Saturday, January 17, 2004


The digusting BBC suspends Robert Kilroy-Silk (who has subsequently quit his job) for a factually correct anti-Arab piece in a newspaper.

And then it hires a hater from Al-Jazeera.

I wonder where the BBC stands on issues like the Israel-Arab conflict, the Iraq war, etc? They are disgusting. But what is even more disgusting is that very few people mind, let alone object.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Difference between an Arab and a Human Being part IV

As you are probably aware, another Arab blew itself up, killing four Israeli's and wounding many others (including more Arabs).
This one was the first female sent out by Hamas. She was a mother of two.
Check this for my exact feelings about that.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Arab father speaks up when sons are killed

It seems as if this man, who lost one son (who did nothing but watch others throw stones and then threaten to attack, of course) to Israeli gunfire, and then another as he blew up himself and no one else is angry at the people sending his second son to his death. But he is not. He is angry because THE REASONS FOR SENDING HIM IN THIS PARTICULAR CASE were wrong, and they should have been more considerate to his grief and general state of mind.

Fuck him. I only dread the fact he's got four more kids to sacrifice.


I was right. The father is angry at whoever sent his son, because THE "MISSION" HAD NO CHANCE OF SUCCES, and "Those who sent him did not care about the prospects of him succeeding or failing, and they knew that death would be his fate."

I have news for you, fuckwit: DEATH WOULD HAVE BEEN HIS FATE REGARDLESS. HE CHOSE IT. What the shitheel means is: "I don't mind them sending my son to die, but he should at least take some Jews with him. Then it's alright".

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

And this is one of the countries that made "peace" with us...

If this is what Jordan acts like when they're friendly, then I'm glad they're such cowards and losers when it comes to unfriendly situations (like the wars they started).

Refusing to allow two Israeli fencers to take part in a tournament. How pathetic can you get? Scrap that question. I'm sure we have not seen the end of Arab pathos yet. Not nearly.

At least Arab journalists don't try to hide it

Most Western journalists are anti-Israel. They deny this, of course, they will maintain they are impartial.

Arab journalists come clean and swear allegiance to the chief-murderer. And THEN go out and impartially report the news.

End results from both groups are indistinguishable from each other.

Palestinian journalists vow fealty to Arafat

Yes, he is their democratically elected leader.

Yasser Arafat. Living proof that God does not exist.

I wept

when I saw this photo. It is a little Iraqi girl, horribly mutilated, apparently by bombs from American or British armed forces. The one shown on the BBC site has been edited, and for once I agree with the BBC. The original version can be found here, but you better not go there...

Something as evil as this has no justification. None. Children are sacred.

Will someone tell why everyone on this planet agrees with me, but an exception can usually be made for Jewish children? Why Jewish children are even made the intended target? Or here?

You cannot argue with 35 BILLION dollars in weapons sales alone, ANNUALLY

And that is just weapons. Saudi spends many times that amount on large infrastructure projects and oil exploration. I mean, you may like the other guys better on a personal level but hey! Business is business, right? It's nothing personal! (Well it is, they hate Jews anyway, so this is really just a bonus. A big one, too)


Fuck General Electric.
Fuck Bechtel.
Fuck Aramco.

Fuck'em all.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Will Israel Become an Arab State?

This article makes a compelling case for a demographic disaster. Essentially, in another 30 years or so, with borders as they are now, Arabs will make up a democratic, voting-eligible majority. The solution offered however makes no sense. "Give the 'West-Bank' to the Arabs, as well as East-Jeruzalem".

First of all, this is a matter of principle. You may call it "the West-Bank", but its name is JUDEA and Samaria. It is where the Jews got their name.

Secondly, there'd still be 1.5 MILLION haters inside Israel. So although Jews would have a much larger "headstart", a demographic disaster would still lurk.

The only viable solution is transfer of all Arabs out of Israel (and that of course includes Judea/Samaria), into Jordan, where they belong. Arabs wishing to stay would have to be subject to strict conditions, such as sworn allegiance to Israel, serving in the Army, etc.
You may call it deportation. You may call it ethnic cleansing. The Jews have been forced out of just about every Arab country, effectively doing just that. Now they're trying to swamp the tiny oasis in that massive hellhole called the Middle-East.

