Thursday, June 09, 2005

A maniac who realizes he's a parasite

Sheik Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi: One of the main screamers on Qatar TV. If you're looking for a taste of extreme anti-Jewish bile, look no further.

But he does
know himself, and the people he belongs to:
We use trains and planes, but they are not our trains or planes. The (Westerners) manufacture them and export them to us. True, we can buy the most magnificent things in the world products for our homes and for ourselves. Our people can buy the most luxurious cars, Rolls-Royce or Mercedes 500 or 700, models S, M, and L with all the luxuries. We own them, but we don't manufacture them. We don't even produce a single nail in any of these cars. Others do this for us.

The income of the entire Arab world, including the oil-producing countries, does not reach the that of a European country, such as Spain. Spain – let alone Germany, France, Britain, or Italy. Just Spain, which is at the bottom of the list of industrial countries... The income of the entire Arab world does not reach it. How come? Because we don't work, and if we do work, we don't do it professionally.

They conducted a survey of the average time that a government employee spends working in a certain Arab country. The average was 27 minutes a day. 27 minutes! The rest of the time he drinks coffee, reads newspapers, and goes on errands here and there. Only a small number of people work. The rest do not.
You want some irony? Even the study he quotes from was not done by Arabs. But he fully accepts the quality and objectivity of the Western companies that produced it! It's just beautiful!

Apart from Israeli brilliance, it's really not that much of a wonder that the Arabs had their asses kicked in EVERY conflict they ever started with Israel. They are lousy at simply everything, and they don't mind. Even when they fight each other, they fuck up, kill millions on both sides and never gain a meter of land. They are ONLY able to form any kind of resistance because WE LET THEM, by treating them as if they've earned our compassion and mercy somehow.

MEMRI has dozens of translations of the inspiring sermons by this psychopath. Some are actually fun to read, in a sick kind of way. But make no mistake: This maniac is dead serious.

Israelis = Nazis

The Philippines ambassador compares Israeli immigration services to the Nazis. What a shocker.
MANILA: The Philippines said yesterday it has recalled its ambassador to Israel amid a row over his reported description of Israeli immigration police as Nazis.

...the ambassador described the harsh treatment of foreign workers by Israeli immigration police as comparable to that suffered by Jews at the hands of the Gestapo.
Well, at least that must mean he thinks the gestapo was pretty bad...

Barbarians - In every sense of the word

Cox&Forkum on keeping children as slaves - as camel jockeys.

Is there an Arabic society that is not sick to the core?

Peace is at hand

Jihad leader: 'Calm' is over heads the Jerusalem Post. Good thing too that the Post puts scare quotes around the 'calm'. It was NEVER calm, ever since Arafat declared war on Israel in 2000.
The period of calm is over and the Palestinians should be prepared to resume their attacks on Israel, a senior Islamic Jihad leader in the Gaza Strip declared on Tuesday.

"We maintain the right to respond to the crimes of (Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon," said Khaled al-Batsh, responding to Israel's killing of a top Islamic Jihad activist near Jenin.
What does surprise me from the post is this "Islamic Jihad activist" crap. Islamic Jihad has no activists, only the British press and Haaretz refer to Jewmurderers that way.

Anyway. It's war. Oh, I forgot. It's been that way - officially - since 1948. So nothing new there.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More forced Eurabization

Arab Palestinian filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad is the Leni Riefenstahl of the 'Palestinians'. He makes propaganda that the Western Leftist elite swoon over. He creates fiction and presents it as documentary, as truth.

He was once exposed for this practice on his 'documentary'
Ford transit. It turned out that the 'cab driver' he claimed to have followed for a period of time was an aquaintance, and the whole movie a setup. Fiction. Putting Israel in a bad light. When found out, he claimed it was artistic license, and that he was a filmmaker, not a newsman, although until then, the movie had been presented as a documentary. Other movies of his also are deceitful mixes of lies and half-truths.

Even after his very public exposure as a fraud, this man will be the central guest of the 18th version of
IDFA (Dutch), the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam. All his movies will be shown. He will present his favourite documentaries.

His ass will be kissed and fondled in a major way.

It doesn't matter how ridiculous you really are. If you hate Jews, and love or even represent Jewkillers, you will be celebrated in Europe. And all of Europe will be made to love you.

They loves. They really love us.

Barrage of rockets smash into Jewish GazaThe murdering scum will cease their obscenities and form normal ties with Israel once we leave Gaza. And the 'Westbank'.


