Saturday, February 05, 2005

Not even Israel has taken the Holocaust to heart

Nadia Matar of IsraelInsider has a very good piece on what's wrong with Israel's apparent enthusiasm for Abu Mazen (AKA Mahmoud Abbas). She makes the very valid point that of all people in the world, the Arabs more than anyone cling to the legacy of Hitler and his minions.
If previous governments conducted negotiations with Arabs such as the arch-murderer Arafat, knowing full well that their hero is Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the friend of Hitler, may his name be blotted out, and their bestseller is Mein Kampf - then Israel has not learned the lesson of the Holocaust.

If Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is planning a meeting with the Holocaust denier Abu Mazen -- the brains behind the Maalot massacre and the attack against the Israeli athletes in Munich -- then Israel has not learned the lesson of the Holocaust.

If Israel is planning to release terrorists, and already is rewarding murderers by ceasing the assassinations of the successors of the accursed Nazis, those Arab terrorists such as Dahlan, Tirawi, Abu Shabak,Mohamed Deff, and the list goes on and on -- Arabs infamous for their planning and implementation of the murder of Jews, men, women, and children -- then Israel has not learned the lesson of the Holocaust.
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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Perverted, vile - and desperate

In their attempt to sabotage the elections in Iraq, murderers went so far as to use a boy with Down syndrome as a "suicide" bomber. Strapped exploves on a person with the mind of a 4-year old, and sent him on his way.

Hard to think of worse, more poignant example of the type of creature that makes up the Muslim extremist than this.
"Everyone was very happy and excited, but news came that a mongoli had been a bomber. Ahmed and Fatima became distressed and they raced home," Amar's cousin told the paper. "They got neighbors to search and one of them identified Amar's head where it lay on the pavement. His body was broken into pieces."
Nothing to do with these creatures but kill them. To the very last one.