Saturday, July 10, 2004

Despicable Slut Redgrave. Again.

I wrote earlier, Vanessa Redgrave is a drooling sycophant for anything Arab and/or Muslim, and a rabid hater of anything Jewish. Of course those are the ultimate credentials for a job with the UN.

But it can always get more insane. Listen to this:

Quote: 'Any Palestinian mother or schoolchild knows that a schoolchild who is dressed in the uniform can be and is frequently shot in the head -- not in the chest, not in the legs, in the head.'

How demented must you be to say something like this - if not actually believe it?

Quote: '[Redgrave said the barrier] impedes communications between the Palestinian and Israeli people'

It's a pretty one-sided form of communication. Noisy too. Suicide bombers, roadside ambushes with automatic rifles and grenades.

You can't just blame this on Alzheimer anylonger. It's cases like these that give the pro-euthanasia crowd arguments in favour of their cause.

Read it all. It is sickening. But you need to know your Enemy. And Redgrave very definitely qualifies.

Another view on he ICJ fence ruling

The Mighty International World Court of Justice by Mike Levin.

Quote: 'The UN established the International Court of Justice to ‘settle disputes between states’. Palestine is not a state. It has only observer status in the UN. So why was this issue even brought to the court?'

I'm ashamed to admit, I never even thought of this argument. But there's a sinister motive behind it then: It creates a precedent of treating the "Palestininan Authority" as a government, the disputed areas as a de facto nation-state.

But I loved this one: Quote: 'An exercise in the UN playing with itself!'

Read it all.

I used to pose with guns too.

Yes I did. When I was 11. And I thought I was tough also.

These guys are so dumb it's really unbelievable (and a shame too) that they don't blow themselves up more often. Look at this picture of three Muslim Psychopaths threatening to saw the head off a Philipino hostage.
The asshole on the right has an RPG on his shoulder. Something you don't want to fire indoors.
The asshole in the middle tries to con us into believing he can actually read.
And the asshole on the left is wondering what side the business-end of his rifle is.

No wonder they murder people by sawing off their heads. Knives are the only weapons they're even reasonably familiar with. I wonder wether they've discovered fire yet, or the wheel...

Hehe. When Arabs play with matches, they don't fuck around.

Sometimes the Arabs save the IDF some trouble and a Hellfire missile.
Four dead in Gaza car explosion, if these wannabe martyrs want sex in paradise, they're gonna have to help each other out 'cause there'll be no virgins for them.

Details, I know. Just Jews being maimed and killed.

This is not newsworthy to anyone but Israeli's (and hopefully Jews living abroad).
But just to show what life would be like should Israel give up even more land: Arabs continue to send rockets from Gaza into "Israel proper". Usually missing, but even long odds get people killed and maimed every so often. Like Mordechai Yosepov, 49, and Afik Zahavi, four, and now Col. Pinchas (Pinky) Zuaretz.

The Arabs are not aiming at anyone. The "Kassam" rocket has all the accuracy of linen closet. But of course their purpose is to inflict murder, fear, terror, hurt. They know that if you fire enough of them, you will eventually hit someone, or worse.

Is Israel again going to send in soldiers on foot, backup by tanks and helicopters. Or are they going to wise up, and reciprocate in kind, but with severe interest?

Make a parking lot out of Gaza. Or get rid of the Arabs there, send them to Egypt where they belong and let real Human Beings make another paradise of what is now hell on earth.

Friday, July 09, 2004

The BBC outdoes herself: The ICJ fence ruling

Analysis: Moral victory for Palestinians

Jonathan Marcus (trust me, a name to remember, I'm afraid will be hearing much more from this moron) from the Beeb has this brilliant piece on why the opinion of a UN organization (the International Court of Justice in this case, a meaningless fact), requested by another UN organization (the General Assembly, better known as the "Despots playing ground") should mean anything to Israel, or indeed to any sane person.

Marcus' total lack of any brain capacity beyond controlling his respiratory muscles is best shown by his last alina: 'The irony is that the best means that the Palestinians may have of reducing the impact of the barrier is through Israel's High Court which has already told its government to alter sections of the route because of the impact it will have on Palestinians' daily lives.'

The moral victory is Israel's: The only country in the region with the capacity to truly self-regulate. The only country in the region where Arabs have rights (including but not limited to voting).

Well bugger me silly

Catholic Church equates anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism heads Haaretz.

I thought, there must be a catch right, or at least a "but being mean to Arabs is bad too". But no.
So I'll take this at face value...

Except for the context of course: 'The statement joins a prior European Union announcement and UN declaration of war against anti-Semitism as part of a global front fighting the scourge.'

