Thursday, July 29, 2004

Another Arab work accident

The BBC has this report. It states among other things that
...two Palestinians have been killed in the southern Gaza Strip.
The Israeli army says they were militants trying to plant a bomb at a Jewish settlement near the town of Khan Yunis. The device went off prematurely.

Some Palestinian sources said the two men had been shot at by an Israeli tank, but the army said it was not involved in the incident.
Don't you just love it when that happens? Fuck around with explosives when you don't know what you're doing, and you may well be toast. And I can't help but cheer when the intended victims are Jews. Again.

But did you notice the BBC headline? "Three dead in Mid-East violence" Two of these assholes KILL THEMSELVES THROUGH SHEER STUPIDITY AND INEPTNESS, and the BBC neutrally reports "Three dead in Mid-East violence". It's not a lie, technically. But of course, given the context and history, it IS.

Their Democratically Elected Leader

Some eight years or so ago Arafat was democratically elected by the "Palestinians" to serve as their president for four years. The only other candidate was a dyslexic retired cleaning woman, and she managed to gather over 9% of the votes.
Arafat didn't need an "official" mandate however to use the money the international community gave him to become one of the richest men on earth.
Jawad Ghussein, who was the secretary-general of the Palestinian National Fund until 1996, remarked yesterday on the phone from London, "the billions Arafat has stolen over the years from the Palestinian people facilitated the corruption of the Palestinian leadership, and is the source of his power over them." He went on to say that Arafat "took aid money and contributions that were earmarked for the Palestinian people, to his own account." Ghussein was in a position to know: for twelve years, he had deposited $7.5 to $8 million each month into Arafat's personal bank account.

The International Monetary Fund report "Economic Performance and Reforms under Conflict Conditions," released in September 2003 in Abu Dhabi, concluded that $900 million in PA revenues from 69 commercial enterprises belonging to the PA in the West Bank, Gaza and abroad, "disappeared" between 1995 and 2000. The report also found that the 2003 budget for Arafat's office, which totaled $74 million, was missing $34 million that Arafat had transferred to pay unidentified "organizations" and "individuals." Furthermore, the report revealed that at least 8 percent ($135 million) of the PA's annual budget of $1.08 billion is being spent by Arafat at his sole discretion. However, the IMF report did not take into account Arafat's control of 60 percent of the security-apparatus budget, which leaves him with at least an additional $360 million per year to spend as he chooses.

This report was followed by news that in the period between July 2002 and September 2003, Arafat transferred $11.4 million to his wife, Suha's French bank accounts. But recent information reveals that in 1996, Suha Arafat arrived in Buenos Aires with $30 million in cash that she invested in a business with other Palestinians.
After that, it starts getting BAD.
And in spite of all this, the EU and UN keep insisting we talk to this monstruous thief.

Nice eh?
Read it all here

Desensitization nearly complete

Pakistan condemns hostage deaths heads the BBC. Turns out the Muslim Psychopaths have murdered two Pakistani employees of a Kuweiti firm, which refused to leave Iraq. The two men had been kidnapped and threatened with murder unless.

The murderers have now made good on their threats.

It also marks the first time they've murdered fellow Muslims in this fashion.

Two remarks, the first related to the second:

  • This "incident" is no longer news for most news outlets. The BBC reports it, but not many other do. WHich means that the press and their audience is getting fed up with brutal murders (the report does not state wether head-sawings were performed) of kidnapped human beings, as I predicted
  • The Psychopaths are getting (even) more desperate. Turning upon "their own". Not a bad sign, although they are still murdering humans. But perhaps Pakistan has more clout with these demented sicko's than say, the US?
Anyway. As the world no longer even deigns to shrug at another atrocity like this, the murderers will seek for new ways to terrorize. But this method will become obsolete.

Well, they shock me too, sometimes

Arabs shock Europeans, refuse to condemn anti-Semitism heads Haaretz. If this
The blunt language used by the Arabs describing their opposition, and their plans to use diplomatic means to prevent the resolution from reaching a vote, shocked the Europeans, said a UN source.
is even remotely true (the part about shocking the Europeans I mean) it is laughable.
But shocked? Why? Because the Europeans thought they were the only ones who hate Jews? Because they didn't know the Arabs hate Jews? Or because they're so blunt about it? None of it is news.

It IS another reason not to have to make a gesture that would have some symbolic value, although it would be completely futile and hypocritical.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Another angle at the Truth

Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder at The Spectator wrote Religion of Hate. It is short, sweet, and so to the point I almost wish everybody would just shut up after reading it...
NEW YORK -- They stood on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, on the afternoon of September 11, 2001, looking west to Manhattan, toward the fires that had turned the horizon a bright orange that rose to great heights against a perfect, pitiless blue sky. Observing this terrible beauty, the residents of the neighborhood danced in the streets, laughing, shouting to each other, shaking hands. These people were not what one would suppose to be fanatical or militant Muslims. They were people who had come to these shores from the Middle East, mostly shopkeepers, bakers, purveyors of eastern spices, tradesmen, cab drivers and the usual diversity of people found in a New York ethnic neighborhood on a warm fall weekday.

