Saturday, July 03, 2004

Expanding the collection

While we're waiting for the Muslim Psychopath to start a new fad by targeting women for hostage taking (and subsequent rape and mutilation I'm sure), the Scum are about to add the existing collection. The BBC reports that Iraq militants 'behead US marine'. Notice the 'militants', where by all standards of objectivity and neutrality it should say 'terrorists'.

Anyway. The 'militants' are getting the hang of timing their 'beheadings' (which aren't 'beheadings' but 'sawings off the heads') in such a way that they'll get some airtime at least. The BBC is too polite not to mention another murderous atrocity beheading by depraved Muslim Psychopaths militants.

This time it's a fellow Arab. A deserter from the USMC. A Muslim. Wonder if it's true.
The Muslims they took hostage before (three Turks), they released, with their heads unsawed. Ostensibly because Turkey protested the war in Iraq. So hopefully they'll save this guy as well, after deserting 'the Great Shaitan'.

UPDATE: Pakistani hostage freed in Iraq
Hmmm. Another Muslim released with head still attached to neck, after threats identical to those against Kim Sin-il and Paul Johnson were made.

Do I detect a pattern here?

Friday, July 02, 2004

In case we forget

Gary Fitleberg at IsraelNationalNews has a fine analisys on "Palestinian" suicide bombers, their origins, their goals.

Quote: '...let's call a spade a spade. The terrorist bombers are not individuals merely trying to commit suicide, but are trying to commit ethnic genocide, bent on committing as much mass murder and mayhem as they can carry out without world condemnation or punishment.'

Quote: '...the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be accurately called the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Arab League continues to wage war by successfully utilizing a created Arab "Palestinian" nation and Arab "Palestinian" people in a political propaganda ploy. It is a contrived David vs. Goliath scenario, in which oppressed, poor "Palestinians" must cast stones against the mighty, powerful military of the IDF. It makes for great media imagery, however deceitful and misleading. There are 22 Arab/Islamic nations in the Middle East neighborhood bent on annihilating the only tiny, little Jewish one. These corrupt dictatorships and ruthless, repressive regimes use this convenient conflict to divert attention away from their own human rights abuses, and lack of democracy and freedom; to direct attention to the only one in the neighborhood who exhibits morality.'

Read it all. Although it may contain limited new insights, it nicely connects the dots, and refreshes a few important points.

More nuclear stuff from The Jews

In a really interesting piece WorldNetDaily informs of yet ANOTHER Israeli invention. It will make it possible to see through walls. Which is good if on the other side of that wall is a person of ill intent of a random religion (I'll just pick one, say err, a Buddhist), holding a Tibetan-made AKS (sometimes incorrectly designated an AK-47) against some innocent Wahabbi Muslims' chest.

The Israeli's will be able to distinguish friend from foe (even better than they are now) and send the Buddhist to hell (well, they don't believe in one, but for arguments sake). No virgins for him...

There is one problem with the invention. It uses X-ray technology. Which is harmful to people's health, and more importantly, is a kind of nuclear technology.

Which will cause no end of protesting from Al-Baradei (you gotta love that face!) and his cronies at the IAEA. Trust me. A boycott is imminent. Sanctions are inevitable. UN resolutions are unavoidable.

Bad, bad Israel. Bad.

The difference between Israel and the Arabs

As I wrote earlier, Israel's High Court has ordered part of the separation barrier to be rerouted. And the Army will comply. That is how it goes in democracy-land.

I tried to convey how special, how spectacular this principle really is. But perhaps I failed. So here's Ilana Mercer doing a much better job. Island of justice in the Middle East. Please read.

New subject for snuff movies

After sawing the heads off male infidels (or worse, Jews) like Nicholas Berg, Daniel Pearl, Paul Johnson and Kim Sun-il by Muslim Psychopaths, I predicted the practice would get old soon. And I was right. The latest atrocities no longer managed to capture global headlines. The murders are now simply part of every day life in Iraq, or at least they are to the average American and European

What I had failed to take into consideration was the proven creativity of the depraved mutants.

