the type of alarmism that lefties get aroused to if you dare doubt the veracity of the theory of evolution.

But what's finally turned me off - and I was a big fan of Charles Johnson and LGF - is his onesided coverage of Geert Wilders and his politics. And Charles now feels slighted by the fact that Geert Wilders did not take the trouble to answer a personal letter from Charles the Great. In this letter, Charles expresses his concern about the political allies Geert Wilders chooses, or appears to choose. The sycophants at LGF do nothing to bring some sense into this uni-directional discourse, quite the opposite, they cheer him on. If Charles Johnson says it, it must be so.

Geert Wilders is not a fascist, by any meaning of the word. He is strongly in favour of human rights and a proponent of minority rights. It is exactly these values he is defending in his battle with islam, and he is alone in seeing islam for the fascist ideology it is.

As a Dutchman myself, I cannot believe my good fortune in having Geert Wilders, at a time when everyone else who ever spoke up has either been murdered or cowed into submission and silence. Geert Wilders is the only thing standing between a semblance of freedom and surrender to the barbarians. And a large and growing segment of Dutch citizens recognize this.

Charles Johnson sees more enemies on the US rightwing of politics these days than he does on the leftwing. He can't help but find mostly good things to say about Obama, a man who can only be described as the greatest threat to freedom the US has ever seen. Johnson picks fights with conservative talkshow hosts, but is silent about the leftwing useful idiots, who outnumber the conservatives in the media five to one or worse.

It wasn't always so. Charles Johnson seemed to have made it to the ranks of the sane and the clearheaded. It's a shame you almost but not quite made it Charles. I'm especially sorry for your hundreds of thousands of subscribers, who of course will blithely follow you wherever you lead them.