Friday, December 05, 2003

Just a reminder...

If you ever forget what it's about, or what we're up against, go here for a swift kick in the sensitive parts.

This is funny...

Or it would be if it wasn't so sad. True though... The difference between how Israeli's treat Arabs and how Arabs treat Arabs.

And don't think the US is our friend either...

Wolfowitz should have died in Baghdad. It should come as no surprise.
And if you really want to know what the US State department (you know, where king Colin and consorts now rule) have been like for the last 100 years or so read this book
If you can't be bothered (or have no money, or can't find a version in your native language) at least read this. It shows that the US State department is an institution in itself, that sometimes seems to have little to do with the position of the White House. State is run by just a handful of people who have as their single priority their careers after politics. And you know where the money is? Not in Israel. Saudi maybe?

It's all about the money.

the suppressed EU anti-semitism report

The EU ordered an enquiry into a perceived increase in both number and intensity of attacks against Jews. Good, I hear you say. Yes, except that when the (expected) results were in, the EU decided not to publish what is plainly the truth (in fact, the enquiry really contains no surprises at all) because it puts the blame where we all knew it rests: At the feet of European Muslims. But the rest of the Europeans don't want to know (well THEY know, they just don't want anyone else to officially know), so they squash it. The committee must have a French chairman...
Anyway, read it here. You'll feel a little ill, but better at the same time for discarding another illusion about the unelected regents who decide what you will and will not read or know.

On Anti-semitism

Volumes have been written about this subject. I know, I've read many.
But if you read one thing about it, read this. It takes a brilliant mind like Sharansky's to write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about this subject in such a compact yet readable essay.
There is one problem with it: It seems to me there's really no hope of it getting better. Ever.

Oh well. Never stopped me before.
Fuck 'em.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

The French have got it coming...

Too bad the Arabs have it in for the Jews first. There are still some 600.000 of those living in France.
Why are they still living there?
I don't know. And it seems the Arabs and the French are wondering too, or in fact have stopped wondering and decided to do something to stimulate emigration.
And remember, after Hitler came to power, there also was a window of opportunity when Jews could still leave. Difference was, there was NOWHERE TO GO back then. There is now. Still. A place worth fighting, killing and dying for.

Jews in Europe, you were not welcome in centuries 1-20, and you are not welcome now. Leave while you can, and while you can on your own terms.

Hang the Geneva Traitors

Read this, Oslo Revisited
If you're a Jew living in Israel, and you don't like the people there, emigrate. Move to Saudi or some other place where people treat each other with the respect due a human being. Where love and tolerance is the norm and not the exception as it is in Israel. But don't join the killers and haters.

Can't find any more volunteers? Just appoint one!

I don't wanna blow myself up...
Sick fucks.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Chicken or the egg?

Many people nowadays who worry about the war on terrorism are trying to convince themselves that fundamental Islam is the problem, and moderate Islam is the solution. Daniel Pipes, a man I respect for his encyclopedic knowledge on this issue has expressed this point of view. He is right in theory, too. My problem with this is that moderate Islam can only exist in the way that moderate Christianity exists. Christians stopped persecuting Jews, they stopped killing people for adultery (which is ANY man-and-woman engaging in sex without being married), sodomy, witchcraft, etc a long time ago. The rules of Christianity have not changed, but people essentially distanced themselves from the more rigid ones. A polite way of saying would be that the Bible (especially the OT) is now interpreted differently.
Proof of this is the fact that all over the world, some Christian factions can still be found where members look upon homosexuals the way Leviticus tells them to, and would apply appropriate punishment were they allowed to. The rules have not changed. Just peoples attitude towards them.

The same goes for Islam to an even larger degree. If you abide by the Koran, literally, Bin Laden is right. The Taliban had it right. And as Pipes says, the current movement is towards more "extremism" (I would call it literalism), and away from "moderation" (=liberal interpretation). Which is indeed a reason for worries.

But this whole discussion is completely irrelevant at the moment.

What we should really be concerned about is this: What is the attraction in Islam? Anyone can write a set of silly rules, that are obviously designed to make the whole world a living hell. But who would be nuts enough to be willing to adhere to them, and to subsequently try and force the rest of the world to do the same?
Well, you'd have to be pretty miserable to want to do that. In fact, you'd have to be convinced that the hell Islam has in store for you would actually be an improvement somehow.