They are officially targeting women now, for abduction.

Maybe we're gonna get to see a real live rape on video, followed by a sawing off of the head. Or maybe the other way around, impossible to tell what Al Zarqawi and his Holy Warriors would prefer most.

Anyway, I'm on to these guys.

They're gonna go for children next. After four or five women, the novelty will again wear off. But children... That'll get everyone's attention!

I know they're up to the challenge. Their buddies in Israel can teach them everything they need to know.

Forgive me my bitterness and sarcasm. There seems to be no end to the sick depravity displayed by these Psychopaths. In a way, I'm almost glad with their actions; they polarize the world, forcing people who really don't want to think about these things to form an opinion.

14% of all Dutch people have a good opinion about Muslims. 67% have a BAD opinion of them. That is bad news for Muslims. These percentages used to be roughly the other way around. The Dutch, (and the rest of Europe too I hope) are ever so slowly realizing who lives in their midst, a lot of Al Zarqawi-wannabe's.

Maybe Europe will decide to kick them out after all. Or maybe not.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Kofi gets serious on anti-Semitism

Well, not really, obviously, but after 60 years of UN ineptitude and silence on the matter, and Jews being openly attacked for being Jews in the streets in Europe, the world leader wannabe deigned to open his mouth. Maybe Anne Bayefsky's scolding had something to do with it...

Jewish Groups Challenge Kofi Annan To Take Action

But he can't help himself. Quote: 'When we seek justice for the Palestinians - as we must - let us firmly disavow anyone who tries to use that cause to incite hatred against Jews, in Israel or elsewhere... The fight against antisemitism must be our fight. And Jews everywhere must feel that the United Nations is their home too."'

'...justice for the Palestinians - AS WE MUST - ...' When you throw that in, you are saying: 'I understand why Jews are attacked, in fact I quite sympathize. But really, ideally speaking, you shouldn't, you naughty persons...'

If Annan were standing on the scaffold, with a nose around his neck, I would pull the lever without a second thought. Looking his wife (who is traitorous Jew) in the eye, and telling her to get a life instead.

Wow. Ralph Nader Wow.

Thru LGF:

Ralph Nader Calls Israel a "Puppeteer"

Bush. The US Congress. All Israel has to do is pull strings.

I wish.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

BBC baffled by bafflement

Mid-East coverage baffles Britons heads the BBC.

This is a truly unbelievabel report (by an organization called Media Group at Scotland's Glasgow University) that basically comes to the conclusion that the BBC and other media are biased in favour of Israel.

How did they come to this logical and inescapable conclusion? Well, listen to these points. Obviously, the researchers themselves seem to think THEY know the truth.

Quote: 'Many viewers were also not even sure who was "occupying" whose territory.'

Well, those viewers must have read UN Security Council Resolution 242 accurately then. The future of the terrories has yet to be decided. Ownership at this point is under dispute. And that is not a question.

Quote: '"Words such as 'atrocity', 'brutal murder', 'mass murder', 'savage cold blooded killing', 'lynching' and 'slaughter' were used about Israeli deaths but not Palestinian," the report said.'

Really? I dare them to show me. The BBC cannot even get itself to designate deliberate murderers of children as terrorists.
But even if it were true (as it should be), perhaps the difference could be explained by the fact that Jews being murdered by Arab are always, without exception intentionally targeted, whereas when Arabs get killed, it is either accidental or a conscious anti-terrorist strike. Children are never targeted, but are saved by Jews from their own recruiters. Women get such consideration for their sensitivities that security is compromised, and people are killed and injured.
This is a most revolting example of moral equivalency.

Quote: '"The word 'terrorist' was used to describe Palestinians by journalists but when an Israeli group was reported as trying to bomb a Palestinian school, they were referred to as 'extremists' or 'vigilantes'."'