More differences between Israel and the "Palestinians"


In the second part of a 2-part article at HonestReporting, David Gerstman beautifully highlights the difference between Israeli democracy and the treatment of humans that goes with it, and Arab Palestinian autocracy and the disregard of humans that goes with it.

The Israeli High Court recently ruled that the security barrier Israel is erecting must be rerouted, because it interfered with Arab Palestinians' life too much (The complete motivation for the ruling is found here).

To show that the Israeli judges were well aware of all the implications, I quote: 'Our task is difficult. We are members of Israeli society...We are aware of the killing and destruction wrought by terror against the state and its citizens. As any other Israelis, we too recognize the need to defend the country and its citizens against the wounds inflicted by terror. We are aware that in the short term, this judgment will not make the state's struggle against those rising up against it easier.'

On the other hand, the 'Supreme National Committee for the Protection of the Right of Return' recently ruled that Arab Palestinians living in refugee camps should not have the right to vote. (emphasis mine) Why not? Well, because 'The committee justified its objection as protecting the unique status of the refugee camps in Gaza and the West Bank, considering them testimony to the crime that the occupation state made against our nation for 56 years. The committee warned of the dangers of integrating the refugee camps into the urban housing units.'

In other words, the Arabs cynically use their own people's plight for political gain, condemning hundreds of thousands to conditions they say are a large part of the reason for their war on Israel - and there seems to be nothing that would ever end this plight!

The refugee camps are also the main breeding ground of terrorists. And no right-thinking Arab would hazard the next crop of Jew-killers, right?

Last quote: 'Consider the irony: The Israeli court issues a ruling out of concern for Palestinian human rights, while the PA's own ruling sets back Palestinian human rights.'

I rest my case. For now.

Victor Davis Hansen: Bravo

Civilization vs. Trivia

The title of his latest essay says it all.

Mr. Hansen once more goes into the difference between form and substance, between deph and shallowness. Differences that have been polarized to the point of hysteria by the media and leftwing politicans.

Quote: 'Last week, the carnivore Saddam Hussein faced the world in the docket. There was none of the usual Middle East barbarity. The mass murderer was not hooded and then beheaded on tape, in the manner of al Qaeda. Civilization has come to Iraq.

Nor was the destroyer of Iraqi dissidents hitched — Saudi-style — to a Humvee and dragged to pieces through the streets of Baghdad. The pillager of Kuwait did not lose a limb on the precepts of a sharia-inspired fatwa. A young Saddam-like Baathist assassin did not break in and shoot the desecrator of the Mesopotamian marshlands in the back of the head. And a West Bank-like mob did not lynch the torturer of dissidents in the public square. Even al Jazeera, an enthusiast of the usual barbarity, was wondering what the heck was going on in its own neck of the medieval woods.'

Quote: 'In response to the historic events of the week, one columnist for the New York Times decried George Bush's pronunciation of "Eye-rack." Another pundit trumped that profundity by whining that Bush had written "Let Freedom Reign," rather than "Ring" — a verb that, had Mr. Bush employed it, she would most likely have denounced as a hackneyed cliché.

At a time when tens of thousands are risking their lives to end the barbarism that has spawned a quarter century of worldwide terror, the New York Times wishes us to know that its columnists can properly pronounce Iraq and really do remember that freedom "rings" more often than "reigns."

Meanwhile, an even smugger Billy Crystal was introducing the billionaire John Kerry at a millionaires' banquet in L.A. with similar gravitas — comparing 9/11 to the president's SAT scores. Oh yes, 3,000 incinerated on September 11 add up to the president's combined SAT score. Analyze that: comparing charred corpses to multiple-choice tests taken by high-school seniors.'

This last one especially is important: For some odd reason the Left does not speak of the obvious successes, the really amazing changes that have taken and are still taking place in Iraq.
No, indeed they'd rather ridicule the way the US president pronounces the name of that country. In fact, it is the worst thing they can find about the way he's handled the whole issue.

Read it all.

I'm not the only one to get it.

Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily nicely sums up the motives for wanting to disarm Israel.
Al Baradei (who is an Arab) wants to take Israel's nukes away, but doesn't really mind that Iran is working to aquire them.

Quote: 'Most people would agree that a firearm in the hands of a law-abiding, moral person is not a problem. In fact, a firearm in the hands of a good person is a deterrent to crime and violence. The problem is when a violent criminal gets his hands on firearms.

It works the same way in international affairs.

No one has to worry about the United States using nuclear weapons on other countries without provocation. However, if the United States unilaterally disarmed, it would invite nuclear and conventional attacks by other nations because they would no longer fear the ultimate form of retaliation.

