Monday, March 22, 2004

One Boss-Jewhater dead

And just in case you have doubts: Yassin better than ever!

Hamas swears revenge
Read: They will do what they want to. Only the crippled fuck won't be around to gloat about it any longer

Europe strongly condemns the attack
Read: Jews are allowed to be killed, not kill their enemies in return. All Europeans know this.

Yassin was a 67 year old deaf blind quadraplegic. It was a cowardly, criminal act.
Read: Shooting Jewish babies in their bed with their mothers is a heroic act of resistance, especially whem ordered by your "spiritual leader". Bombing children on buses on their way to school earns you a place in paradise. All jews are good for is dying at the hands of whoever is the hater of the day.

I wonder how Rantisi is feeling? A Hellfire rocket as a suppository, it's gonna hurt... No amount of K-Y jelly's gonna change that (although God know's he's tried)

Fuck them all. They can't die soon enough for me. In fact, I'm willing to trade quality (=pain) for speed in this case. In Gaza, there is no such thing as collateral damage.