Religion in general has always drawn its masses from people who sought an escape from life as it is into a better one, offered by faith. And it seems billions all over the planet are in such straits today. If you are born in a family of believers, you already have little chance of ever really escaping. And if life is shit as well, your faith (which in the case of Islam paints an attractive image of them-against-us as well) is really all you have. Now were you born a Buddhist, no one will ever suffer as a result. Were you born a Christian, you may bother someone with the Watchtower at worst (but you may also become active in the Red Cross, or any number of Christian charities world wide).
But are you born a Muslim? Well then not only does the Book say you have a sacred duty to make the whole world believe what you believe, your whole family and society say so as well. And you have nothing much else to live for.

So my point is this: You can blame Islam for most of the shit that goes in the world today (If I'm lucky. Probably you blame the Jews). But Islam is nothing. It's a book, a set of rules. It is everyone's individual choice to follow them, or not, and to what degree. And if a quarter of the world population chooses to subject themselves to those rules, who should be blamed? The chicken or the egg?

On Palestinian-Arab "Despair"

The last few years have seen the emergence of a new concept: The reason for Palestinian-Arab terrorism against Israel is their despair, their lack of hope of a better life, disbelief in a real future.
It sounds reasonable too, doesn’t it, on the surface anyway?
Here’s why it’s a lie.
If it were true, the whole Middle-East would be in flames. The standard of life for Palestinians may not be as high as that of the average Israeli, but it is better (or used to be until they personally fucked it up themselves) than almost any other Arab
If it were true, then where would a billionaire like Bin Laden find all the hatred and bile that enables him to do what he does?
If it were true, then why do Muslims in Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines commit atrocities as bad as or worse than any Hamas criminal?
If it were true, why are Muslims born and bred in Western Europe and the US eager to join the fray, helping Al-Quaeda in Pakistan, Hamas in Israel, the Taliban in Afghanistan?

British Muslims kill Jews in Israel by blowing themselves up
Dutch Muslims volunteer for service with the Taliban in Afghanistan
Turkish Muslims blow up synagogues and consulates in their own country, killing mostly Turks in the process
French Muslims firebomb schools and temples

And if such oppression causes such behaviour, then why don’t we see similar atrocities in Tibet, Burma, China, Cuba, North-Korea, etc, countries where oppression is real, where people are executed for having an opinion, where families are jailed as collective punishment, well, I could go on but you get the idea.

The reason for Arab terrorism is hatred. They hate and hate and hate, they teach their children to hate, they preach hate in their mosques, they propagate hate on TV and radio. Hatred against everything that is better in this world then they are, which is almost everything. The Arab mentality is not one of healthy competition, where I strive to be as good as or better than you, but one of destruction, where I pull everything down to my squalid level.
They could have been, they should have been the richest people on Earth. Instead they squander their trillions, on what, no one knows. They really are a wretched people. And I would be sorry for them too, were it not for the fact that they can’t suffer by themselves. They make us suffer too. It doesn’t make them any happier, but it makes us (or so they hope) nearly as miserable as they are.

Israeli Arabs suffer too

The war of cowardice, perversion and attrition fought by the Arabs against Israel indirectly hits their own as well. In spite of best efforts by the Israeli government, cutbacks hit the Arab communities as well.

I do feel bad for them. I've known some Bedouins in my time, and they are some of the most happy-go lucky people in the world. I guess the murderers think it'll all get better for them once they've eradicated all the Jews. It will be paradise, like in Egypt, and Syria, and Iraq, and Iran, and Saudi, and Sudan, and Lebanon, and Algeria, and etc, etc, etc.

Arab and Europeans love each other, hate Jews

Not only does it not stop, it gets worse. Rapidly. You need to be registered at the hateful NY Times to read. If they publish stuff like this, it must be bad!

Oh what the hell, here's the entire article. It is all the more interesting because the Times likes to pretend it's all a consequence of the Arab-Israeli conflict. ""Not right perhaps, but understandable..." What the fuck do French Moroccans have to do with Palestinian Arabs? Exactly, NOTHING! Here goes...