Likewise, no one has to fear that Israel will one day decide to nuke Damascus, Tehran or Cairo preemptively. It could have done so anytime in the last 40 years.'

My thought exactly.

The Court Has Spoken

A expected, the World Court (which is a UN organization) has ruled 'that Israel's West Bank barrier, which has imposed hardship on thousands of Palestinians, violates international law and should be torn down'

Well I'm shocked! This was one outcome I had never ever expected!

The Chief judge was Shi Jiuyong of China. Yes, China. It really is a scream. Wether from laughing or sheer frustration I have yet to decide.

Read the article here

Notice how in the upper of the two picture they Reuters uses the wall part of the barrier? Remember, the wall makes up 3 percent of the barrier. Yet it seems to be the only part of which any pictures exist.

More detail here

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

So Yashiko Sagamori is a pseudonym

Link from IsraPundit: Part 2 from "Yashiko Sagamori". It is long, but well worth the read.

It's All about Jews, Part 2
A wonderful exchange by an outraged Chinese e-mailer, complaining that Yashiko Sagamori (not the writer's real name) ignores the major contributions and importance of China and instead to devotes so much space and energy to the tiny and insignificant Israel. And Sagamori's great rejoinder. This is via e-mail and thus has no URL, though the writer's site is listed.
A friend of mine has forwarded me your June 30th article titled: “All about Jews”, and as a Chinese, I feel deeply offended by it. Are your articles intended exclusively for Jewish consumption, and no Chinese are welcome to read them?
There have been no major events in the lives of Israel and the Jews during the last couple of weeks, so probably you had been afraid that your readers may forget you, and you wrote this senseless piece that has no any new information but repeat old Jewish assertions about being offended by the hostile world. As an example for comparison, this time you chose my country of origin. This is what you wrote:

“Compare, for example, two ancient nations, China and Israel. About a quarter of the world's population are Chinese. China is occupying Tibet and is waiting for an opportunity to gobble up Taiwan. Its systematic, daily human rights violations have by far surpassed the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union combined, which is quite an extraordinary achievement. It is the only country in the world that routinely executes thousands of convicts every year in order to harvest their organs for sale.

Jews, on the other hand, barely amount to one quarter of one percent of the world's population. The number of Jews in Israel is just about one one-thousandth of all people on earth. For more than half of its long history, Israel was banished from its homeland. In the last 2,000 years, it never committed or even contemplated an act of aggression. It never occupied even a square inch of foreign land illegally. Whatever territory it has gained by force was won in defensive wars, which, according to international law, makes the winner legally entitled to keep it — unless the winner is Israel, of course. Obeying its special status according to this rule, Israel has voluntarily ceded most of its gained territories to its enemies, hoping to assuage their hostility; as we know, that didn't work. Needless to say, Israel has never attempted to force its enemies to compensate it for the terrible losses inflicted on its people by the ongoing Arab aggression.”
What do you think about me starting a web page for the Chinese only (no Jews are welcome) and writing there something like this?

“Compare, for example, two ancient nations, China and Israel. About a quarter of the world's population are Chinese. China has been a home of one of the most creative civilizations in the human history, which invented paper and paper money (2 thousand years ago), book printing, porcelain and china (so-called because the English-speaking world has credited us with this invention), gunpowder etc. It has been a home of the marvelous architecture, enchanting landscape painting, literature and poetry. Today it boasts one of the most vivid economies, and Ms./Mr. Sagamori surely has more Chinese artifacts in her/his household than those imported from any other country. Throughout the history China has been much less aggressive than many other countries — in opposite, it was a frequent victim of foreign aggression. China has always been very tolerable to foreigners, and it is one of the few countries in the world without traces of anti-Semitism. In the Middle Ages there was a rather large Jewish community in China, but it peacefully disappeared by assimilation because there were no prosecutions at all. In the 20th century China hosted many Jewish refugees from the Nazi Europe. Thanks to a foreign financial help, those Jews frequently lived better than the surrounding population, but still there was no trace of hostility whatsoever.

