Friday, June 24, 2005

An Arab doctor on the latest homicide bomb attack

I wrote earlier about a young female 'Palestinian' who tried to blow up a hospital in Beer Sheva, even after having been treated there before on burn wounds.
Now an
Arab Palestinian doctor comments on this vile attempt to repay kindness, decency and humanity with death and destruction:
On the very day that she planned to detonate her bomb, two Palestinians in critical condition were waiting in Gaza to be taken for urgent treatment at Soroka.

Wafa was sent to kill the very people in Israel who are healing Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and West Bank. What if Israeli hospitals now decide to bar Palestinians seeking treatment? How would those who sent Biss feel if their own relatives, in need of medical care in Israel, are refused treatment?

As for Biss herself, she should have been a messenger for peace among her people, and should have been bringing flowers and appreciation to the Soroka doctors for healing her burns. Instead she targeted the very people who treated her with such compassion.

Israeli hospitals extend humanitarian treatment to Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and West Bank. These efforts continued when all other cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis came to a halt during the most recent intifada.

To plan an operation of this kind against a hospital is an act of evil. Children, women, patients, doctors and nurses were the target. Is this a reward for kindness? Is this an advertisement for Islam, a religion which respects and sanctifies human life? This is aggression and a violation of humanity.
"Is this an advertisement for Islam, a religion which respects and sanctifies human life?" NOW THERE'S A JOKE! This man, who probably means well, seems to be unaware that this sick ...girl for lack of a more appropriate word is not exactly the first to attempt to commit massmurder against innocent Jews. This one luckily was stopped in time.
What are we going to say if Israel now clamps down on Palestinian patients seeking medical treatment inside Israel? All of us know that we are suffering from restrictions and acts of collective punishment imposed by the Israelis. We now risk imposing additional suffering on Palestinians in need of medical care.
Again, he ignores the fact that ALL of the current restrictions on Arab movement are due SOLELY to the fact that the Arabs will use and abuse every opportunity to conduct terrorism and massmurder against Jews!
Soroka is a hospital that has opened its doors to treat Palestinians without discrimination, offering the best care available. I want to tell my friends and colleagues at Soroka that all the Gaza residents I have spoken to have expressed their condemnation of this this evil and brainless act.
Not all Gaza residents I'm sure. In fact, I rather suspect it would be a tiny minority (this time a real one). Don't most Gaza residents vote for Hamas?
We should all denounce any attempts to attack hospitals and harm their patients. The Biss family members have, themselves, issued a statement condemning the use of their daughter.
Attacks on ANY other kind of institute, organization or place are clearly moral and allowed, according to Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish. Nice.
I hope that despite this incident Soroka Hospital will continue to be an oasis of peace and coexistence. That is the correct message to defeat the enemies of peace.
Ehmmm, no. The correct message to defeat the enemies of peace would be a bullet in the frontal lobe of that enemy.

The doctor means well. For an Arab. But in spite of the fact that he obviously is confronted DAILY with the difference in attitude between the Israeli's and the Arabs, he still manages to look upon this depraved and murderous attempt as an isolated incident, to cast his people in the role of victims, and to make a sneak reference to "restrictions and acts of collective punishment".

All in all, nice to see this mean speak out against depravity. I just wish he could have done it unreservedly, without qualifications.

France - a Source of Evil - II

France is a Source of Evil in many ways, for different but related reasons.
France is the driving force behind the concept of the EU, an organization that has French domination of Europe as its sole purpose.
France contains the largest Muslim population in Europe,and is most compliant to Muslim demands.
France is the initiator of the Euro-Arab Dialogue, which has as its goal the Muslim takeover of Europe.

Whatever the reasons behind the French powers to (attempt to) use Muslims as a counterweight to US dominance, it is backfiring in ways
worse than imagined:
Gary Bauer, president of the Campaign for Working Families, is troubled by the reported demographic trends out of France. He contends that the Muslim population explosion in France is contributing to a social climate that is hostile to Israel and to Jews, and foreign policies that are hostile to America.

"Incredibly high levels of immigration from Muslim countries are resulting in a dramatic shift in the population balance in the nation of France," Bauer says, "and there's growing evidence that that shift is contributing mightily to growing anti-Semitism by these recent immigrants as well as to French foreign policy."

With massive Muslim immigration and Muslim birth rates on the rise, Bauer says France 25 years from now could be an essentially Muslim nation.
I would LOVE to see this happenening to France, preferably a lot sooner too. Problem is that Holland is hardly behind France in this regard. Here's how Hugh Fitzgerald describes current attitudes in France, and they match exactly how the political and social elite of the Netherlands behaves:
Imagine that you are a cosseted member of the French elite. One child is doing the khâgne, aiming for rue d’Ulm. Another is now a politechnicien. You are very comfortable, working for the state. You and your spouse are journalists, or writers, or one of that vast tribe of people conducting “recherches” and life is comfortable, good, the way it should be. Yes, you do notice more and more Muslims about you as you walk, no longer in the banlieues, but in the center of Paris, or Toulouse, or Lyon. And you remember how uneasy you felt, four years ago, when you happened to be walking on the Cannebière in Marseille. You decided, then and there, that you would not return.

