Friday, January 21, 2005

Two and a half months after van Gogh

On November 2nd 2004, Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered by a Muslim of Dutch Moroccan descent. He was shot many times, had his head nearly cut off and then a knife with hatemail attached to it plunged into his dead body.

Amsterdam held a memorial, Holland was properly shocked for a while, and now it's business as usual. Or is it?

The Dutch, more than ever before, have made appeasement to Moroccans and Muslims in general a lifestyle. We are inundated with what it means to be a Muslim, their holidays and beliefs. We are flooded with the innate goodness of Islam. Moroccan boys get courses in picking up girls (Dutch) because they're so bad at, they usually just harass. And the Dutch fight harassment of women by Moroccans by teaching them the proper way to approach girls.

We are shown schools that are virtually empty because this week is a Muslim holiday. And just about all the kids in school are Muslim. Most schools in Amsterdam are like this these days.

A 19-year old Moroccan snatches a purse from a car and jumps onto the back of a scooter to flee . The owner, a 43-year old woman, pursues the robber by driving in reverse. She ends up hitting the scooter and killing the robber, who gets caught between the car and a tree.

The incident takes place not half a mile from where Theo van Gogh was murdered.

Moroccans are in an uproar. "He was such a nice boy". "He always greeted everyone on the street". "He had a good heart".

This "boy" had a rapsheet a mile long. Earlier on the very day he was killed, he stood before a judge to answer to charges of armed robbery.

The woman was arrested and spent nearly a week in jail. She was released but will face charges of either manslaughter or reckless endangerment. Clearly, the public prosecutor feels a strong need to appease the Arabs.

The Arabs themselves meanwhile compare Ali El Bejjati (the robber) to Theo van Gogh. They like to see it as "Dutchman was killed by Moroccan, now Moroccan was killed by Dutchman". So he must be equally deserving of a silent parade. He is equally deserving of flowers, a memorial, and retribution.

Except this guy was filth. He belongs to the same ethnic group that spawned Mohammed Bouyeri, van Gogh's assassin. He is the type that gives Moroccans a bad name, and they deserve that name when they all flock behind this scum and equate him with van Gogh. When they refuse to admit what he was, and that the world is a better place without him in it.

This piece of shit would still be alive if he hadn't robbed that woman. She did a good deed. If I can help her in any way, I will. She deserves it.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Mahmoud Abbas - AKA Abu Mazen

I have to admit that even I fell for it, albeit for less than a day.

I was happy that Arafat finally died. His death was a worthy purpose by itself, but I was one of the many people who could not help but hope that after his death, things would improve.
It was a silly dream, and that was all it was. I really should have known better. Because everything I knew about Abbas leads to no other conclusion that in essence, there is no difference between him and Arafat.
Abbas wears a suit, which goes 90% of the way to make him look like a serious, respectable human being. But the suit, and the civilized manners that go with it are the ONLY things that separate him from Arafat.

The facts:

Abbas is a Holocaust denier, in fact based his dissertation on it.
Abbas insists on the 'right of return', meaning he wants to flood Israel with hostile Arabs, while also demanding a Juden-rein state in Judea-Samaria.
Abbas refuses to deal with the other terrorists groups in any way other than 'persuasion'. In other words, he won't even talk harshly to them.
Abbas could not help but revert to old habits. Less than a week after his election, he called Israel the 'Zionist enemy'.

BTW, here's Abbas in a recent outfit. Nice dishwashing rag. Remind you of anyone?

So where does Israel go from here?

It will take a lot of time, at least many months but probably a year or more before the US will have to admit that dealing with Abbas is as sensible and useful as dealing with Arafat was.
In the meantime, Israel will have to proof again that IT is willing to come to a satisfactory solution fort both sides by suffering countless attacks, deaths and wounded by 'other' terrorist groups while Abbas pretends to try and control the murderers. Israel will pay the price (again) for the world in general and the US in particular accepting that Abbas has the exact same goal that Arafat had, and that still claims a dominant place in the PLO covenant: The destruction of the Jewish state.

Of course, until the world can no longer deny that Abbas is what he always was, namely a founding member of one of the worlds oldest terrorist organizations, and nothing else, he will be invited to the White House and the various European centers of power. As always, the world will be ready to deal with any terrorist who can hold up even the slightes semblance of civility and decency, especially if his designated target is the Jews.

Arafat is dead. Long live the new Arafat. And for Israel nothing has changed. And I am convinced nothing ever will until Israel starts dealing with the Arabs on a basis of what is good for Israel, and not what is good for the Arabs, or the Americans, or even the Europeans.