Thursday, July 28, 2005

War on the Wrong People

Jean Charles de Menezes, 27 - Killed innocently

A few days ago, British police shot a man seven times in the head and once in the body while he was lying on the ground, held down by other police officers. The man (naturally) died.

The man was completely innocent. He had been mistaken for a suicide bomber.

British authorities stated they were sorry for the mistake, but maintained the police acted properly and within guidelines, and the same could happen again. It is a part of the war on terror.

Now this. (Thru LittleGreenFootballs)

People on subways being warned no to run, particularly if they look suspicious by carrying a rucksack, looking ´foreign´ (whatever that means), or wearing a big coat.

The note doesn´t say so, but the implication is clear: You might get shot in the head seven times.

Very tough, very firm action.

Except that the British are waging their own terror on their own soil, terrorizing their own people.

While they should be bombing Pakistan and Saudi into oblivion. But no chance of that, oh no. Be politically correct, fight the most superficial symptoms, but let the source of this cancer spread unchecked.

Good on ya.