Saturday, June 19, 2004

British MKs claim shot at by IDF

A funny report by the JPost. British MP's were visiting an area where houses had been destroyed by the IDF, and allegedly came under fire. Their visit had not been coordinated with the IDF, and so blame for the alleged rifle fire automatically was placed on the Israeli's.
Quoting the Post: '"If the IDF fires at members of parliament under the supervision of the UN, then we must wonder how the attitude is toward the Palestinians," Baroness Northover told the BBC.'

First of all, the UN is in no position to supervise, unless it be ambulances loaded with Arab murderers or hiding weapons in refugee camps or hiding evidence of a UN-assisted Hezbollah attack on Israel.

Secondly, the attitude of the IDF towards the "Palestinians" should be a cause of wonder for no one. You throw stones, you may get shot. You shoot at them, you will get shot. You blow yourself up while there are Jews anywhere near you, or send someone to do so, your house gets demolished.
There are a few other rules but these will do for starters.

If the IDF wanted to shoot British MP's, they'd be dead now. Fortunately for the Britons, it's the Arabs who can't shoot straight.

Keep winning

I recently commented on a terrorists' pledge, where I expressed my sincere wish that an Al-Aqsa terror gang leader would be sent to hell as quick as humanly possible, after magnanimously offering to 'halt attacks' after Israel would withdraw from Jenin.
Well, it seems people at the Jeruzalem Post agree with me, only their motivation is better founded than mine :)
Please read.

It is clear from all the signs that the Palestinian Arabs are losing their second intifada. I do hope they do not decide to go for broke and try a third time.

Even more corrupt than the US State dept...

U.N. Inspector Denies Scandal says Fox. Of course he'd deny it. But to quote the Grand Kleegle himself: "I saw the letter you are referring to... distributed quite widely...," Annan told reporters Thursday. "Mr. Nair indicated there was not much truth in what was contained in that document."

"indicated there was not much truth...". Well, in politics anything but a full and vehement denial constitutes a confession. So this is quite a stunner.

No end yet in sight of the travesty known as the "United Nations".
(Think about that name even. There's nothing "United" about it.)

Powell Hopes Americans Stay in Saudi Despite Risks

Of course he does. But not for the reason he states here.

No, the real reason is the overriding interest the US State dept has in Saudi. Ever heard of the revolving door?
Quote: '``It's good old fashioned `I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine.' You have former U.S. officials, former presidents, aides to the current president, a long line of people who are tight with the Saudis, people who are the pillars of American society and officialdom,'' said Lewis.

``So for that and other reasons no one wants to alienate the Saudis, and we are willing to basically ignore inconvenient truths that might otherwise cause our blood to boil. We basically look away,'' he said. ``Folks don't like to stop the gravy train.'

For more on the Revolving Door read this book review of "Sleeping with the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude" by Robert Baer.
A quote: 'we encouraged them to purchase more military hardware than they needed. We purposely overlooked the character of the ethical (and sometimes indicted) agents who took bribes bigger than some countries’ revenues and called them “commissions). Our people joyously jumped into the revolving door culture of State Department, DOD, Agriculture, etc., turning into paid consultants to the Saudis or their interests, with hardly a missed paycheck.'

There's more than one reason the US is fighting terrorism. Not the least of those is keeping the Saudi oil leeches in power, at whatever cost.

Perhaps the invasion of Iraq was in part motivated by a desire to be less dependant on Saudi oil. Not so much to steal oil from Iraq, but to have a more stable, humane and perhaps even grateful supplier. But obviously, until that happens, the US appears bound hands and feet to the leeches. And the fact that anyone from State and major industry is guaranteed a cushy job, well, that doesn't exactly help.

This Muslim makes me doubt my beliefs

Quote: 'Jews, throughout their history, have been the symbol of intellectual freedom and have therefore represented the highest level of openness. Their love for knowledge, their penchant for debate, their urge to learn by questioning, and their refusal to submit to any dogma has always posed a challenge to the establishment that depends on the blind following of the masses. The Jews' thirst for truth has always threatened the status quo.'

Tashbih Sayyed. Never heard of the man. But he gives me hope for Muslims, and for Jews especially.

