Saturday, December 27, 2003

I wish I was always this prescient

As I predicted, Israel not only offered condolences to the Iranian people, it also offered help. Of course the murderers, haters and financers of such rejected the offer. Nevertheless, it is Israel that is an Arch-Foe of Iran. Not the other way around. It is Israel that harbours enmity towards Iran. Not the other way around. Good thing there's no bias here.

Friday, December 26, 2003

Let's remove all fences!

Let's remove all fences!

So, Americans, Dutch, Spaniards, English, Irish, Koreans, Turks, Greeks, Indians, Pakistani's and the rest of Anti-semites United:


Difference between an Arab and a Human Being

poem By Naomi Ragen:

Who will write the elegies

Who will write the elegies for Jewish
girls and a Jewish boy, murdered in Tel Aviv on Christmas day, 2003?

Who mourns lovely Rotem? Bright eyed Angelina? And warm Edva? And handsome
Who mourns them, slaughtered as they stood, waiting for the bus to taken them

Nineteen years old.
Nineteen years old.
Twenty years old
Twenty-one years old.

Murdered, because we opened our gates.
Because our walls are not high enough.
Because we let them in, to kill and maim.
Let them in to take our children, in the streets. Our kind young men.
Our beautiful girls.
Helped them to serve their stone-hearted god, their evil prophets who despise
Stone-hearted, like the idols of old, who
reveled in human sacrifice.

They claim a land. They claim a culture. These stone-hearted hordes who love
gravestones and bombs and iron-nails and exploding flesh and dead children.

Who will sing for Rotem, Angelina, Edva, Noam, killed in Tel Aviv on Christmas
Day, 2003?

Who will write the elegies?

If I believed in Allah, I'd be wondering...

... wondering what he was trying to tell me?

Thousands believed dead after an earthquake in Iran.

I wouldn't be surprised if Israel offered help in any way they could. Except to give up their nukes of course. At least you won't see any Jews dancing in the streets, like Muslims would be had this tragedy occurred in Israel.
Israel obviously is bigger than I am. And anyway, I don't dance all that well.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Deathmetal gets it right

You gotta love these lyrics:

The Desecration of the Black Stone


They conspire in their caves in their envious world of emptiness

Preparing for Jihad to obey their desert god

They murder for belief to deflower 70 virgins

These "brave" Mudjahedeen brought Gaza in darknesss

Their God is a worm baptised in the blood of the prophet

On the hills of mount Sinai we meet in Armageddon

The laws of the Sharia will not impress upon us

Your holy army, blotted out, pounded into sand

In the napalm sea, the suns of Ismael bathe in flames

Is this the prophet's breed? Headless corpses return to dust

They have defiled our graves, their punishment will be endless

Our blistering napalm rain wipes them from the face of the earth

We desecrate the black stone

Slayer of Jihad

We do not obey their wretched desert God

We are impure

We are unrepentant, your final blasphemers

We distort your image of God

The walls of Jericho will fall again

We root out the seeds of the Mudjahedeen

The golden dome shall return to sand

"The blood of your forefathers shall be shed on mount Arafat

The bastard sons of Abraham shall never rise up again"

The laws of the Sharia will not impress upon us

Your holy army, blotted out pounded into sand

The pest of Arabia shall not overwhelm us

Their lustful prophet desecrates the innocent virginal skin

In my dreams I go back to the forest of flesh

Where the Ottomans lay slain before the cathedral of death

The sacred black stone, the black seeds of Jihad

We blaspheme in the presence of their backward desert God

Impalement is delightful, let us urinate on foes

We hammer the stake through the back of their throats

Face the flesh horizon, destructor, misantrophe

The corpses of the impaled Turks penetrate your hopes

They have defiled our graves, their punishment will be endless

Our blistering napalm rain wipes them from the face of the earth

We desecrate the black stone

Slayer of Jihad



ZOA Protests U.S. Ambassador's Interference

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Good. Good. Good.

Kill the ragheads. But we still pay far too much.
8 Arabs shot dead.

Two Givati officers dead. Kill a thousand of the vermin, and they still get off cheaply.

Fall-out of the Maher crush

The Egyptian foreign minister visited Israel. On invitation from the Israeli government. After talking to his Israeli colleagues, he also visited "Islam's 3rd most holy site" (in reality, there really are only two). Anyway, after visiting he was assaulted by angry Arabs. Apparently they just get angry at anyone who even talks to an Israeli, even if it is on their behalf.

So of course the BBC discovered that, surprise surprise, it was THE JEWS' fault that the Arabs attacked their own!
"Now the political post mortem will begin. Why, for example, did the Israeli authorities let Mr Maher visit a site as sensitive as Jerusalem's al-Aqsa Mosque, just hours after presenting him to television cameras as a newly-restored friend of Israel and following a series of high profile meetings with their president, prime minister and foreign minister?"
Read it all here.
And silly me thought it was "sensitive" only if a Jew dared to "tresspass"...

The BBC (AKA Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation) sucks in a major way.

Listen to the Arabs when they speak Vomit (=Arabic)

I know I know, it is hard to listen to a sick fuck like Arafat or any other Arab speak English, let alone his own language. It sounds like a camel with terminal throat cancer regurgitating. But when you do, at least you'll find they don't lie and hide when they speak their own tongue: DURING HIS VISIT TO THE AL-RASHIDIYYA REFUGEE CAMP IN LEBANON, PLO POLITICAL BUREAU HEAD FAROUQ AL-QADDOUMI SAID: 'THE [PALESTINIAN] RESISTANCE IS NOT AIMED AT DEFENDING THE NATIONAL SECURITY OF THE PALESTINIANS, BUT AT DEFENDING PAN-ARAB SECURITY… SHARON HAS BEEN DEFEATED AND THE END OF THE ZIONIST ENTITY IS NEAR.' (AL-SAFIR, LEBANON, 12/20/03)

The fact that they do it so openly also speaks volumes of the American and European efforts to look the other way as far as the Arab attitude toward the "Peace process" is concerned. It's not as if there are no Arabic speakers in Belgium, Holland or France. Come to think of it, they will make up the majority in the not too distant future...

Monday, December 22, 2003

Targets of opportunity

If you see an Arab ambulance anywhere in the disputed territories, the course of action should be clear:
The use of ambulances and medical material for terror

Bomb the motherfuckers.

What type of world will my children live in?

"Folks, it's time to throw away the political correctness and realize the Muslim world doesn't just want Israel out of the West Bank and Gaza - they want us dead."

It is a pessimistic outlook on things. But I can't find much fault with this.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

More steps in the US war on Israel

America of course will not attack directly . Like most Arab countries, they plan to have their proxies fight it for them.
Israel protests Egyptian spy drones

The US gives the Egyptian dictatorship US $ annually. I wonder what they spend it on... Could it be they only give it on the condition it is spent in the US, on weapons, weapons they know will only ever be used against Israel?