Ethnic cleansing is acceptable

Joseph Farah of WND makes the point that the US is backing plans that effectively amount to ethnic cleansing. He refers to the so-called 'disengagement plan' which consists of evicting - by force if necessary - all the Jews that live in Gaza, so the Arabs under the creative guidance of Hamas can take over. assured there is no plan backed by the United States to uproot forcibly peaceful Muslims from their homes anywhere in the world.

There is, however, a plan to do just that to several thousand peaceful Jews, many of whom have lived for a generation in thriving communities – showcases of prosperity and freedom for their neighbors.

This anti-Semitic ethnic cleansing plan is know as the "disengagement" plan in Gaza and parts of the West Bank.

There is only one reason these people are being displaced – because they are Jews in a land where Jews are not welcome.

President Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon seem to think that uprooting these Jewish communities will placate and appease their extremist, anti-Semitic Arab neighbors. It won't.
I have made the case for removing most if not all Arabs from Israel. And by Israel I mean the land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river, from the Lebanese border to Sinai. Israel includes the Golan, Judea/Samaria and Gaza.

If Arabs could be peaceful, trustworthy citizens of Israel, they would be welcome. But they can't. Time after time Israeli Arabs show that their true loyalties lie with other Arabs, that they are working to undermine and destroy Israel from within.

The Arabs have already cleansed their part of the world from jews. Most if not all Jews were driven from their homes after the founding of Israel and the wars that followed it. The Arabs occupy an area of land about a thousand times (literally!) larger than Israel, and there are at most fifty times as many Arabs as there are Jews. They have all the land they need.

To all the world the Arab demand that all Jews leave Gaza seems totally acceptable. No one wonders what's wrong with SUCH distaste (to put it ridiculously mildly) that the intended new rulers of Gaza can't stomach even a single Jew among them. The Arabs are demanding similar actions for the projected take-over of the 'West-bank'. No Jews allowed.

In fact, I agree with the Arabs. Too much has happened for Arabs and jews to live together peaceably, at least for a long time to come.

I just diagree that it is the Jews who should leave. Not only should Arabs leave Gaza and the 'West-bank', they should leave the part of Israel that the world DOES recognize as legitimate as well.

The Jews at present have one tenth of one percent of the Middle-East. But the whole world agrees that the Arabs, who 'own' the other 99.9 9 (LITERALLY!) percent, should have another one twentieth of one percent added. For the Jews this would mean giving up about 50% of their land. It must be the other way around.

Ethnic cleansing does not equal genocide. Europe murdered nearly all of its Jews. The Middle-East drove them from their homes. Clearly they're not wanted anywhere. So why insist on living among them, when at last they have a place of their own?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Prager on Amnesty: E X A C T L Y !

Anne Bayefsky is not the only one with a clear understanding of what's wrong with human rights organizations in general, and AI in particular. Dennis Prager will explain it to you as well:
The organization's inability to morally distinguish between executing murderers and executing innocent people means that Amnesty International is worse than ineffectual; the good it has done notwithstanding, it is becoming harmful to the cause of human rights.
This has been my point for a very long time. AI is taking up time and resources that might otherwise be used by REAL human rights groups.

Please read it all.

If this isn't dhimmitude, I don't know what is

Syrian awarded damages over terror arrest heads Expatica.
The Syrian man arrested last year during the Nijmegen Four Day Walk on suspicion of terrorism has been awarded EUR 10,000 in damages.

The public prosecutor decided last November not to press charges against Gaffar H. and Arnhem Court awarded him damages on Tuesday.

The 38-year-old H., of Beek-Ubbergen, was initially suspected of planning a bomb attack during the popular walking event and was held in custody for six days.

Due to the nature of the allegations against H., Arnhem Court decided to award him damages 20 times higher than the normal EUR 95 per night. It said H. suffered more damage than other people who have been arrested.
I know of a case where a pregnant woman was held in a Dutch jail for two MONTHS, miscarrying in custody, and was totally exonerated. She received NOTHING.

There's a very public case where two men served nearly the full term of a 10-year sentence, when they were cleared by an investigative reporter. The case for their compensation is still under review, but they won' be getting rich anytime soon.

The Dutch are notoriously cheap when it comes to miscarriages of justice, or medical malpractices. But not when the ALLEGED victim is a Muslim. This man was for all intents and purposes released because of lack of evidence, spent six days in a (Dutch!) jail (which is better than a Syrian hotel), and was awarded 1.600,00 Euros per DAY!

Oh, and the judge let this Arab fuck both his daughters and his wife, that's how sorry he felt.