As I have proven beyond ANY doubt (reasonable or otherwise) whatsoever, the BBC DOES NOT EVER use the word terrorist where a Palestinian Arab is concerned. EVER.

Quote: 'The BBC could choose to describe all Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza as being 'illegal'," Mr Shaw wrote.
"This would be a small step forward in helping public understanding."'
'The BBC could choose...' It could. It could also choose to describe Arafat as a saint, Hamas as a charity and Sharon as Hitler... Well, that wouldn't be so weird perhaps...

Anyway, this is beyond ridiculous. As stated before, UN SC Resolution 242 is the ONLY framework for deciding the future ownership of the disputed territories. The Jews have AT LEAST as much right to build 'settlements' as any Arab has.

There is more of this crap. But the hidden intention is this: By accusing the BBC (an organization that was NEVER accused of pro-Israeli bias by ANY Arab group or organization, and that should tell you something) of pro-Israel leanings, it gives the Beeb leeway for even more actual and very real bias towards the Arabs, to show that it does not favour the Jews, or if it did, it has now repented.

I have to admit, it's a clever move. The BBC treats the report as something worthy of a response, as a serious critique. It is not. It is a ploy. It is garbage, and should be treated as such.

Israel court orders barrier shift

Quote: 'Mr Dahla [Ed. petitioners' lawyer] hailed what he called a "courageous and very important" decision that would set a precedent for rulings in more than 20 other petitions against sections of the barrier which have either been built or are planned.

"This decision is more important than the one at The Hague because this one will be followed," he said outside the court.'

Israel's High Court has ordered changes to the route of the West Bank barrier, saying it is hurting Palestinians (emphasis mine).

How can this happen? Well, for starters, Israel HAS a high court (I mean one that takes instructions from no one)

Also, Israel is the kind of society where lawyers representing the official, self-proclaimed Enemy can start a case against the State, not be afraid, and even expect to win.

At least he has the decency to acknowledge the fact that Israel is also the kind of society that actually listens to what real courts say (as opposed to courts appointed by non-elected officials working for the United Arab League of Nations.

Read the article here

Powell is growing a set of balls...

And they are at least big enough to earn him a job at the UN. He
warns Sudan to end attacks, 'he said the UN Security Council could act if violence continued in the region where about one million people have fled their homes.'

'The UN SC could act.' Yes, it could. Or it could not. France has vetoright there remember. And while it is the BBC that again forgets to mention that apart from million or so refugees, a genocide is already underway

Quote from the last article: 'Under El Turabi, the National Islamic Front’s (NIF) stated agenda is to turn Sudan into the brotherhood’s concept of a model Islamic state and use its location, agricultural lands, and mineral resources to enable the radical Islamization of the entire continent. And they are willing to use any and all means such as deception, manipulation, corruption, exploitation, ruthless force, and genocide in their relentless confiscation of all land and the repression, conversion, or eradication of all civilians in the way.'

Read both articles. This has been going on for decades.

But the Arabs have been getting a free pass all that time. Again. Nothing new there.

Give Gaza away to the murderers - Good idea

How good an idea it really is was shown only last Monday when a 4-year old boy and his 49-year old grandfather were killed in a rocket attack on Sderot. The attack was carried from Gaza, while Sderot is inside Israel "proper".
(The boy and his grandpa were both referred to as "Israeli's" in most international media BTW. Nice lie by ommission again).

Then Sharon (who used to have balls but is now just a toothless old fart and should get a jon at IAEA) visited Sderot, and nearly got bomber himself.

It'd be funny, if it wasn't for the fact that the reason he was there was the death of Afik Zahavi, 4, and his grandfather, Mordechai Yosepov.