Jews, on the other hand, barely amount to one quarter of one percent of the world's population. The number of Jews in Israel is just about one one-thousandth of all people on earth. Still, this nation is rather known for its aggresive behavior. To find out about it, we do not need to read the notorious 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion'; but we'd rather turn to the Jewish Bible. This is how the capture of Palestine about 2500 years ago is described in the Book of Joshua, 6/21 & 24: 'And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass with the edge of the sword... And they burnt the city with fire, and all that was therein.' Their famous mutual hatred brought the destruction of the Benjamin tribe (Judges, 20). In our times they occupied the land with a huge Arab population and has been maintaining the occupation during 37 years in spite of a strong protest of the Arabs. They sprinkled the land with their own settlements that is in obvious violation of the international law, which requires the occupying power not to change the character of the occupied land. Under great pressure and as a result of rebellion of the population they involuntarily ceded some of its gained territories. Israel has never compensated the millions refugees it has displaced for their terrible losses. The Jews do not have many friends in the earth, and to create an impression that they do have some among the Japanese, a Jewish girl or boy from Brooklyn has assumed a pen name Yashiko Sagamori. She-He is so xenophobic and right-wing that even such a friend of Israel as President Bush is no good for him/her, and She-He joins forces with an extreme left-wing guy Michael Moore and writes that Bush has 'close personal ties with the Saudi rulers'!”

How would you like me publishing this kind of newspaper, Sensei Sagamori? Every significant ancient nation — Chinese and Jews among them — has many facts to be proud of and some facts to be ashamed of. It is grossly unfair to choose bad facts for another nation but only good ones for your own folk. In this way you will never gain any friends. With respect,

Sincerely yours,

Sun Man Chen

Dear Mr./Ms. Sun Man Chen,

Many readers write to me how much they appreciate my views and the way I express them. Obviously, I enjoy letters that praise me; however, we both know that constructive criticism helps one keep one's skills sharp. Unfortunately, most critical responses I receive come from angry Arabs and aren't really that constructive. This is the first time I have received a letter from an angry Chinese person, and I enjoyed it tremendously. Please convey my gratitude to your friend for forwarding my article to you.

Although I represent a distinctly Jewish point of view, I do not write exclusively for the Jews. Everyone, including Chinese, is welcome to my articles, and if there is something they don't like — well, this is still a free country. Since I wasn't trying to put anyone down, I sincerely regret offending you. At the same time, I'd like to point out to you that even though I failed to provide a full historical analysis of Chinese achievements throughout the ages, whatever little I said about your country was accurate, unlike most of the things you wrote about Israel. I was comparing Israel to China, trying to show that, despite the stark contrast in the sizes of their population, Israel has influenced Western civilization with much greater impact than China has.

A fair measure of a nation's contribution to civilization is the number of Nobel Prize winners among its members. I'm sure you aware that while Chinese outnumber Jews more than 100 to 1, Jewish Nobel Laureats outnumber Chinese Nobel Laureates at least 50 to 1. If this simple math makes you feel uncomfortable, please feel free to conclude that Jews control the Nobel Prize Committee.

Like most of my readers, I am well aware that paper, gunpowder, rockets, china, and many, many other wonderful things were first invented by the Chinese centuries ago, while Jews didn't even begin inventing things until the Industrial Revolution. (If you follow me carefully, you can tell me at this point how much I am omitting: the discovery of monotheism, the idea of universal preciousness of every single life, the distinction between right and wrong, and a few other equally vague concepts that form the ethical basis of our civilization. And if you're looking for more tangible contributions, then how about banking?) Unfortunately, by the time the Industrial Revolution unfolded, the Chinese, for whatever reason, dropped out of the invention business. Obviously, this is not because your people are less intelligent than any other people on earth. Judging from the huge number of brilliant, successful Chinese scientists in the West, I can only offer the backwardness of the mainland Chinese society as a possible explanation for the fact that your country has remained on the periphery of Western civilization, while Israel has always been at its center.

You may argue that China, unlike Israel, is a civilization in itself, and I will agree with you wholeheartedly. But I was writing specifically about Judeo-Christian civilization, of which China even today is not really a part. You invented rockets, but to launch your satellites you have to use second hand technology that comes from the West — some of it bought, some stolen. You invented gunpowder, but the Chinese assault rifle is, essentially, a copy of the Russian AK-47. You invented paper, but Israel prints more books per capita than you do. I believe you when you say that Chinese poetry may be breathtakingly beautiful, but you know as well as I do that it does not translate into Western languages, which guarantees that I will never be able to appreciate its beauty. And while the West had to reinvent much of what your folks had invented so many centuries earlier, some of your achievements have never been repeated. For example, those tiny little shoes that have turned generations of Chinese women into cripples. And should we count the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap among your people's accomplishments or should we pretend they have never happened so you wouldn't be offended by those references?

I'm sure you have mighty counter-arguments ready for everything I say. The problem is, I state facts, while you, out of either malice or ignorance, resort to libel against my people. To prove it, I would like to point some of the many inaccuracies in your letter.