Another beautiful quote: 'Radical Islamists are aware that they cannot succeed without destroying the United States of America and the State of Israel, as both symbolize open, pluralistic and democratic values. The American and Israeli passion for spreading freedoms poses a direct threat to Islamist designs. While Israel's presence right in the heart of an Islamist controlled region gives hope to freedom-loving Muslims, it scares the extremists. Islamists fear—rightly so—that either directly or indirectly Israel will export democratic values to its immediate neighborhood, jeopardizing radical Islam's sway.'

Read it all. And be on the lookout for more of these enlightened Muslims.

I was afraid this was gonna happen

As I predicted earlier, cutting off the heads of infidels, filming it and then boasting about it has already lost most of its media appeal. The Arab psychopaths underestimate the Western jadedness. After Big Brother this new form of Jihad TV is just a very gradual step up.

And let me tell you know that cutting off 20 heads at a time or so won't really improve your ratings either. No, you'll have to come up with something totally new. Like a portable nuke, or perhaps something chemical?

I do think it was clever to get one of your own killed just while getting rid of the body of the man you so courageously slaughtered. Ads a nice twist, and shows you are not infallible after all. Almost makes you appear human...

I weep for the family of Paul Johnson. They are in my thoughts.

UPDATE: Looks like it was the leader of the Insane Assassins that got his stupid head blown off. Oh well, it must have been fun while it lasted...

UPDATE: The BBC has this report, confirming that it was indeed Al Muqrin (or whatever the pervert's name is spelled like) who was shot and killed, as were three others of his psychopath gang.
But despite again sawing someone's head off with little more than a penknife, the BBC insists on calling them "militants" (and the quotes are mine, not theirs).

Note: Even when the BBC quotes an external authority (like a Saudi official in this case) they insist on replacing whatever the offical said (I'm 100% sure it wasn't "militant") with their preferred term. And then go on to present as a literal quote. That is no longer just bias, that is called LYING (="To convey a false image or impression").

Keep it up, BBC.

Friday, June 18, 2004

BBC forgets scare quotes - Again!

Arafat offers refugee guarantee
This is not the part where I expected the BBC to add their copywrited scare quotes: An offer by Arafat would be too obvious a target (Do you know how you can tell he's lying? It's even easier than with other people: His lips move (and we all know they move a lot!)

No, this is where I would add the quotes: '...the Palestinian leader would not say how many refugees should be allowed to return to "their homes" in Israel.'

"Their homes". We're talking here about 3rd generation offspring of people who for the vast majority left their homes of their own free will! With the (illusory as it turned out) certainty they'd return in no time at all, with the homes of murdered or chased-away Jews as the spoils.

The "Palestinians" are the only "refugees" in the world who are now in their 3rd generation . They are the only "refugees" in the world who have their own private UN organization. They are the only "refugees" in the world who can boast "brothers" in 22 nations, yet for nearly 60 years now, there's been nowhere for them to go...

At the time of the creation of the Arab Palestinian refugee problem, about the same number of Jews were deported or forced to feel from their homes in the various Arab countries. These people were absorbed into Israel in a matter of a few years.

Strange that, huh? Why, it's almost as if the Arabs don't want their hapless refugee "brothers" to be happy, if need be in Jordan, or Egypt, or Syria, or Iraq, or... Well, you get the picture.

Thx BBC, for agreeing with the man more responsible for murdering Jews than anyone else since 1945. Thx alot.

And Iran has finally got it coming...

Well... NOT!
But obviously this harshly worded resolution would scare the BBC stiff had it been directed at her...

It is truly remarkable that the BBC would call Iran "sharply rebuked", while it also admits the resolution 'does not threaten to report the country to the Security Council for possible sanctions.'


Religion of throat- and headcutting strikes again

Looks like the psychopaths have done it again. Murdering Paul Johnson. What heroes they are. It's no wonder the Arabs have yet to win any battle in which they had less than 1 to 10,000 majority. Their cowardice has no equivalent in any language known to man.

Here's CNN's report on Johnson's son, begging for his father's life, a man whose brutal death serves only the hope of scaring off other foreigners from working for the Saudi leeches.

I would say: "This is how little the psychopaths value a human life". But I don't really believe they see us as human.

Let Europe be Europe

Victor Davis Hanson has another brilliant analysis of the US-European relationship, its problems and their cause.

I live in the Netherlands, and although we are more usually on the US side than on the French (indeed, we have an actual military presence in both Afghanistan and Iraq), there's no escaping the French-German domination.
And France is leading us, on the fast train to Eurabia.
So there's no escaping the "demographic timebomb" as Hanson puts it.