And you have friends who live in the south. And they tell you that the beurs – some call them maghrébins -- make life hell for everyone. They attack French children on the way to school. They vandalize cars. They threaten, and do more than threaten, anyone who is still foolish enough to walk out wearing a kippah or a cross. Whole areas of cities in the south, as in the north, and east, and west, have become off-limits to non-Muslims. In the schools, the teachers have lost authority. They cannot even cover the subjects of World War II, the Resistance, and the murders of the Jews as the state prescribes; they fear, with reason, the violent reaction of the Muslim students.
The complete essay can be found on Robert Spencer's blog, and is an absolute MUST-READ!

France - a Source of Evil - I

Former French PM Calls Balfour Declaration "Historic Mistake" heads IsraelNationalNews.
A former French Prime Minister, and currently a leading member of the European Parliament, has called Great Britain's Balfour Declaration that paved the way for the creation of the State of Israel as a "historic mistake." Michel Rocard, who is said to be in the running for president of the European Parliament for the coming two and a half years as part of a political deal, spoke about Israel in a lecture last week in Alexandria, Egypt. Israel is a "unique and abnormal condition," he said, "because it was created with a promise, and [because] millions of Jews gathered from all around the world, creating an entity that continues to pose a threat to its neighbors until today."
Israel is a "unique and abnormal condition".
" entity that continues to pose a threat to its neighbors until today."

What else can you say when you hate Jews, and have
8 million Jewhaters living in your country?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Right and Wrong

Wafa al-Bass is a 21 years old Palestinian Arab woman. She was once badly burned by a gas explosion in her parent's house in Gaza.
Out of humanitarian considerations she was issued a special entry pass into Israel, to visit the hospital in Beer Sheva for treatment of her burns.
The real reason for her trip there was to blow up as many Jews as possible in that same hospital. She was packed with 10 kgs (22lbs) of dynamite.

She was caught at the border crossing, and failed to detonate the explosives when apprehended. When interviewed, she said it had been her dream to become a shaheed (martyr) since she was six years old.
Ms Bass told Israeli television in a jailhouse interview that she was angry over allegations that Israeli guards at the Megiddo prison in northern Israel had ripped pages off a copy of the Holy Quran.

“What angered me and the Palestinian people is the abuse of the Quran,” Ms Bass said. “Should we sit in silence with our hands tied?”
How very susceptible they are to the new "The Koran was desecrated" virus. And the fact that she'd been treated for her burns by Jews before seemed to make no difference at all to 'Ms Bass'.

Summary: Arab gets herself badly burned through no fault of the Jews. Jews help her medically and offer to help more. Arab accepts offer, only to attempt mass-murder against Jews.

How do you deal with sick, depraved, thoroughly brainwashed people like these? I can think of a few constructive ways, but I'd be very un-PC...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

More peace moves

Peace Palestinian style:
Islamic Jihad terrorists opened fire today on an Israeli vehicle in the West Bank, killing Yevgeny Raider, 27-year, and wounding, Andre Zeidan, 16.

Zeidan said the terrorists blocked the road with their vehicle and started shooting, causing his car's gas tank to explode.
Hours earlier, the Israeli Defense Forces thwarted a suicide bombing when soldiers caught a young woman, Wafa Samir Ibrahim, 20, wearing explosives strapped to her underwear at a northern Gaza Strip crossing. Ibrahim had a permit that allowed her into Israeli territory for "humanitarian assistance."

Yesterday, an Israeli soldier was killed and two others wounded when two Palestinian gunmen opened fire at an IDF post on the Egypt-Gaza border. Following that incident, a 15-year-old Palestinian boy was arrested at a Gaza checkpoint with five pipe bombs.

The continued violence comes in spite of a cease-fire agreement announced in Egypt Feb. 8 by Sharon and Abbas.
IDF personel seems to understand what's going on:
A senior Israeli security source told WND: "The cease-fire is over. Officials are afraid to announce it, but look around, it's obvious."
No further comment. I'm too nauseous.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Orwell could not have made this up

Microsoft's new portal in China works like this:
If you type [the words 'freedom,' 'democracy' and 'human rights'] on Microsoft's new portal, a message appears telling you to try different ones. If this weren't insulting enough, the message actually says, according to news reports, "this item should not contain forbidden speech such as profanity. Please enter a different word for this item."
This is where the North-Koreans got their ideas. And this concept of a controllable society seems to be working. Just ask Amnesty.