You write: “In our times [the Jews] occupied the land with a huge Arab population and have been maintaining the occupation during 37 years in spite of a strong protest of the Arabs.” In fact, Arabs do not protest against the “occupation”; they protest against the very existence of Israel. They have never even tried to conceal their genocidal intentions. At the same time, those Israeli Arabs, who are not involved in terrorism, live in Israel unmolested and enjoy freedoms that are not available to them in any Arab country — or, I believe, to most Chinese in China. As to the proverbial cruelty of the Israeli “occupation” of Israel's own land, I'm sure you will appreciate the fact that the number of Arab terrorists killed by the IDF during the four years of the ongoing intifada remains far below the number of unarmed protesters killed by your government in the course of just two days on Tiananmen Square.

Like many others, you vaguely refer to “international laws” that, in your opinion, demand Israel to surrender its territory to its enemies. Somehow, so far, no one has been able to provide a specific reference to an applicable article of that law. Can it be because no such article exists? Or do you find it perfectly natural that some kind of international law against Jews in general must be on the books?

You write: “Israel has never compensated the millions refugees it has displaced for their terrible losses.” Millions? Are you sure? Can you tell exactly how many “millions” were displaced by Israel and under what circumstances, or are you mindlessly repeating anti-Semitic propaganda? If you believe yourself to be a fair person, shouldn't you ask why Arab countries have never compensated the terrible losses suffered by over 900,000 of Jews forced after World War II out of their homes and stripped of all their possessions throughout the Middle East, in some cases, uprooting communities that had been there long before Arabs conquered those lands?

Being one of a billion and a half, you probably consider 6 million mere peanuts. And yet, shouldn't you ask why the world has never attempted to compensate the Jews for the terrible losses inflicted on us in the Holocaust? Or for the 2,000 years of relentless persecution for crimes we had never committed? And since these questions, obviously, did not come to your mind, you will have to forgive me if I refuse to consider you a fair person.

You liberally quote the Old Testament; have you missed the part where God grants all this land to the Jews?

You write: “There have been no major events in the lives of Israel and the Jews during the last couple of weeks”. Are you lamenting the brief lull in terrorist acts against Israel? Imagine what your reaction would've been had Israel bombed an Arab kindergarten. But when Arabs bomb an Israeli kindergarten and kill a three-year-old and a grandfather, it's no major event to you.

You call me “a Jewish boy or girl from Brooklyn”. Not even mentioning the fact that you don't really know my age, do you realize how incredibly, stereotypically bigoted (and, incidentally, very wrong) your assumption is?

Chinese “artifacts” in my home? Their existence stems from the fact that your impoverished countrymen are willing to slave for the lowest wages that exist on earth. Are you calling that an achievement?

In an attempt to characterize my political standing, you call me “extreme right wing” and, in the very next sentence, put me in the same camp with Michael Moor. Has it occurred to you that I am simply trying to write the truth, and the truth has very little to do with whatever labels you may have in your polemic arsenal?

You admonish me for not helping Jews to make friends. No, I am not. We have never had friends; we have always lived surrounded by enemies, and this is how it will always be. I am just trying to tell my readers the truth about it.

You are asking me how I would feel if you decided to start an anti-Semitic da-dzy-bao. Rest assured: unlike China, this is a free country. Your da-dzy-bao would be just one of many anti-Semitic publications. So, why would I care? One more wouldn't make a difference. Be my guest, make yourself heard. You have already added your voice to the chorus anyway.

And, last but not least, I would like to explain what I like the most about your letter. It's the fact that in it you implicitly admit feeling threatened by the Jews. Of course, you may object that the Chinese traditionally feel threatened by anyone; that's why your compatriots customarily refer to foreigners as foreign devils. Nevertheless, your insecurity confirms the perfect validity of my comparison of Israel to China. It also, by definition, makes you a Judophobe, my friend, and Judophobia is synonymous with anti-Semitism. Your reference to the libelous Protocols confirms my diagnosis. And thus you prove the point I was trying to make in my article: it's all about Jews, always has been, always will be.

Feeling a little jealous?

Sincerely yours,

Yashiko Sagamori

This article was written exclusively for the Forwerts.
Please do not reproduce without proper attribution.
To read my other articles, please visit

I know I'm becoming repetitive

But this is an article after my heart. It is written the way I would have wanted to.
And most of all, the author is NOT a jew! (It sure doesn't sound like it anyway)

Quote: 'Compare, for example, two ancient nations, China and Israel. About a quarter of the world's population are Chinese. China is occupying Tibet and is waiting for an opportunity to gobble up Taiwan. Its systematic, daily human rights violations have by far surpassed the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union combined, which is quite an extraordinary achievement. It is the only country in the world that routinely executes thousands of convicts every year in order to harvest their organs for sale.'
(Ed. It is also the one country in the world that performs mandatory "abortions" on any second- and later born child by injecting the skull with formaldehyde BEFORE the rest of the baby has left the birth channel. Try and imagine this.)