Quote: 'It was moving to commemorate the Normandy invasion on its 60th anniversary, but politely left unsaid amid the French-hosted celebrations was the real story of 1944 and 1945. We owe it to the dead, not just the living, to remember it with some integrity and honesty. Most of the Nazis' own European subjects did little to stop their mass murdering. There was no popular civilian uprising inside Germany or out. Most Germans were hostile to the onslaught of American armies in their country, preferring Hitler and the Nazis even by 1945 to so-called American liberators. When they did slur the Fuhrer it was because he brought them ruin, not the blood of millions on their hands. When they did stop fighting the Americans, it was because the thought of surrendering to the Russians was far worse.

Most Frenchmen either refused to resolutely fight the Germans or passively collaborated. The idea of a broad resistance was mostly a postwar Gallic nationalist myth. Those who spearheaded a few attacks on German occupiers were more likely led by Communists than by allied sympathizers, and thus fought in hope more of an eventual Soviet victory over the Nazis than an American one.'

If you're gonna read anything this weekend, read this.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Well, not even close in this instance, but it's nice to see that Al Qaeda's objectives have a side effect that I don't mind: 'Americans leaving Saudi Arabia in droves'

This will hurt the leeches. And that is never a bad thing. Too bad Americans and other Westerners only stop taking their tainted money when their life is on the line.

Could Chris Patten be the next EU President?

If it was up to the British he could. Thankfully the equally nasty French disagree, and it looks like it's not gonna happen.

I don't like the idea of an even more federal Europe either, but the thought of Chris Patten effectively (well, you know what I mean...) leading the EU gives me shivers. This is the man who just didn't see hundreds of millions of Euro's and dollars "misappropriated" by Arafat and his thugs.

No, it couldn't be much worse than that. Right?

Thursday, June 17, 2004

UN-caused convulsions coming on...

UN to Caterpillar: Don't sell bulldozers to Israel
I got this link thru LGF (A drop-in at least once a day is mandatory, and good for the spirit as well).

The gist of the story is this: Some UN SoB (Jean Ziegler (who is a man), and get this, he is - the United Nations' special expert on the right to food - EXPERT ON THE RIGHT TO FOOD NO LESS! I am impressed.) felt emboldened by a UN Human Rights Commission (chaired by countries like Lybia and the like) resolution to prod the Caterpillar Corporation into boycotting sales of its bulldozers to Israel.

Think about this for a moment. Some unelected stooge feels authorised by a worthless document drawn up by some of the worst regimes on the planet to organize a boycott against Israel. In the name of the UN.

What this signifies is this: When people keep claiming UN General Assembly resolutions mean shit, they are wrong, for the following reasons:
  1. Many ordinary decent people don't know the difference between GA and SC resolutions
  2. GA resolutions appear to be drafted and adopted democratically (when of course they're not
  3. When left unchallenged these resolutions take on a life of their own
  4. Eventually people will accept them as law
Which in turn causes Useful Idiots like Jean Ziegler (who is a man) to feel authorized to take action (of course action on behalf of the Palestinian Arabs and AGAINST Israel).

I cannot overstress the importance of the need to realize the UN is one of the great evils of this world. I have yet to see a single good come from it. But I can demonstrate enough evil caused by it to turn anyone's stomach.

UPDATE: Haaretz has the following article on the same subject, but has more detail on the interaction between Caterpillar and Jean Ziegler (who is a man).

SO GET THIS: This stooge, this moron, this pervert is doing what he can, using the powers (limited though they may be) by the UN to boycott Israel.
While nothing is said (nor should it be) about the business dealings of Caterpillar with China, Syria, Iran, North-Korea, and any other country you wish to find out about.

This is not about "the poor Palestinians". This is not about ethics, or concern about misuse. It's about the Jews. ANY excuse will do to harass Israel. ANY.

BBC forgets scare quotes

Evolving tactics of Islamic militants

This is an interesting article about the use of the media by Islamic terrorists. But the real message as far as I am concerned is in what the BBC ads to it, or rather, alters in it: Even when they plainly speak of people separating Muslims from non-Muslims and subsequently killing the non-Muslims, they use the word "militants" where they refer to terrorists (murdering psychopathic scum is my preferred term, but let's keep it formal for the moment).

Quote: 'By the time of the Khobar attack on 29 May of this year, militants showed they had learned that lesson.

