Friday, July 23, 2004

The ultimate in bodypart-waving

The IDF decided to assist Hazam Raheem in his effort to become the world's premier bodyparts exhibitionist by enabling him to briefly but loudly exhibit his OWN bodyparts to the world.

This asshole was one of the barbarians who paraded bodyparts of murdered Israeli soldiers around. He
was also involved in coordinating numerous suicide bombing attacks targeting Jewish civilians. His brother was killed while trying to infiltrate the community of Netzrim, in order to carry out an attack, in April 2002.

Rahim was also involved in the launching of Qassam rockets and mortar shells against Israeli targets, the firing of anti-tank missiles, and the planting of explosive devices within Gaza
His brother found his virgins two years ago, and is now joined by Hazam. They can now sit side by side in the hot lava lake.

Solana: Like it or nor, EU will be part of peace process

The arrogance of this European Jew-hater is beyond belief. An unelected autocratic descendant of the Spanish Inquistion, bent on getting rid of the world's last Jews.
The European Union will be involved in any Israeli-Palestinian peace process, whether Israel likes it or not, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said during a visit to Israel on Thursday.
This is true. As long as the EU continues to pay hundreds of millions of Euros to Arafat and other Jew-killers, Europe is involved. And peace will be achieved when they manage to have shielded Iran (developing nuclear weapons) from any serious action long enough to annihilate Israel.

Sharon SHOULD invite Solana to Israel. After all, if the "Palestinians" can kill Americans with impunity, surely the Jews are allowed to kill a European or two?

Read the sickening report

More indispensable comments on The Ruling

WorldNetDaily having an even better day than usual, Ilana Mercer meticulously takes apart the core of the motivation of the ICJ ruling against Israel and the barrier it is erecting to stop or at least stem Arab Palestinian terrorism. A similar fence around Gaza has effectively stopped Arab suicide bombings from that hellhole altogether.
In a submission that argued the ICJ has no jurisdiction in the matter, Israeli Ambassador Alan Baker demolished the claim that Palestine is an injured party: "Palestine, given its responsibility for acts of violence against Israel and its population – which the wall is aimed at addressing – cannot seek from the Court a remedy for a situation resulting from its wrongdoing."

This Blackstone-quality argument fell on deaf ears. The judges, from Jordan (Judge Al-Khasawneh), Japan (The Honorable Owada), Egypt (Justice Elaraby), and Sierra Leone (Abdul G. Koroma) resorted to a narrow and bizarre reading of the U.N. Charter. Only if Israel were attacked by a proper state, they "reasoned," would the Charter's self-defense provision apply.
Notice the crew of this court? Is there anyone who honestly feels that an Arab - or indeed any Muslim - is capable of an honest ruling involving Israel? Would any Arab country EVER accept an ICJ ruling against it (not that that would ever happen), particularly if an Israeli were one of the judges (not that that would ever happen).
"The fence is reversible," an Israeli official concluded, "whereas the lives taken by terrorism are not." This Mosaic emphasis on the sanctity of life was lost on the International Court of Justice, so called.

Joseph Farah gladdens my heart

Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily has a good article on Arafat. People seem to wonder about what to do when he dies, where he should be buried and crap like that.

Farah makes a good point that he should be dead first, and that this most desirable condition is long long overdue:
Secondly, Israel should not fear Yasser Arafat in death any more than it feared him when he was alive. He's a 74-year-old whose hands and lips tremble, probably from advanced Parkinson's disease. Even in this state of debilitation, this monster who claims he wants to die a martyr still continues to train little children to do his dirty work and straps bombs on healthy young men in the prime of life to blow themselves to smithereens among any gathering of civilian Jews.
Read it all.

"Car Swarm" (c)

Charles Johnson of LGF has dedicated a whole page to what he has aptly named "the Palestinian Car Swarm".

Every time Israel performs a late term abortion on a Muslim Psychopath driving a car (or when a Muslim Psychopath has a "working accident" transporting his "produce"), hundreds or even thousands of "mourners" converge upon the wreckage and tear both it and the remains of the occupants apart.

You  may call this despicable. Or gross. Morbid, certainly. But try and put in into some perspective. Imagine the sense of loss after Yassin forgot to dodge a Hellfire, or Rantisi neglected to give right of way to another Hellfire. So sad. So extra-judicial too.