Quote: '...UN resolutions depict Israel as the source of all evil on earth, while China looks as innocent of any digression and as disinterested in world domination as the Yanomami Indians of the Amazon rain forest.'

Quote: '...the simplest, most efficient way for the UN to make a substantial dent in anti-Semitism would be to call in all its people - both the staff and foreign representatives, seal all the exits and set the building on fire. Alternatively, Kofi Annan could contact his friends in the Arab world and ask them to slam the next hijacked airliner into the UN headquarters in New York City. I know it sounds cruel and cynical, but not as cruel and cynical as the UN, which, as a universally recognized international body, is in a unique position to effectively discredit and discourage anti-Semitism. Instead, it has been the leading force promoting it, and so, without the UN, Jews could've breathed a bit easier.'

So don't take my word for it. Rather, read Yashiko Sagamori thoughts.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

More on The Iranian Problem

This link thru LGF.
FrontPageMag has a great analysis of the nuclear goals and motives of the Mad Mullahs. The Ayatollahs’ Final Solution?

Quote '...[Rafsanjani] observed, “…the use of a nuclear bomb in Israel will leave nothing on the ground, whereas it will only damage the world of Islam”'

As I noted before, they are insane to the point that they are willing to sacrifice millions of their own people in order to murder all the Jews.

Not even Hitler was willing to do THAT.

The article also delves into the history of Iran/Persia regarding non-Muslims, and the Jews in particular:

Quote: '“Determined to purify the Persian soil from the ‘uncleanliness’ caused by the presence of non-believers (Jews and Christians in Isfahan) a group of fanatical Shi’ites obtained a decree from the young Shah Abbas II in 1656 which gave the Grand Vizier, I’timad ad-Daula, full power to force the Jews to become Muslims. In consequence, a wave of persecution swept over Isfahan and the other Jewish communities, a tragedy which can only be compared with the persecution of the Jews in Spain in the fifteenth century …The sources describe in great detail how the Jews of the capital were forced to abandon their religion, how the synagogues were closed.”'

Not much has changed since then. Except perhaps their longing for the good old days. There is nothing in the modern world for them. They despise it.
They are barbarians in the true sense of the word:
  1. [A member of] a people considered by those of another nation or group to have a primitive civilization.
  2. A fierce, brutal, or cruel person.

There is just no concept there of todays world. And indeed, they feel they don't need one. They'll just turn the present world into a long past one, that of Muhammad.

What joy.

Lawlessness abounds - Al-Zarqawi threatened with death

This is terrible. Now other Muslims are threatening their own champion, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, (AKA "Mother of all Psychopaths").

How unappreciated he must feel.

If and when they cut HIS head off on film, I want a copy. And I'm gonna watch it. A LOT.

Militant group: U.S. Marine is safe

Although there's nothing solid as yet, this CNN report, increases suspicions (for lack of a better word) that the US Marine of Lebanese descent has not been and will not be murdered. Good for him and his family.

Of course, the reasons for sparing his life should eliminate once and for all any doubt about what this is all about: The global Islamic war against the world (starting with the West).

I don't wanna know if Hassoun deserted, or was kidnapped. He does not deserve to die (unless he is now a member of Al-Zarqawi's gang of thugs, which I do not believe).

But the idea of a 'bad Muslim' being better than a 'good' infidel (if there is such a thing, which I doubt) is repulsive. I only wish it was the only repulsive thing about them. I'd even settle for just the most repulsive.

Balanced BBC report!?

Yes, really! In this report, a Gazan Arab is interviewed on the effects of the IDF's response to the murder of a 3-year old child and a 49-year old man. The terrorist attack consisted of self-made Kassam rockets, fired from Gaza into Sderot, and the response of the IDF was an incursion into the area that was used as a firebase.

The Arab farmer reports losing thousands of fruit trees, which constitute much if not all of his livelihood.

The BBC also reports that 'In Beit Hanoun, there is certainly some resentment among ordinary people of the tactics used by the militants.
Locals are wary of being too publicly critical.
But some clearly felt the random firing of often completely ineffective missiles was counter-productive.
They were tired of being caught between the militants and the Israeli army backlash.'

I feel bad for these people. I try not to enter a 'but' into this sentence. But.
There is a war going on. Terrorists are using your land to initiate attacks from. You do not have the duty or responsibility to stop those attacks, if indeed you even could.

But if you don't, the IDF will. And you will suffer. Not intentionally. But nevertheless.

30 years enough to forget a war?