After they stormed a compound they were careful to separate out Muslims from non-Muslims and only kill Westerners.'

The BBC is referring to the Khobar massacre, 29th of May 2004.

Go here for the step-by-step reporting of the bloodbath inflicted upon unarmed innocent people (the reporting itself is done by the leader of the terrorists!), but what the BBC omits from their story is this: The terrorists were 'careful to separate out Muslims from non-Muslims' because they had the sitation under control. It was a very cool and controlled action.

Why is this significant? Apart from the psychopathic nature of the action? Because even after all this the BBC refers to them as "militants". While they are truly and formally TERRORISTS.

Definition of militant:
Fighting or warring.
Having a combative character; aggressive, especially in the service of a cause: a militant political activist.

Definition of terrorist:
someone who employs terrorism (especially as a political weapon); "terrorist activity" : a radical who employs terror as a political weapon

Which do you think is accurate?

And the BBC's next one:

Family plea for US hostage's life

Again the BBC tells it like this: 'The group that allegedly kidnapped Mr Johnson posted on the website another tape allegedly showing how its members killed another US citizen, Robert Jacob, last week.' (emphasis mine, of course)
And like this 'Officials said the video purportedly showing Mr Johnson was probably authentic.

In it, a man is seen in a black hood reading a statement and carrying an AK-47 rifle.

Mr Johnson's Lockheed Martin ID card is also shown in the video, which has been aired by US broadcaster CNN.

"My name is Paul Marshal Johnson and I am a citizen of the United States," he says.'

After more than enough proof to satisfy any court in the world, the BBC still says "allegedly" and "purportedly".

Well, "purportedly" the BBC reports on Islamist- and Israel-related affairs with such a slant that Israel has cut them off from all official cooperation.

And the last one for today: This is a report on the progres of the security barrier Israel is building. The BBC has this to say 'Part wall and part fence, the barrier, if completed, will run for 640km (397 miles) through the West Bank.'

This is true. It is also a lie of such magnitude and cleverness that (especially combined with all their other abhorrent reporting) it cannot possibly be accidental: There is exactly 3% or 15 miles of "wall" in the barrier. The "rest" is fence, as in "chainlinks", "mesh", you know, something you can see through.

I think even Al-Jazeera is less distrusted by the Israelis.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Update on Iran's nukes:

Those poor Iranians. They'll be numb with shock after this strongly worded tough resolution from the EU: 'Europe to Rebuke Iran Over Nuclear Program'

Quote: 'A draft seen by The Associated Press retained strong language designed to keep up pressure on Iran a year after the International Atomic Energy Agency began to probe nearly two decades of its suspect nuclear program.

Delegates at a meeting of the IAEA's 35-nation board of governors described the draft, written by France, Britain and Germany, as strongly worded. Slight modifications were meant to appease nonaligned nations traditionally allied with Iran, said the delegates, speaking on condition of anonymity.

``The substance remains the same,'' one delegate said. ``The heat is still on."'


I say: Think Daisycutters. And more Daisycutters.

anti-Semitism - anti-Zionism: The link

Quote: 'Here is a quotation that explains the problem far more crisply than I, from the Polish critic Konstantyn Jelenski. His essay, published in Kultura in Paris, May 1968, and quoted later by Abraham Brumberg in the New York Review of Books, reads:'

'Poles have never come out against Jews "because they are Jews" but because Jews are dirty, greedy, mendacious, because they wear ear-locks, speak jargon, do not want to assimilate, and also because they do assimilate, cease using their jargon, are nattily dressed, and want to be regarded as Poles. Because they lack culture and because they are overly cultured. Because they are superstitious, backward and ignorant, and because they are damnably capable, progressive, and ambitious. Because they have long, hooked noses, and because it is sometimes difficult to distinguish them from "pure Poles." Because they crucified Christ and practice ritual murder and pore over the Talmud, and because they disdain their own religion and are atheists. Because they look wretched and sickly, and because they are tough and have their own fighting units and are full of Khutspah. Because they are bankers and capitalists and because they are Communists and agitators. But in no case because they are Jews.
Today, too, the enemies of Israel insist their hatred has nothing to do with Israel being a Jewish state. Rather we are told it is because Israel is singularly evil, oppressive and murderous--but certainly, assuredly, NOT because they are Jews.'

This is beautiful writing. Read it all.