The murderers calling themselves "Palestinians" already have a country. It is 4x the size of Israel, but only about HALF as many people live there! They are more wanted there. Their relatives live there. Go away and live in peace. And leave us in peace.

Will Israel Become an Arab State?

And this is where Europe is going...

Mark Steyn is inspired. When that happens, you take notice.

"Let me see if I understand the BBC Rules of Engagement correctly: if you're Robert Kilroy-Silk and you make some robust statements about the Arab penchant for suicide bombing, amputations, repression of women and a generally celebratory attitude to September 11 – none of which is factually in dispute – the BBC will yank you off the air and the Commission for Racial Equality will file a complaint to the police which could result in your serving seven years in gaol. Message: this behaviour is unacceptable in multicultural Britain.

But, if you're Tom Paulin and you incite murder, in a part of the world where folks need little incitement to murder, as part of a non-factual emotive rant about how "Brooklyn-born" Jewish settlers on the West Bank "should be shot dead" because "they are Nazis" and "I feel nothing but hatred for them", the BBC will keep you on the air, kibitzing (as the Zionists would say) with the crème de la crème of London's cultural arbiters each week. Message: this behaviour is completely acceptable."

I wonder why this is. It is most definitely true. But why?

Religion of Mutilation

They mutilate their own children as well as ours. Not news of course, but when such a "moderate" country as Indonesia, with about 200 MILLION Muslims practices it...
In the cut - Female circumcision in Indonesia

And although these people do their utmost to deny it's a religious practice (according to them it is a CULTURAL one. But most "cultures" practicing it are Muslim, and numerically, most practitioners are as well), a majority of the practitioners themselves say the Koran tells them to do it. So the point is moot. "I adhere to a religion which tells me to mutilate my daughter, and I like it". Whether in fact that religion prescribes the practice is irrelevant, it goes to show the mentality and backwardness of its followers.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Poor Arabs must be oppressed in France, as well.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think ANYONE needs much excuse to detonate in France. I mean, the service is terrible and the prices are criminal... But this is biting the hand that feeds them. Cool.
Al-Qaida terror plot foiled, say French police

UK Police Arrest Man in Suicide Bomb Plan

This murderer must have been so desperate over having no country... oh wait.
Well it must have been the oppression then. He must have been oppressed by Britain, seeing he applied for asylum there...
Arab rewards for a generous host

I think the Israeli separation fence is a good idea. Only the current one is too short. It SHOULD start at the Turkish-Syrian border, go East then South and include Lebanon, then East again to the Jordanian border, South to Egypt... You get the picture. That way, they'll feel secure and safe, that no one will influence or corrupt their "culture" or "religion".

It'll be like the Berlin Wall. Nobody will want in, they'll all want out.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

THIS is the solution!

Now that Saddam has joined the rest of the Rhesus monkeys, I will pay the suicide bombers. As long as they perform as well as this one did.

G.d, I love it when this happens. I'm sorry (no I'm not), I really do.

CRE response to Robert Kilroy-Silk's article in the Sunday Express, 4 January

"This article is indisputably stupid and its main effect will be to give comfort to the weak-minded. However, given the extreme and violent terms in which Mr Kilroy Silk has expressed himself, there is a danger that this might incite some individuals to act against someone who they think is an Arab."

Read the response of CRE's chairmen here.
Any violenc in Kilroy's article is merely a summation of what the Arabs do nowadays.

Clearly it is indeed stupid these days (especially if anyone at all is listening, as in Kilroys case) to frankly speak your mind, IF it is not absolutely positive towards Arabs.

The truth is of course, that of modern-day Arabs, nothing positive can be found to say.

Read this article for a nice summation of "Arab" achievements. The most current is about 3500 years old I think... That is assuming they're the same people as the ones that live in Iran and Iraq today.
Nobody really believes that the Romans of 100BC are the same as todays Italians, do they?

Robert Kilroy, I salute you.