As I wrote earlier, US Congressman Tom Lantos will be submitting legislation to eventually eliminate military aid to Egpypt (US$ 1.3 BILLION annually)

In this article it is noted that this is not the first time US representatives draw attention or even sound the alarm on Arab countries and their military build-up:

Quote: 'This is not the first time that US legislators have warned of hostile Egyptian intentions towards Israel - and sometimes they have even been correct. A headline in the Sep. 24, 1971 issue of Maariv blared, "Senator [Henry "Scoop"] Jackson Warns: 100,000 Egyptians are Planning to Cross the Suez Canal." Haggai Segal, who discovered the headline last year, noted that Jackson's warning accurately predicted what happened just two years later: "We have proof of vigorous Egyptian exercises for the purpose of completing military plans to infiltrate [Sinai by] crossing the canal," Jackson said, providing concrete examples of the Egyptian preparations.'

The Yom Kippur war happened 31 years ago. It must seem like Thermopylae to some.

Those who forget the lessons of history are doomed...

Another scream from France

here's another joke from France: First they despise the Americans for playing the worlds policeman. Then it tells the world it can fulfill that role for Europe.
France is hilarious. It does not take part (in a military sense) in NATO. It got its ass kicked in just about every conflict in known history. The only fights it ever did win were fought for France by foreigners (ie the French Foreign Legion).

But we can all feel safe.

Quote: 'France could use its nuclear capability to defend its neighbours, French Defence Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said in an interview Monday, while also urging European Union states to increase military spending.'

Quote: 'She said that rogue states "could one day point their missiles toward France and its neighbours. We could say to those countries: 'Watch out, if you try to carry out your threats we will destroy you before you know what's hit you.'"'

Quote: 'She said that France has a mobile, flexible and highly-motivated military and that it was the second or third best in the world.'

Yes, very motivated. French second-hand weapons are the best buy. Only been dropped once...

Know what this is? It's the Arab mentality taking over already. They are posturing, defending Europe from their only perceived enemy. Israel!

Read it and weep

Prager time

One of my favourite columnists, Dennis Prager always manages to put the finger where it hurts. In this case, he casually but oh so accurately dissects the motives of people (other than Muslims of course, who have different reasons) who hate Israel and the US.

His first target is Fat Slob © Michael Moore.
Quote: 'Americans "are possibly the dumbest people on the planet ... in thrall to conniving, thieving, smug p----s" (London Daily Mirror).'

I understand he's not really thinking when he says things like this, it's just more the same type of hate (albeit of a lesser intensity) than that of his soulmates Al Zarqawi and Bin Laden. But it's just so obviously and patently untrue, and the proof of the pudding is in the eating: Americans have the highest standard of living. They are healthier, richer and live longer than anyone else on the planet. You may not like it, but there you have it.

Then he takes Leftists in general to task:

Quote: '...many leftists are psychologically adolescents. And one feature of adolescent psychology is anger at a parent who claims very high ideals and turns out to be flawed. Many on the Left are angry at America and Israel for being imperfect and therefore disappointing them.'

I couldn't believe this one. It is so obvious.

He also shows that many if not all countries have grounds for self-criticism, reflection at least. But only Israel and the US have citizens that for all intents and purposes are out for the destruction of their respective countries.

He specifically names Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky (both 'Jews')

Quote Norman Finkelstein (whose parents survived the Holocaust only to spawn a son whose every effort in live is directed at repeating it), : 'Jewish organizations "steal, and I do use the word with intent, 95 percent of the monies earmarked for victims of Nazi persecution" (Counterpunch, Dec. 13, 2001).'

Now there's a Sonderkommando if I ever heard one. Normie, your parents will be proud of you. And the Germans glad they let them live. With Jews like you, who needs enemies?

Prager exposes these Jews, who I call the absolute worst enemy the Jews have on this planet as the sorriest excusers for being alive. A Neo-Judenrat is what they are.

Read Dennis Prager

Monday, July 05, 2004

I would shit on France...

but I wouldn't want to soil my excrements.

Got this link thru IsraPundit (go there every day), and it is appalling, even for French standards.
France’s everlasting love for the PLO

Quote: 'Mr Barnier explained that it was important for France to reaffirm strongly the indispensable role of Chairman Arafat in that region of the world. He brought a message of sincere friendship and high esteem from President Chirac to Arafat. He also conveyed a message of solidarity with the Palestinian people in these very difficult times, mainly caused by the Israelis.'

Quote: 'Barnier also complained bitterly about the fate reserved to Arafat by Israel. For him, it is a disgrace for Arafat, for his rank as the legitimately elected President, and for his people. He demanded that Arafat’s isolation in his Headquarters be terminated.