Anyway, when you're in the mood to watch some Arab Jew-killers at their best, go here. Have fun. I did.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The Local Planet Retards

George Jonas at the National Post has a great slant on why the Arabs are the worlds plague, or at least Arabs/Muslims are at the root of just about every global problem except global warming. He just uses more politically correct language (but I forgive him).

"The 22 member countries of the Arab league, from Mauritania to the Gulf States, have a total population of 300 million," said Professor Harari in a speech in April, "larger than the U.S. and almost as large as the EU before its expansion. They have a land area larger than either the United States or all of Europe. These 22 countries, with all their oil and natural resources, have a combined GDP smaller than that of Netherlands plus Belgium."
There was a time when Arab/Muslim contributions to culture in science, medicine, architecture and even statecraft were second to none. Those days have vanished in the mists of history. When the Benelux region's population of fewer than 30 million people, with almost no natural resources, generates more wealth than the Arab League's 300 million people with ample natural resources, there's a systemic problem, or indeed a civilizational problem, that needs to be addressed. Until the civilization involved addresses it -- for no one else can -- Arab/Muslim regions in the 21st century won't contribute much to the world except suicide bombers.
Read it here

Love of the UN is spreading...

The Farce of the Fence, an op-ed by Jonathan Eric Lewis. Good reading:
This is, after all, an organization that has dictatorships like Cuba and Sudan on its Human Rights Commission and that regularly singles out the world’s only Jewish State for condemnation, while turning a blind eye to the persecution to minority groups throughout the Arab world such as the Iraq's indigenous Assyrian Christians or Algeria's long suffering Kabyles.

At a time when the Sudanese government is committing genocide against Black Africans, when Kurds are denied their most basic rights in Syria; when Armenians and Azerbaijans live in a situation that could easily once again erupt into savage violence in which Armenian civilians are targeted for the most horrific violence, and when the Palestinian Authority is in an anarchic state, the community of nations chooses to spend an inordinate amount of time condemning and vilifying the only democracy in the Middle East, a country that many in the Arab-Islamic world would like to see obliterated by Iranian nuclear weapons.

Jonathan Eric Lewis warns Americans against spending money on this corrupt, Jew-hating and terrorist-loving organization. He gives the UN too much credit when he states that 'the Palestinian Authority chose to make a mockery of international law in order to convince the world that Israel’s self-defense against terrorism and the protection of its Christian, Jewish, and Muslim citizens is worse than terrorism itself', as if the UN does not bend over backwards to accomodate such efforts.

But otherwise, I totally agree.
Read it all.

UN General Assembly wasting no time

It might have taken the official body of Jew-haters years if not decades to even recognize genocide in Sudan, but it only took them a few days to act on the ruling of the ICJ. And you'll never guess how the UN GA voted on this resolution (which was drawn up by a party with the written, official goal of destroying Israel, but has only "observer status" at the UN):
Just about all the world agrees that Israel has to let itself be destroyed, piece by piece.
All 25 members of the European Union voted in favour of the resolution after it included calls for Israelis and Palestinians to meet their obligations under the road map to peace.
Read the entire BBC article here.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Why Does the World Hate Israel?

This is why. Or at least, some of the reasons are given here.
Israel is a thorn in the side of the Arab world because it is a remarkable technological phantasmagoria. Almost every Israeli is engaged in a software scheme. The Jews in this arid nation have made the deserts bloom; they have converted brain power into technical marvels and consequent wealth.

By contrast every nearby Arab nation is dysfunctional. Their governments are tyrannical; the people are poor and uneducated and local officials have been unwilling to convert oil revenue into social benefits.

Resentment is the natural result of this contrast. Afterall, Israel has all of the geographic disadvantages of its neighbors and it doesn't have any oil fields. Yet it prospers, while others falter.
Read it all.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

"Palestinians" return to their natural state

Anarchy in Gaza; PA´s PM Resigns
What little semblance of structure and civilization there was in Gaza is now self-destructing.

Israeli security officials recently surmised that the Palestinian Authority would not survive Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, which would leave a vacuum in its wake.
This is not a surprise. Ever since 1993, when the Israeli's first started withdrawing from certain town and villages, it's become clear that the Arabs have not evolved beyond the gangster state.

What made me laugh hardest was that it was "Palestinian security personnel" responsible for the recent kidnappings.
They not only WANT a ruler like ol' Saddam. They in fact NEED one.