They were American citizens, however, expressing their judgment -- joy -- at the events of that horrible day that forever changed our world and America's place in that world. They were also the followers of Islam: religion of oppression, discrimination, violence, terror, war, superstition, intolerance and prejudice. They were the followers of a religion of hate who, at the very least, if not active participants in the events of that world-changing day, took unashamed pleasure in the violence visited upon those -- including their fellow citizens and neighbors -- who did not share their beliefs.
This is great reading.

Unsolicited advice for the State of Israel

This link thru LGF, a great laugh and oh so spot on.
...If you're going to insist on something as silly as principles, and be bothered by something as trivial as rank hypocrisy, you'll just have to hang out with the other pariahs, such as the U.S. and Australia. So forget it: just make like the French, and shrug it off. Principles are so simplisme.

The French actually have much to teach you about the benefits of moral flexibility: it has taken them successfully through World War II and the Cold War -- to say nothing of the many crises in Africa and the Middle East since then -- with virtually no damage to their economy, infrastructure, or reputation. The Americans, Brits, and Russians may have fought World War II to the bitter end, while the French surrendered after a few weeks and started working for the Germans, but guess who still ended up on the Security Council? That is skill, my friends!
Read it all.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Nice. Just... nice.

Two Terrorists Killed In the Act

French Justice can be swift

12 days ago I quoted a Dutch report that later got international attention as well about a French woman who claimed she was attacked by 6 men whom (for all intents and purposes) she described as Arabs. The claim turned out to be false, which is really unbelievable when taking into account the show that was put on.
Anyway, all of a sudden the French took action. Whereas years of increase in severity and frequency in anti-Jewish attack were met with complacency, the French justice department now took swift action, and not two weeks after the incident, the woman has been tried and convicted. To a four-month suspended jail sentence, and mandatory psychiatric treatment.

It is not a suprise to see the French act to decisively when the victims in this case are in fact Muslims. The smear against Islam is real, and deserves redress.

But it is disgusting to see the French take such rapid and drastic action in this case, and be so complacent after much, much more serious incidents like
stabbings, synagogue-burnings and beatings, when the victims are only the traditional Jews. Yep, Arab-loving, Jew-hating really took a turn for the better this time.

Monday, July 26, 2004

When I'm at a loss for words...

...I can always turn to Dennis Prager. In this case, the US Presbyterian church decided to side with Arafat, Hitler and the Saudi's.
That this is an especially vile thing to do for a Christian is what Prager so efficiently pinpoints.
Presbyterian church defames Christianity
It takes a particularly virulent strain of moral idiocy and meanness to single out Israel, not Arafat's Palestinian Authority, or terror-supporting, death-fatwa-issuing Iran, or women-subjugating Saudi Arabia, for condemnation and economic ruin. One of the most decent societies, one of the most liberal democracies in the world, is fighting for its life against Islamic fascists who praise the Holocaust and publicly call for the annihilation of Israel -- and the Presbyterian Church calls for strangling Israel!

Apartheid state? This Goebbels-like Big Lie, concocted by the world's anti-Israel and anti-American Left and by those who want Israel destroyed, is now an official doctrine of the Presbyterian Church. Israel is a nation whose population is one-quarter non-Jewish Arab, with the same rights, including voting and its own political parties, as Jewish citizens; a nation whose second official language is Arabic, the language of those who wish to annihilate the Jewish country; a nation that occupies a tiny sliver of land known as the West Bank only because Jordan, overwhelmingly composed of Palestinians, invaded Israel in 1967 in order to destroy it and thereby lost its ownership of the West Bank.
With all due respect to those Christians who do not blame the Jews for the murder of Jezus Christ (any longer), but that stigma will take another 2000 years to disappear. And the US Presbyterian church's attitude in this matter is a sure sign some Christians have a long way to go yet.

Cox and Forkum are great...

The Truth
This made me laugh out loud. Until I thought about it some more.
Now I am back to my normal anger level.

6 Jew-killers aquire room temperature

Always nice to start the day with news like this: Undercover Border Policemen shoot and kill six Al-Aqsa terrorists
Security forces received intelligence information that at least five wanted Al-Aqsa members were eating dinner at the Abu-Nidal restaurant in western Tulkarm last night, Yediot Aharonot reported. Palestinian sources said that undercover troops arrived at the restaurant in a van shortly after 8:30 p.m. and opened fire, hitting six Palestinians in the head and injuring at least one other in the leg as he fled.
Of course, the Jew-haters vow revenge. Well, they have more and more catching-up to do. They're getting backlogged. And if there was nothing to revenge, they'd have plenty of other reasons to murder Jews. So this was a good day whatever way you look at it.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Israeli "BBC"

Leftists are leftists. This holds true even for Israeli's, and when they're confused, boy are they confused!
this article Haaretz calls Hanan Ashrawi a "veteran Palestinian lawmaker". And no scare quotes either.
So think about this. There is no country called Palestine, and there never was. But still somehow, someone managed to make laws, even became a veteran at it.
But what's worse is that, unlike the real BBC, Haaretz has actual hands-on experience with "Palestinians" and their appetite for law. Even if Palestine existed as a country, laws would mean the same there as they would in any other Arab country, which is exactly nothing. Arafat would be the law.

The article itself is hardly relevant. What is relevant is the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of Israeli's still thinking in terms like these. After Oslo, after the second Intifada.

These Jews really have no one else to blame but themselves.