Egypt Steps Up Anti-Israel Activity

Quote: 'Correspondent Haggai Huberman notes that the Egyptian parliament initiated a proposal to rename a street in Cairo - the street on which is located the Israeli Embassy - after none other than Hamas arch-terrorist leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. What's more, the building in which the Embassy is located was to be called after Yassin's successor, Abdel Aziz Rantisi.'

For a full report go here.
Israel's peace with Egypt was never more than a very cold one. Seems it's a small step from a cold peace to cold war.

And sometimes you win

'2 Palestinian girls nabbed on way to suicide attack' the Jeruzalem Post reports.

One thing all Muslim families have in common: They are large. Lots of kids. I have two kids. I'd love to have five or six, there'd be more to love.

For Palestinian Arabs, the motive for having lots of kids is slightly different. You can use your kids as a form of guidance system for Semtex. Strap a belt on them and off they go.
Until now it was boys they used. At least you could promise them 72 virgins and all that crap. What do you tell a 15-year old girl? "Daddy loves you. Now walk up to that busstop and everything will be alright."?

Does it finally begin to hit home how sick these people are?

Sometimes you win...

Haaretz reports: 'Witnesses: Israeli force kills Jihad man in Jenin'

Israel has its fair share of leftist media. Haaretz is often nearly as confused as is, say BBC (despite its name, "the Land"). The second part of the report is about mosques and a church damaged by IDF units. Only at the bottom of the article do we find a tentative statement about fugitives. Were they perhaps hiding in these "holy" buildings?

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Only US marines call this place home, but since Osama Bin Laden (for his most accurate biography go here and here) felt so oppressed and desperate he just had no way out but to murder 3000 innocent people, it's also become the resort of choice for proponents of this style of clothes, and who will kill to make your wives, sisters and daughters wear the same.

I digress. One of Britain's favorite Useful Idiots, Vanessa Redgrave, has taken the Afghan losers' plight upon herself. It really is a scream. A quote from this lunatic's bibliography: 'Her political views have also caused controversy, being a member of the "Workers' Revolutionary Party" and denouncing Zionism'.
Or this: 'In December 2002, she paid £50,000 bail for Chechen Foreign Minister Akhmed Zakayev, who was accused of aiding and abetting the Moscow Theatre siege'

Isn't it nice to have your priorities straight?

Do I detect a pattern here?

If you've read Bat Yeor's essay on the impending demise of Europe it should come as no surprise that it is difficult if not impossible to find a newspaper or TV station that reports even objectively on Israel-related affairs, let alone with a positive slant.

It is more difficult to explain why most newsmedia from the US and Canda report in similar fashion: Apologizing, obfuscating, downplaying and - of course - lying.
For example, HonestReporting has this round-up of near-global reporting on the opening of a new large Mosque (yippee!) in London. The inaugural speech was delivered by insane warmonger RoP © Imam Sheikh Abdur-Rahman al-Sudais. This man is the cream of the crop of the recent harvest of haters and preachers of hate.

AP reports the Iman as saying: 'The history of Islam is the best testament to how different communities can live together in peace and harmony... Muslims should exemplify the true image of Islam in their interaction with other communities and dispel any misconceptions in some parts of the media.'

And of course he did.

But anybody interested in the guy (which I agree is a morbid fascination) would know that the staple diet he serves his audience consists of this type of drivel: '[he] beseeched Allah to annihilate the Jews. He also urged the Arabs to give up peace initiatives with [Jews] because they are "the scum of the human race, the rats of the world, the violators of pacts and agreements, the murderers of the prophets, and the offspring of apes and pigs... These are the Jews, an ongoing continuum of deceit, obstinacy, licentiousness, evil, and corruption..."'

Btw, this visitor is what the Imam's ideal of women's dressing looks like. In London.

And while we're on the subject of Iran...

Some (like me) would like to spend money on Iran by bombing it into total and complete submission (which, after all is what "Islam" stands for). You see, I am absolutely convinced Iran WILL use nukes against Israel the moment it gets hold of them. If you are not convinced, go here. If then you are still unconvinced, and need to read up on the motives of Russia to assist Iran in its nuclear aspirations, go here. If you are still not convinced after that, fuck off and don't come back.

Others - like the World Bank for example - would like to spend money on Iran further propping up the Mad Mullahs.

