Sunday, September 14, 2003

Please don't kill Arafat

Yes, let's not kill Arafat.

First off, it might upset the Arabs, get them angry at Israel and make them break their diplomatic ties, cut their economic networks and even boycot Israel. It also might cause Arabs to hate the Israeli's so bad they'll start wars (or never end the ones they keep losing), and fund terrorists to harass Israel in other ways.
Oops, that would mean NO CHANGE THERE! So far, a win-win situation.

Secondly, why now? The guy's been killing Jews since at least 1964. We nearly got attached to the monster, like you get to a malignant tumor that is painful and lifethreatening, but you keep surviving it. I mean, why get rid of something as good as THAT?

Anyway, Israel, whatever you do, don't just deport the demented fuck. Leave him to rot where he is (preferably dead) or hang him like the warcriminal he is. But don't just give him a new stage to work his evil magic from.

Lastly, when you do go into action, use a charge that will work. And I don't mean injure his hand, I mean something that rips his disgusting head off and splatters his intestines all over the walls of his cave. Any collateral damage in this case is a bonus.