Attacks by Arabs on Jews in France Revive Old Fears

Published: December 3, 2003

AGNY, France, Nov. 26 — The boys hide their skullcaps under baseball caps. The girls tuck their Star of David necklaces under their sweaters. Their school in this middle-class suburb east of Paris has been scorched by fire and fear, and those are the off-campus rules.

Early one Saturday in November, unidentified vandals set fire to the new two-story wing of the Merkaz Hatorah School for Orthodox Jews that was set to open as an elementary school in January.

The fire prompted President Jacques Chirac to call an emergency cabinet meeting and declare that "an attack on a Jew is an attack against France."

It also intensified an agonizing debate over the definition and extent of anti-Semitism today in France, and indeed all of Europe, and forced the French government to redouble its efforts to combat it.

But even as they praise their government for acting swiftly, some French Jews, particularly working-class and middle-class Jews of North African origin, are convinced that France is not entirely safe for them. They say the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the American occupation of Iraq have morphed into a battleground for French Arab Muslims to attack Jews. "We Jews in France are paying the price for the events on the ground in the Middle East that are seen from morning to night here on satellite television," said Marc Aflalo, a printer who proudly wears a skullcap and whose three children go to Merkaz Hatorah, a private school of 800 elementary and high school students.

If a Jew goes into an Arab Muslim neighborhood, he says, "You have to carry an umbrella to protect yourself from the stones that fly."

This is not a revival of the old anti-Jewish hatred of the right that infused Europe before the Vatican reconciled with the Jews in the 1960's, but a playing out of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the streets and salons of France.

France is home to about 600,000 Jews — the world's largest Jewish population except for those of Israel and the United States — but also as many as 10 times that number of Muslims of Arab origin, the largest such population in Europe, many of them young, poor and unemployed.

Complicating matters, public opinion throughout Europe is broadly critical of Israeli policy toward the Palestinians. A recent public opinion poll of European Union countries found that most citizens believed that Israel was the greatest threat to world peace, followed by Iran, North Korea and the United States.

The poll itself added to the debate about anti-Semitism in Europe. But it is in France, where the burden of the wartime government in Vichy's collaboration with the Nazis still casts a shadow over the political landscape, that the debate is the shrillest and the charges of anti-Semitism the harshest.

Mindful of demographic realities and the strains of anti-Semitism in their country's past, French officials are struggling to denounce and punish acts of anti-Semitism without fueling racism toward France's ethnic Arab Muslim population.

Telling Parliament in November that the Middle East conflict "has entered our schools," Education Minister Luc Ferry said France was facing "a new form of anti-Semitism" that was "no longer an anti-Semitism of the extreme right," but one of "Islamic origin."

By contrast, Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said in a television debate recently: "All those who explain the resurgence of anti-Semitism by the conflict in the Middle East say something that is false. Anti-Semitism existed before the existence of Israel."

For that reason he has called for a plan of affirmative action to help integrate Muslims into French society, a highly controversial idea in a country that officially does not identify its citizens according to race, religion or ethnicity.

Still, Mr. Sarkozy added that the horror of the Holocaust meant that anti-Semitism had to be treated differently than other forms of racism in Europe. That is a challenge when many of the young Arab Muslim youths who wander the streets have no understanding of the Holocaust.

It is another excuse to do what you want to, to rationalize the hatred. And I don't see any Frenchmen disagree. And don't say: "Chirac!"
Fuck him. And fuck the Arabs too.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

About the U.N.

Just a few links with pertinent info about that murderous (by proxy) fuck Kofi Annan:

Read his latest enormity: here

One glaring example of the U.N.’s biased policy against Israel is the concealment and vehement denial of the existence of videotape of Hezbollah’s abduction of three Israeli soldiers made by U.N. peacekeeping forces in Lebanon. For 11 months, the U.N. lied to the world and denied the existence of any evidence related to the abduction. When the cover-up was exposed, revealing the existence of the videotape, the U.N. eventually showed Israel a heavily edited videotape with the faces of the terrorists blurred. When asked the reason behind this, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan stated it was due to the U.N.’s standing as a neutral organization!

Want more? Read this

Or read this if you still think this moronic piece of shit is what the world needs as its leader? Or have you wizened up and come to the conclusion (as I have) that the UN should never have been born in the first place? Try this one for size...