Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time to assassinate another Israeli prime minister

The Jeruzalem Post has this today:
"There is no immediate solution to the Kassam attacks," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert acknowledged Monday night on a visit to rocket-hit Sderot.

"We will continue to invest and will continue to protect you, but you of course know that there is no immediate solution to the Kassams and there is no definitive solution," Olmert told residents of western Negev town, according to a statement from his office.
According to Olmert, there's really nothing he can do, anyone can do. Let the Arabs fire rockets at us. We are defenseless. Flee. Move elsewhere. Mourn your dead and wounded.

There's nothing we can do.

When a man who is elected to serve his people, fight for their rights, freedom and safety, does the opposite of that, and when that same man has literally ZERO procent of the population left who back him or even believe in him, that man should go.

When that same man refuses to go, but instead contributes to the problem instead of working to solve it, when that man is directly responsible for prolonging the suffering, maiming and death of his own people, he should be shot.

After his bungling the Lebanon disaster, after all his financial scams, this man tells jews that when Arabs fire rockets at them, they can flee, or die.

Get rid of the traitor Olmert as fast as possible. And get a real leader to clear Israel of this mess.

UPDATE: More evidence of actual criminal complicity of the current Israeli 'leadership':
Fatah members, including thousands of gunmen of the official PA security forces, often also serve in Hamas. Weapons that Israel has transferred to Fatah through various PA security forces over the past 13 years have been used to murder Israelis by Fatah as well as Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists. And of course, Fatah now serves as Hamas's junior partner in the Palestinian "government." The Olmert-Livni-Peretz government does not merely refuse to acknowledge that Fatah is also Israel's enemy. It actively supports Fatah and upholds it as Israel's ally. In this it is repeating and indeed aggravating its strategically disastrous treatment of the Lebanese government last summer.
Many of the weapons used to kill and main Israeli's are supplied by... that's right, the Israeli's.

I'm sure these Judenrat jews think they're playing a clever game, hoping to encourage the in-fighting between Fatah and Hamas. But it is only feeding the crocodile, hoping it will eat you last.