Perhaps the World Bank should relocate its headquarters from Washington to a more suitable location. Perhaps Bushehr, Iran would be a good spot. At least they wouldn't suffer from brown-outs... There's a nice piece of real estate already in place! (warning: graphic images of nuclear plant under construction. Not for the faint of heart)

No, this is NOT Amsterdam

But it may well be, in a generation or so.

In Sudan they know how to treat a lady. Especially one not wearing a scarf. No matter that she doesn't believe in Allah.

Most great civilizations did not see their own demise happening while it was taking place. It can't be determined with any degree of certainty if the Romans would have been able to revitalize their society and thereby prevent the collapse of their empire.

We have the ability to learn from history. If we don't care about what happens to Western civilization, ok then. But if we do?
If we do, we cannot resign to the fact that half of all people under 18 in many European cities is of traditional Muslim denomination. It spells the destruction of Europe. Simply said, by the time the current school-going generation starts its own babyboom (having three times as many children as the average European), adult native Europeans will be slightly outnumbered, but their children will be by about one to three. (On a side-note, read about the effects these demographics already have on Europe's policy towards Israel and the Arabs here. And if you want even more thorough research go here.)
It takes no imagination at all to figure out the impact of such demographics on daily life. In the most democratic of ways, Europe will self-destruct and become at best like Morocco, and at worst like Saudi Arabia.

It is ironic that most immigrants came to Europe for what Western civilization stands for. Rich, liberal, free, democratic, safe. By taking their own culture with them, and by insisting to stick to it and import it, they are destroying what drew them here.

There's a very good reason Europeans didn't emigrate to Morocco, Algeria and Turkey. It is the same reason Moroccans, Algerians and Turks migrated to Europe.

Off-topic: Bloggers make a difference

Yes they can.

Hope I do too.

'Fresh blows to shaky Saudi security'

High time to use the scare quotes (© BBC) against the terror apologists. 'Shaky security'. Hah! Peope aren't even safe inside fortied compounds (mostly due to "security guards" who sympathize with the "militants". And the only reason people even dare to live there is because of the wages the Saudi's are willing to pay anyone brave or dumb or amoral enough to go and work there.

I wonder if the BBC had bothered to report on this at all if it hadn't been for the murder and attempted murder of their correspondents Simon Cumbers and Frank Gardner. But you have to hand it to the BBC: They still manage to avoid the word "terrorist". And whereas I use the word "murder", their report actually says they were "shot", and "killed". No, the BBC invariably call people who cut off heads of people lying bound on the floor "militants" and even "activists".
Quote: 'They were filming the house of an al-Qaeda militant killed last year when they came under fire.'

Well, with that in mind, the security sitation in Saudi is indeed "shaky".

Muslim version of reality TV

Arab terrorists in Saudi threaten to kill another American taken hostage if the Saudi government does not release 'militants', says this BBC report. CNN also has a report.

Are they gonna cut off another head, film it, and then distribute the video? 'Cause that's getting old already. They just don't learn, do they? I mean, the novelty just wears off, and a few extra shouts of "Allahu Akbar" won't change that.

Fucking maniacs.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

There's more than 1 reason to take out Iran

Michael Ledeen at National Review has this to say on Iran's role in the current situation in Iraq. For a long time now (decades in fact) Iran has been fingered from many sides as one, if not THE driving force behind global terrorism. Please read.

So while the US Marines are the neighbourhood... Or better yet, first discharge a few of these in Tehran and other selected area's.

If you've never read Victor Davis Hanson

do so now.

Quote: 'If after four years of careful planning, al Qaedists hit the Olympics in August, the terrorists know better than we do that most Europeans will do nothing — but quickly point to the U.S. and scream "Iraq!" And they know that the upscale crowds in Athens are far more likely to boo a democratic America than they are a fascist Syria or theocratic Iran. Just watch.'

Read it all.

Sweden may win the race after all?

An LGF reader from Norway posted this. If it's even half true (and I have no doubt it is all true), the Swedes are knocking themselves out beating Belgium, France and the Netherlands in becoming the first European Muslim state.

Quote: 'The legal age for marriage in Sweden is 18. However, immigrant girls (read: Muslims) have been "allowed" BY LAW to marry at the age of 15. Some would call that apartheid, but hey, everything for multiculturalism. That's only the beginning, though. It gets worse: Swedish authorities have allowed that young immigrant girls can be sent off to their parents' country to be married even BEFORE they are 15 years old. If they are pregnant when they return, the father will automatically earn a residency permit to Sweden (and by extension the EU) for "family reunion". All a Muslim male has to do to get into Sweden - legally - is to have sex with a CHILD. Is that disgusting or what?'