If that were not enough, Chirac declared in Istanbul during the NATO summit that Arafat is the only legitimate representative of the Palestinians and that no agreement can be signed without him.'

Quote: 'Then he went on to deliver a “message of truth” to Arafat telling him: “Time is of the essence and if nothing is done, France will soon be all alone as the only country supporting you.”'

'France will soon be all alone as the only country supporting you.'
And still the light does not switch on in France. Oh no, the REST of the world is crazy, not France...

I would shit on France. But I wouldn't want the pile to grow any higher...

More state of mind

This is what Jews have to deal with: Israeli killed in Fatah shooting laid to rest

What happened here? Well, Emma and Victor (49) Kreiderman were travelling from their home in their car yesterday (Sunday, July 4th) when '[Kreiderman] suddenly lost control of the car. [Emma] thought at first that stones had been thrown at them and she asked Victor why he was stopping. "Then he slumped over and his head rested in my lap and I understood," she said.'

'She understood'.

At least one 'Palestinian' terrorist was responsible for the attack.

Try and imagine this, if you will. You and your friends take your assault rifles, pick a spot, and lie in wait, presumably for the first car that comes along. If it is armored, or escorted, you let it pass.

Here comes an unprotected car, occupied by a middle-aged couple. You open fire and kill one of the occupants. The car swerves off the road, and you flee the scene, not waiting for a response of any kind.

You have just struck another blow for liberation and justice.

Try and convince yourself that you are a freedom fighter. That what you did was heroic, worthwhile and good.

You deliberately murdered a 49-year old man, husband, father of two.
You caused grief and loss that will never go away.

How sick must you be to be able to live with yourself, let alone be proud of what you did?

Sunday, July 04, 2004

US Muslims pray for hostage

The family of American Marine Wassef Ali Hassoun, held hostage in Iraq, has appealed for his release on the grounds that he is Muslim.

Quote: 'He says his friend was wrong to join the Marines and fight in Muslim countries, but he also believes his friend's captors are sinning against Islam.

"To hold another Muslim hostage and threaten to kill him is obviously wrong. You can't kill another Muslim unless there is a just cause," he said.'

Implying that you cannot fight for a good cause IF the bad guys in that cause happen to be Muslims, and you are a Muslim also.

Implying that you CAN indeed kill non-Muslims without just cause.

Not really news. But good to have that straight out.

Quote: 'You can sense the strain of being a Muslim in America today.'

Strange that. When even the most thickheaded Dutchmen is finally getting the clue that Muslims stick together no matter what, and will accept any depravity as ok so long as a fellow Muslim perpetrates it, will whitewash Muslims' atrocities and never denounce them.
Yes, sooner or later, even the dumbest will start to wonder wether we have ANYTHING in common at all.

Read BBC report here

UPDATE: Iraq militants 'behead US marine'. It is not yet confirmed, but it looks like the Muslim Psychopaths did it again. I guess his US Marine uniform outweighed his Lebanese Muslim descent.

My thoughts are with his family, and I hope he lives yet and gets to go home.

US aid to Egypt - Egypt preparing for war?

In this article of the Christian Science Monitor (not exactly a close friend of Israel), it is disclosed in quite some detail how (and allegedly why) Egypt receives US$ 2.2 BILLION annually.


These are gifts. Not loans. They don't have to pay it back (like Israel does).
There are no serious preconditions. Some 200 million is literally spending money, to with as the dictator pleases.

Egypt has no enemies, except the ones it itself so designates. But 1.3 BILLION of that US aid is MILITARY aid.

Egypt has fought 4 wars against Israel. It is now officially at peace, but it is the coldest peace since the Americans airlifted supplies into Berlin, which was under siege from the Russians, formally at peace with each other.

As I wrote earlier, Egypt supplies weapons to the Arab terrorists of the Hamas and other organizations in Gaza.

Egypt's diplomatic relations with Israel always depend on the moment. Ambassadors are recalled at the drop of a hat, and have spent more time in Egypt than in Israel.

Now US Congressman Tom Lantos (D) Warns Against Trusting Egypt, and plainly states that Egypt is preparing for war. And although he does NOT say so explictly, it is clear he feels the US is in part paying for these preparations, from his 'legislation that will reduce and eventually eliminate the $1.3 billion Egypt receives annually in US military aid.'

Good for you, Mr Lantos. There's hope for the Democratic party yet.

UPDATE: IMRA has this story, that complements the above. Quote: 'Over the past three years, [Air Defence Lt Gen Sami Anan] also said, the troops had participated in
more exercises using live weapons and missiles in order to improve their
performance and readiness.'

And IMRA rightly asks: 'What is Egypt getting ready for?'