I made up the last sentence. But it might well be true.


I used to be allergic to many things. Cats, dogs, well any animal really. Flowers, plants, trees, come to think of it, almost any living thing could set off a sneezing fit or the most terribly itching skin. But these days, my allergies hardly ever bother me at all anymore.

The way to get rid of allergies is not to isolate yourself from whatever is it you're allergic to. This makes you MORE sensitive. No, what you do is (well, what the doctor does), you find out what it is that makes you sneeze, or itch (or, as in my case, both) and you inject yourself with it. In such doses that you can handle it, but your body becomes accustomed to it.

It can take a long time (I did it for 18 months, a shot once every week), but it worked. I can play with animals (I own cats AND dogs), I can lie in the grass and the hay, I can swim in chlorinated pools, I can sleep under a wollen blanket, and I feel fine. Once in a while, hayfever gets to me, but it happens about a 1000x less than before.

The quality of my life has improved dramatically thanks to this desensitization regimen.

I think we as a Western society have a duty to do the same for Muslims. We should help them by desensitizing them. Much as orthodox Christians have learned to accept gay men holding hands and kissing each other, having their religion ridiculed on TV, so should Muslims get used to their Koran being urinated on and being flushed down the toilet. Their Bible may be sacred to them, it is not to anyone else. It is tiresome for us to have to tiptoe around their sensitivities, and as I've shown before, we're not helping them by doing so. Such anger is bad for their bloodpressure, and it upsets their children, who then want to blow us up.

Salman Rushdie was the first in modern times to start the treatment of the collective Islamic world. It was a careful start, after all, you do not inject a person with a full dose of Cobra venom if you want them to survive.
But recent events have made it clear that Muslims worldwide are ready for the next phase. This phase should consist of daily broadcasts of Koran burnings, of weekly airings of mass conversions of Muslims to random other religions, of Mohammed being made fun of as a drag queen, a pedophile, an illiterate, etc, you get the drift.

If we did this consistently for a year, 18 months max, Muslims might still not be happy about it, but they would HAVE to quit seething about every perceived trespass against any and every aspect of their religion. They would relax, and regard their religion as their private affair, to which all other people and events are ultimately irrelevant.

And the quality of their lives would improve dramatically.
This allergy treatment would fall under the heading of "tough love".

Muslims the world over would love us even more than they do now. I for one can't wait to start the treatment!

Anne Bayefsky on Amnesty International

When Anne bayefsky speaks, you sit and listen. Or at least, I do, and you should too.
The final declaration of the forum of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) said Zionism, or the self-determination of the Jewish people, equals racism and went downhill from there. On the final day prior to the adoption of this declaration, international NGOs, including Amnesty, deliberated about their position as one caucus. As a representative of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists I was about to enter our meeting place [at the U.N. World Conference Against Racism that took place in August and early September 2001 - Ed] along with the president of Amnesty, Irene Khan, when the chief representative of Human Rights Watch, Reed Brody, turned to me in the presence of the others and told me I was not welcome and had to go. Said Brody, to the objection of no one (although I had worked professionally with many of them for years), I represented Jews and therefore could not be trusted to be objective.
Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any worse...
Durban ended three days before 9/11. It is no surprise that the cowards and hate-mongers of Durban should be on the wrong side of history in the war against the violence that racism and intolerance breed. International human-rights organizations, with Amnesty at the helm, have cast the war on terror on one side and protection of human rights on the other.
Anne Bayefsky was barred from the final deliberations because she "represented Jews and therefore could not be trusted to be objective.". Irene Khan is a Muslim. Muslims it seems have no such bias troubles. If you believe Amnesty. But then, what sane person would?

Sunday, June 05, 2005

All quiet...

I have to get this off my chest. Ever since Bush sold Israel out in public, I've been waiting for the sane part of the blogosphere to pay attention to what was said. To denounce Bush for what he did.

I do not have US nationality, but if I did, I would have voted Bush. I would have considered it a mistake by now.
Israel and the Jews are my overriding concern. They probably are not so to most Bush voters, so there would be no reason to regret having voted for him.

But the least I expected from
Charles Johnson, Robert Spencer, Joseph Farah, and many others besides, is a renunciation of Bush's position. Declared friends of Israel should not be silent when the Jews are betrayed, even when it is a supposed friend and ally who is the traitor.

There is no excuse for what Bush has done. And keeping silent on this infamy is tantamount to being complicit.

Anne Bayefsky: Please speak out!