It IS disgusting. But the poster may have failed to see the greater significance of this. Muslim families grow at twice the rate of W-European families. Allowing even this type of increase in population further speeds up the process of Islamification. The end of Europe as we know it.

The world is going nuts. In a hurry.

Religion of throat- and headcutting

The indispensable MEMRI has a translation of an interview of one of the Khobar attack in Saudi, where 22 people (official count, but who knows?) were killed.
Some excerpts:

"We entered one of the companies' [offices], and found there an American infidel who looked like a director of one of the companies. I went into his office and called him. When he turned to me, I shot him in the head, and his head exploded. We entered another office and found one infidel from South Africa, and our brother Hussein slit his throat. We asked Allah to accept [these acts of devotion] from us, and from him. This was the South African infidel.

We went out from the company [offices] and found our brother, Nimr the hero, standing at the entrance to the company and guarding us, drinking a little water as though he were on a hike. [He acted this way] because of his great courage – may Allah have mercy on him."

Or this:

"At the same time, we found a Swedish infidel. Brother Nimr cut off his head, and put it at the gate [of the building] so that it would be seen by all those entering and exiting."

This is great:

"He [the Italian] spoke for several minutes. I asked the broadcaster, 'Did you record that?' He said, 'Yes,' and then the hero Nimr cut his throat."

Sawt Al-Jihad (THE INTERVIEWER): "We ask Allah to accept this offering from your hands. What happened then?"

Imagine that. Running through buildings, armed to the teeth, with your mates, viciously killing anyone that is unarmed and may not be Muslim. What fun! And you even get to score credit with an imaginary demented deity called Allah.

How can you go wrong?

But again I ask: How oppressed and desperate were these people? In fact, how bad was it for Muhammad himself (he would have loved an AK-47, as he would have loved this).

Monday, June 14, 2004


Not really. 'Israeli Bid to Woo French Jews Shocks Jewish Leader'

'The head of France's Jewish organizations expressed shock at an Israeli press report on Sunday that Tel Aviv planned a campaign to persuade French Jews to emigrate to Israel to escape anti-Semitism.'

Get a load of this: 'Cukierman said France's 600,000-strong Jewish community -- Europe's largest -- was worried by anti-Semitic attacks, especially on children, "but we have to keep calm and not panic."'
If that doesn't sound like a Judenrat chairman, I don't know what does. Let him stay in France, in Israel he'd only vote for Peres!

So what is this all about? OF COURSE Jews should be leaving, any country but certainly France! Sheez! A country that will have a Muslim majority within a generation or two, a country that sells nuclear technology to Arabs and other Muslims, the country that was the direct cause for the birth of Zionism!

A terrorist's pledge

Jenin Al Aqsa Martyrs chief: 'I'll halt attacks if IDF pulls out'

Think about this. He will "halt attacks". Jenin is "his territory".
And this man and his fellow murderers will join the PA "security forces" after an eventual Israeli withdrawal from Jenin. First of all there isn't really any difference between the various (numerous) "security forces" and the terror gangs. And if there was, what sane person would want a thug like this to enroll?

But the worst thing is this: Israel is proving him RIGHT, not wrong. He should be pursued to the max and shot for merely making this statement. His arrogance should be proven visibly wrong and positively lethal to his health.

Jenin is a so-called "refugee camp". It lies in the Samarian heartland. To let a claim like this go, to not prove it wrong for all eyes to see is a grave mistake indeed.

This should be a barrel of laughs

UN to hold first-ever conference on anti-Semitism
Quote: '"There are speeches I know some delegates have made, in the human rights commission and elsewhere, that involve the blood libel and things like that," Tharoor said in a recent interview. However, "there are 191 member states. I cannot believe that the essential character [of the UN] is somehow nullified by, say, one resolution or three hostile speeches."' Says Shashi Tharoor, UN undersecretary-general for communications and public information.

I'm sure he means well. And the essential character of the UN would not have been nullified by, say, one resolution. But ninety-seven (yes, 97) Security Council resolutions against Israel? And four hundred and twentynine (yes, 429) General Assembly resolutions against Israel? This Indian fellow has smoked one Pakistani joint too many. And remember, even according to the BBC, Israel is the only democracy in the region.