Two More Rockets Strike as PM Sharon Visits Sderot

So sure - go ahead. Give them a launching ground for their new and improved rockets. Then, when they kill again, move in with some tanks, and kill a few in return. That'll solve the problem.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Kill the Enemy... But not with Israeli bullets

Army told Jewish ammo OK for training but not fighting Muslim guerrillas

Quote: 'There's a sensitivity that I think all of us recognize," [Representative Curt] Weldon told the Army witnesses, including Major General Buford Blount, who led the U.S. Third Infantry Division that captured Baghdad in April 2003.'

Arabs are apparently not sensitive about getting shot. Unless that is, they're being shot with Jew bullets.

This is getting downright silly.

Quote: '"It is decisions like these that feed the Palestinian propaganda machine and demean Israel," said Morton Klein, President of the Zionist Organization of America.'

This is of course correct. The Americans should argue the other way around: If you're going to shoot Arabs, might as well use IMI ammo, they'll hurt just that little bit extra. That is, until Jew bullets (like dumdums) get prohibited by the Geneva convention. But I'm guessing Arabs would rather get shot by a Gentile hollow point than a Jew FMJ.

Well, I'd agree with them there.

Want to improve your life? Emigrate to Jenin!

Arabs in Jenin are now SO spoiled where living conditions are concerned, they throw tantrums (albeit with AK-47's) when houses built with money from ol' Saddam and other vile Arabs are not up their expectations.

So how bad was it for the poor poor "Palestinians"?

Quote: 'Paul Wolstenholme, project manager, Neil Johnston, construction manager and Mike Luffingham, design manager, expressed dismay at the violent response from the refugees. The men had been overseeing an unprecedented building effort, in which some of the replacement multi-storey homes featured Italian marble kitchen counters, Spanish tiles, Belgian windows and Japanese refrigerators, courtesy of the Iraqi dictator. “You wouldn’t believe how good the properties are, the finishing is fantastic,” said Johnston.'

Quote: 'Indeed, several camp residents (among the only people in the world who claim 3rd or 4th generation refugee status) had begun to mumble about how difficult it would be to continue to attract world sympathy for their plight under the new conditions. “We’ve lost the right of return,” a member of the camp’s governing committee told a reporter from the Israeli Haaretz newspaper.'

"Lost the right of return". Like he'd WANT to leave his free-of-charge palace in Jenin.

This is no joke. This is serious. It really happened.

Read it all here.

Kill the Enemy

Got this link thru LGF. Ralph Peters is a retired Army officer, who writes essays and columns. They are well worth reading, as he proves in this article.

Quote: 'Consider our enemies in the War on Terror. Men who believe, literally, that they are on a mission from God to destroy your civilization and who regard death as a promotion are not impressed by elegant maneuvers. You must find them, no matter how long it takes, then kill them. If they surrender, you must accord them their rights under the laws of war and international conventions. But, as we have learned so painfully from all the mindless, left-wing nonsense spouted about the prisoners at Guantanamo, you are much better off killing them before they have a chance to surrender.'

Quote: 'But we do have superior killing power, once our enemies have been located. Ultimately, the key advantage of a superpower is super power. Faced with implacable enemies who would kill every man, woman, and child in our country and call the killing good (the ultimate war of attrition), we must be willing to use that power wisely, but remorselessly.'

To sum up Peters' point: The US are in Iraq to liberate. To be free you must be secure, safe. To be safe, you need the psychopaths to be dead.

Read it all. It's an eye-opener.

Collecting snuff movies like baseball cards

It appears as though the Psychopaths have taken another American hostage (beside three Turks and a Pakistani). US marine 'taken hostage' in Iraq says the BBC. And of course they're threatening to saw his head off unless the Americans all become Muslims release all Iraqi prisoners. They didn't state so explicitly, but that would then include ol' Saddam...
Anyway, seeing that it is not that likely these reasonable demands will be met, the Scum have another headsawing party coming on.

And the Internet will be populated by ghouls looking for visuals.