As to the conference on anti-Semitism, I wonder if Israel will be invited?

And on a related note...

The BBC wonders :'How democratic is the Middle East?'
In this report, the BBC goes into quite a bit of detail (3 paragraphs per Arab country no less, and there's 22 of those already, plus one in the making if we run out of luck) to tell us what we already know (but at least they say and recognize it):

Only Israel is a democracy.

And a democratically elected leader who gets 88% of the votes doesn't count.
Read it all. If you wanna be sick of leaders elected by 95% landslides, kings who appoint and fire governments at will and dictators who forbid women to drive and show ANY part of their skin in public.

The Middle-East is a dark hellhole. And the whole world - to a lesser or greater degree - seems intent on snuffing out the only light that shines there.

A courageous Muslim

We need more of these. 'OIC chief attacks Islamic world'
Here is a man who dares to state the obvious: 'the extensive backwardness of the Islamic world'. And he's a Muslim.

If I were a religious person, I'd be praying for this man to lead a long and prosperous life. But I wouldn't bet on it.

Israel is gaining the upper hand against the murderers

but you wouldn't know it from the international press.
All the measures Israel's been taking (the security fence being the most prominent once) are paying off.

But no one is interested in letting you know. Wonder why?

Massive herd of nutcases approaching!

The American Peace Movement would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Or even dangerous.

I guess I should be glad with the ease with which these people compare Hitler to Bush, or Sharon. They do it so often that the whole world is becoming desensitized.
However, it also means the world no longer really grasps the enormity of what Hitler signifies. People just take it in stride.

Especially the nut holding the sign "Smash the Jewish State" has obviously lost all sense of perspective, if he ever had any.

Think about what he's saying. And why. Even if EVERYTHING EVERYONE EVER said about Israel was true (everything bad I mean), still no country would deserve such condemnation. So what did cause these demented emotions?

It couldn't be. No. Not... not... Jew-hatred?

Note: I do think it's funny that "queers" should be protesting in favour of anything Arab or Muslim. They'd be the first to be lynched in the society they want to be champions of...

Moral Equivalency VDH style

Someone asks Victor Davis Hansen 'why do people not remember that houses of worship are protected under the Geneva Convention?' (this probably in connection with the fire some mosques in Iraq came under)

His answer is short, to the point and basically says it all.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Just a thought...

Is it too weird, too paranoid of me to consider a Muslim - ANY Muslim - unfit for the job Mohamed El Baradei is doing right now at IAEA? I mean, Muslims always, and I mean ALWAYS stick together on issues where any outsider is involved.

Iran wants nukes. What would it take for a Muslim to take real action against a country that adheres to the same faith? To side with infidels against a regime of holy men?

Even in the first Gulf War, when Saudi's and Kuwaiti's had plenty of reason to fear and hate the Iraqi's, their attitude towards the US was ambivalent at best.
And although nothing the West has ever done compares to what Khomeini did to his own people, or Saddam, or Assad, or Nasser, they hate us infinitely more than those monsters.

So how can Al baradei be trusted? Trusted to make IAEA function properly, and not just like any other random UN organization?

Iran is no longer hiding nuclear ambitions

'World must accept Iran into nuclear club'

I think the world should accept Iran into the club of countries that were bombed with nukes. Make Japan feel less alone.

On Nov. 18, 2003, Mossad warned of Iranian nuclear threat.

But we have nothing to fear. Because Colon (Sorry, that should read Colin) Powell assures us: 'World won't "sit by idly" while Iran pursues nukes'

He made this statement Mar. 14, 2004. I wonder if anyone's gonna remind him of it? Anyway, I felt so much better already.

And on Jul. 17, 2003 ,Blair made it clear Britain shares Israel's concern about Iran

Phew. That should remove any last shreds of doubt about the international community's concern and willingness to act in the face nuclear weapons in the hands of some the world's insane religious extremists history has EVER seen.

UPDATE: They think the path they're on is irreversible. They may be right. But they sure as hell can be stopped, and bombed back into the stone ages, where their technical abilities can then catch up with their mental attitude.

So what's their motive this time?

The BBC reports 'Baghdad suicide bomber "kills 12"'. Of course I TOTALLY understand when those poor peaceful but oppressed and desperate "Palestinian" go blow themselves up in order to kill Jews.

So why is it happening in Saudi? Or Iraq? But not while ol' Saddam was in power?