A real collection can be made of all these movies, I imagine. And we could trade. "Do you have Kim Sun-il? I'll trade you Paul Johnson for it."

And here I thought only the Japanese could set such trends. But Arabs contribute to culture too, see?

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Reason for giving up Gaza?

Perhaps it is just as well that this piece of news is not of sufficient importance to warrant attention by most major news media.

It is very important for Israel's future policy concerning the "West-Bank".
U.S. Congress overwhelmingly approves Bush's position on Israel

Quote: 'The U.S. Senate yesterday endorsed President George W. Bush's positions on Israel, which state that it is "unrealistic" to expect Israel to pull back to 1967 borders and that Palestinian refugees must be settled in a future Palestinian state.'

If the US Senate feel this way, with such a majority as well, Israel has more room to manoever. Giving up Gaza is a mistake. But maybe Gaza was chump change for Judea/Samaria. Will it be worth it?

Time will tell.

UN asks Israel to commit suicide

Well, not literally, but UN asks Israel to go nuclear-free.

Quote: '[Mohamed ElBaradei] said such dialogue would help reduce frustration in the region about "what is seen to be a widespread imbalance".'

Mohamed ElBaradei. If I didn't know any better, I'd have thought the man is an Arab!

"what is seen to be a widespread imbalance". There IS indeed an imbalance. 5 million Jews, 298 million Arabs. Israel 120 billion GDP, Arabs 720 billion GDP (nice to see 5 million Jews earn exactly 1/6th of 300 million Arab; this translates to every Jew earning the same GDP as 10 Arabs. And remember, the Arabs have just about ALL the oil in the world, for FREE).

Yes, definitely an imbalance there. Want more imbalance? The Arabs supplied the chairman of the UN nuclear watchdog to let every Pakistani and Iranian transgression slide, but be on the Jews' backs instead.

Iran needs nukes like a hole in the head. No, they need a hole in the head WORSE.
Israel needs nukes like it needs water. Badly.
And the world needs the UN like it needs cancer.

Iraq shaken by further violence - Or so says BBC

There is no doubt that the violence (obscene in scope, scale and targeting) is causing tremendous grief for all the victims and their relatives.

It's also causing the Americans headaches. But Iraq shaken? Hardly. Developments are on track to return sovereignty to the country in 3 days, despite of the best efforts of Islamic psychopaths and scum to the contrary.

But there is an element of analysis missing in this report from the BBC.

Why are Muslims killing Muslims at such a horrific rate?

I have my ideas, will publish soon. But any suggestions are quite welcome.

Israel needs MORE, not less bulldozers

If Rachel Corrie has indeed set a trend, ISM now seems set to follow it.

New ISM Campaign Begins Tomorrow heads Arutz 7.

ISM = International Solidarity Movement. Sounds rather innocuous, doesn't it?
It's just another name for Palestinian Solidarity Movement. Solidarity with a non-existant people. Who profess non-violence, but actively support suicide bombers.

But there is at least no attempt at obfuscation here. ISM and PSM are Palestinian led and founded. They plainly say so.

Rachel Corrie met a fitting end. Continue the trend? Bring on the Cats.

8 Muslims have become better human beings

eight wanted terrorists are now at room temperature

Quote: 'IDF sources report that eight wanted terrorists in the Shechem area were killed by Israeli forces on Saturday, the third day of a counter-terrorism operation in Shechem. Among the terrorist leaders eliminated were Naif Abu Sharah, the commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade of Yasser Arafat's Fatah organization, Faddy Bahti, a commander of the Islamic Jihad, and Jaffer Mitsri, a leader in the Hamas.'

This good news will compensate for the fact that Holland reached the Semi-finals in the Euro 2004 football championship.

UPDATE: "This brutal crime... shows that Israel is going ahead with the plan of murder and assassination," Mr Qurei said.

Lacking a court and sufficient witnesses, yes, that is exactly what will happen to self-professed chronic and proven Jew-killers.